Sofa Cleaning Ashtown

Sofa Cleaning Ashtown

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Sofa Cleaning Ashtown

Your sofa will need to be washed at least once per year. A dirty sofa can be a great home for a wide range of bad bacteria and other types of infection. Avail our eco friendly sofa cleaning service and sanitise your sofa regular. After all, we are affordable, professional and reliable.

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Hire Professional Sofa Cleaning Services

Your sofa catches everything, from hair and skin flakes being shed by people sitting on it, dust from the atmosphere, to the bread crumbs and wine spills as you snack while watching a late-night movie. Each time you relax on the sofa, you end up rubbing your body oils onto the material. There’s also dirt like cigarette smoke particles that gets embedded in the fibres, and will require thorough cleaning to get rid of. Different sofas have different cleaning needs. For instance, fabric sofas like chenille, linen, cotton and wool are sensitive and highly absorbent. Using the wrong cleaning solutions can break down the fibres and make the sofa unusable. Turn to expert fabric sofa cleaning to ensure that the right cleaning solutions are used on your material.

Leather sofas on the other hand are durable, but need tender care. It reacts the same way as your skin. The cleaning agents need to be compatible, or else it will become sticky, clammy or brittle, and it can even crack. In addition to removing the dirt, grime and stains, they need to be moisturised to restore their soft and supple feel. Leather sofa cleaning professionals come with the equipment and treatment solutions necessary to protect your investment.

Benefits Of Professional Sofa Cleaning Services

1. High quality equipment

We have invested in modern and state-of-the-art equipment to deliver exceptional sofa cleaning results. The machinery gives the sofa a thorough clean, reaching deep into the fibres and extracting any trapped dirt and grime. We get rid of the common soiling like dust and pollen that ends up in the sofa, the dirt that’s brought onto it as children play, or under your pet’s muddy paws, the food residue that was left behind as you were snacking while watching the weekend game, oils from hair treatments and your own body, to stains from coffee and soda spills, and even the pungent pet urine stains. You also don’t want to seal off your living room, entertainment area, or lounge for extended periods because of a wet sofa. Powerful suction is used to eliminate the residue and moisture, and ensure quick drying. Within 1 hour, your sofa will be ready for your family at home, or customers at the business premises to use. This has the additional benefit of preventing mould and mildew growth.

2. Eco-friendly sofa cleaning

You want the cleaning solutions used to be safe to the environment, and the persons who will be using the sofa. Many over-the-counter chemicals come with toxic components that put people at risk. Anyone one or around the sofa can end up inhaling the chemical residue, and pets can ingest it as they groom themselves. The sofa cleaning team employs certified eco-friendly solutions that are safe to use even around children and pets.

3. All round sofa cleaning

The sofa is the focal pint of the interior space it’s placed in, and you want it to look great. Its appearance affects the ambience of your establishment. Our sofa cleaning personnel have the experience and skills necessary to handle the different sofa cleaning needs. They have worked with fabrics like velvet and corduroy, to the durable leather. The sofa cleaning personnel removes the stubborn stains from your sofa and restores its look and sheen.

4. Create healthier environment

Professional sofa cleaning gets rid of the contaminants and allergens that are held in the fabric or leather sofa. Substances such as pet dander, soiling and dust can be easily inhaled, which can spread illnesses and trigger allergic reactions. Dust mites crawling on the sofa leave behind faecal material and body fragments, which can get onto your skin, irritate it, and cause intense scratching. The sofa cleaning gets rid of the problem at the source. By eliminating the particles, it creates a healthier home or business premises. You can relax back on the sofa during the weekends, without worrying about catching a bug. Customers in your waiting room can comfortably use the sofa without first asking the receptionist if it’s safe to sit on.

5. Affordable prices

You get to have clean sofas without breaking the bank. Our services are budget friendly, without compromising on the quality of the results. The final cost is tailored to your specific situation, such as the type of sofa you have, and how many seaters are in the set.

Get in touch with us today. Let us handle your sofa cleaning needs for you.

Sofa Cleaning Ashtown – Professional sofa cleaning services for less!

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