Sofa Cleaning Ashbourne

Sofa Cleaning Ashbourne

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Sofa Cleaning Ashbourne

Hiring professional sofa cleaning experts in Ashbourne was never easier. Just give us a call at 01444 0146 and we will be with you within few hours. All our sofa cleaning services are fully insured.

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Commercial Sofa Cleaning Ashbourne

Domestic Sofa Cleaning Ashbourne

Leather Sofa Cleaning Ashbourne

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Get Your Sofa Cleaned By The Experts

The sofa is the most used furniture item in the house. You lounge on it every day after work, and throughout the weekend. It’s where your family comes together for some quality time. You host guests on it, and catch late-night TV shows as you snack on your sofa. It gets a lot of dirt and grime, from day-to-day soiling caused by dust particles settling on its surfaces, to food crumbs and drink spills. In case you have a pet, then there’ll be pet fur and dander in the sofa’s fibres. You don’t want your sofa to look all gloomy and forlorn. Restore its elegance and sheen by calling in the sofa cleaning experts.

The health of the persons using the sofa is also on the line. The particles in it can cause allergic reactions. For instance, the dust, pollen, and body fragments of insets can get inhaled and irritate the airway. You don’t want your family members, or customers in your waiting room, to start coughing and sneezing because of using your sofa. Body waste from dust mites can also get onto the skin and cause intensive scratching. Prevent all this by calling in the sofa cleaning professionals.

Benefits Of Getting our Sofa Cleaned By The Experts

1. Thorough cleaning

The sofa cleaning team comes with high quality equipment to ensure all the dirt and grime is removed from your sofa. The cleaning processes employed get rid of the soiling, pet hair and dander, skin flakes, food crumbs, oils and grease on the sofa. They reach deep into the crevices and extract the trapped dirt and the insets that are breeding within. The personnel also remove stains caused by beverage spills, sauce smudges, and even the dyes left behind by clothing such as your denim coats. They have the necessary treatment procedures for leather sofas, and fabric sofas like those of wool and velvet. In addition, getting rid of the dirt and soiling protects the persons using the sofa from illnesses and allergic reactions.

2. Safe cleaning

The sofa cleaning team also uses eco-friendly process that pose no risk to Mother Nature, and anyone using the sofa. There are no toxic fumes, thus preserving the indoor air quality. In addition, no residue is left behind, which prevents premature resoiling.

3. Quick drying time

You want to be able to resume using your sofa as soon as possible. You don’t want to keep customers in your waiting room or lounge standing as they wait to be served. Our sofa cleaning team uses powerful suction to extract most of the moisture from the sofa’s fibres, and the remainder dries in just 1 hour. This also prevents mould and mildew growth. Using fans or air conditioning further speeds up the drying process.

4. Save your time and energy

Sofa cleaning is a labour intensive process, from scrubbing it down, all through to drying it. There’s the additional risk of using the wrong cleaning agents, which can corrode the material, or discolour it. You don’t want to spend an entire day cleaning your sofa, only to be dismayed by the results. You can also end up leaving residue that causes the sofa to resoil immediately. Avoid the risk and hassle. Let the sofa cleaning experts take the load off your back. We’ll deliver timely and exceptional results.

5. Protects your sofa

You invested a lot in getting an elegant sofa that accentuates the interior space. You want to be able to lay your head on its cushion without being pensive about bugs crawling onto your body. It’s humiliating when guests come over and ask if the sofa is safe to sit on. You also want to relax on your sofa without inhaling odours. The dirt itself is gritty, and wears down the fabric or leather sofa. It can even cause it to rip and tear. The sofa cleaning experts will enable you to maintain the texture and appeal of the sofa, ensuring that you get to enjoy it for longer.

6. Budget friendly

We deliver professional sofa cleaning results at affordable prices. The cost factors in issues like the specific type of sofa, and the size of the set.

Give us a call. We’d love to hear from you. Book your sofa cleaning today and let us restore your furniture to its beauty and shine.


Sofa Cleaning Ashbourne – Professional sofa cleaning services for less!

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