Sofa Cleaning Balbriggan

Sofa Cleaning Balbriggan

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Sofa Cleaning Balbriggan

Are you looking for sofa cleaning services in Balbriggan but you are worry about high prices? Are you also worried about all those sofa cleaning detergents that are full of chemicals. Don`t be! Our prices for sofa cleaning start from only 20€ and we can guarantee you that all our sofa cleaning products are either 100% natural or eco friendly.

Are you looking for:

Leather sofa cleaning?

Fabric sofa cleaning?

Commercial sofa cleaning?

Domestic sofa cleaning?

We can help you out!


Sofa Cleaning That You Can Count On

There is probably nothing as disconcerting in a living area as a dirty couch. Whether it is a juice stain from your baby’s food adventures or it is fur accumulation from your pet, it is something that has the potential to be both embarrassing and dangerous to your health. The dirt particles in the sofa can get inhaled, which proses risk to the respiratory system of the person using the sofa- whether it’s in the living room at home, or reception area in the office building. Contaminants like dust, body fragments from insets and even faecal material form dust mites get raised into the air each time a person sits on the sofa. Protect your family members, or employees and clients using professional sofa cleaning services.


It’s embarrassing when your guest ask you if your sofa is safe to sit on. You want to binge watch your favourite TV show without sneezing through entire episodes. You don’t want to keep turning the cushions upside down to hide that food stain, or trigger of asthma attack because of all the dust building up. Avoid all this by getting in touch with our sofa cleaning crew.


Benefits Of Professional Sofa Cleaning Services

1. Deep cleaning

The equipment and cleaning solutions used reach deep into the leather and fabric sofas, to remove the ingrained soiling and stains. This restores the look and feel of the sofa, and even gets rid of the odours emanating from it. It has the added benefit of protecting the structural integrity of the sofa, by eliminating the abrasive soiling that wears down the fibres.


2. High quality equipment and cleaning processes

Our aim as a sofa cleaning business is to offer you high quality leather and fabric sofa cleaning. We have therefore invested in the best cleaning technology in the market today. This includes things like high power vacuums and cleaning machines with the ability to get rid of even the toughest stains. Our sofa cleaning crew is also trained and equipped with skills that ensure that your sofa is cleaned thoroughly and efficiently.


3. Enhance the health of your establishment

The dirt and dust particles in the sofa can get airborne and irritate your respiratory system. Children who enjoy hopping around on the sofa, plus your furry friend constantly sleeping on it, are at a higher risk of getting affected. At your workplace, you don’t want your customers getting allergic reactions in the waiting room. The deep sofa cleaning processes remove the dirt particles, and soiling like dust mites’ faecal material, cigarette smoke particles and insect droppings, thus making the sofa safe for use.


4. 1 hour dry time

We don’t want you sitting on stools or crumped up in one sofa on account of having wet furniture. Your customers will walk out of your business if they don’t have somewhere to rest as they wait for you to attend to them. The powerful suction removed most of the moisture from the cleaned sofa, and the little that’s left will dry in 1 hour. This can be further sped up using fans and air conditioning.


5. Low cost of services

We offer professional sofa cleaning services at budget-friendly process. The cost is determined by your particular type of sofa material, plus the seat number of the set. Our various offers also allow you to enjoy our great services without having to bleed yourself dry.


6. Eco friendly sofa cleaning procedures

The cleaning solutions and processes used are safe for Mother Nature. There are also no toxic fumes, thus preserving the indoor air quality of the establishment.


7. We clean all sorts of sofa material

We come with the equipment, tools, and experience necessary to handle the different types of material, from nubuck sofas, to fabrics like wool, cotton, linen and even chenille. With our services, you can rest assured that your sofa will get the specialized treatment that it deserves. That way, whether it is a leather piece or soft fabric, you will have it cleaned without any damage or loss of aesthetic appeal.


Get In Touch With Us

Let us take care of your sofa cleaning needs. We are easily accessible online, and will deal with whatever problems you may encounter. In case you have queries or concerns about the sofa cleaning process, you have to do is to give us a call. Protect your investment with our sofa cleaning services.


Sofa Cleaning Balbriggan – Professional sofa cleaning results for less!



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