Sofa Cleaning Ballinteer

Sofa Cleaning Ballinteer

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Sofa Cleaning Ballinteer


All types of sofa will require sofa cleaning sooner or later. If your sofa looks stained and if it has lost its original looks, you can just give us a call and we will sort it out for you. We deep clean sofas since 2004 and over the past 12 years we have seen it all and done it all.


We specialiaze in leather sofa cleaning and fabric sofa cleaning services. We provide commercial sofa cleaning services and domestic sofa cleaning. Our prices start from only 20€ for 1 seat sofa!


Sofa Cleaning Ballinteer
You invest a good amount of money to buy nice and comfortable sofa, therefore it is important you protect your sofa from tear and wear occasioned by long standing presence of dirt, stains and other pollutants. Our company is here to provide you with an efficient, cost effective and timely solution to sofa cleaning. Steins and blemishes, dust, food particles, germs and other pollutants largely contribute in making our sofa dirty.
We have family, friends and pets in our homes almost all the time, cumulative dirt is not appropriate for those having respiratory conditions like asthma. Moreover, dirty sofa aids in the buildup of foul air in your living room. A clean sofa is vital if you want comfort, appeal and fresh scent in your household. Our sofa cleaning services will enable us take care of your sofa by restoring its original luster, build a stain resistant shield around your furniture fiber and neutralize all kinds of odors.
When you hire us for sofa cleaning, we put to task our experienced staff, state-of-the art equipment, eco- friendly cleaning solution and highly effective dirt extraction method.
Here is our 5 step process of cleaning your sofa:
Our personnel will examine the sofa you want cleaned and decide the best approach to cleaning your sofa. The appropriate cleaning approach will be based on the sofa fabric, the nature of dirt and stain present on the sofa and the presence of a tag recommending a particular dry cleaning method.
Our professional staff will then apply heated cleaning solution using special equipment. The cleaning solution breaks up dirt trapped deep within the fiber of your sofa. The sanitizing agent in the cleaning solution kills bacteria and germs that disease causing organisms.
All the dirt, grime, soil, airborne contaminants and cleaning solution is removed from the fiber using an extractor. This process allows for the rinsing of the sofa fabric leaving it clean and free of pollutants.
To increase resistance to dust, shield the sofa fabric from wear and tear our experts spray a fabric protector. The fabric protector is present when your sofa is new, over time it wears off. The fabric protector we apply will bring back the beauty and color of your sofa.
The technician will also apply a fresh smelling deodorizer to eliminate all bad odors such as urine, milk and feces. The powerful deodorizer does not do the work of masking bad odor but rather breaks down the core organic matter that creates the bad odor.

This far you have already considered giving us a call; but you have some unanswered questions in your mind. Here is our response to what is possibly in your mind.


If you are not sure how often you should clean your sofa, no worries we’ve got you covered. We advise our clients to clean their sofa after every 12 or 24 months, depending on how frequently you use your furniture.

Most clients ask whether the chemicals we use in cleaning can potentially harm them or even their pets. We use non- toxic, eco- friendly solutions that do not have any (long term or short term) effects on you or your pet.

And after your sofa cleaning is done, am sure you want to know how soon you can use them. Your sofa will take approximately 5 hours to dry. Depending on the type of fabric used on your sofa, it can take up to a maximum of 2 hours to fully dry.


We strive to ensure our clients are satisfied with our work. We pride ourselves in surpassing the expectations of our clients. We welcome constructive criticism and invite your suggestions and ideas on how best we can serve you. We carry out background checks while hiring our staff. It is our promise to you that criminal activities such as theft do not happen by our staff. Our qualified staff is well trained and equipped to clean different types of fabric without damaging it.
Our professional sofa cleaning services will breathe life into your sofa and your wide range of furniture. Our obligation is to bring back appeal in your living space by ensuring sofa fabric longevity with a tint of freshness.Therefore get out there and find out the best deal.

Sofa Cleaning Ballinteer – Professional sofa cleaning services for less!

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