Sofa Cleaning Ballsbridge

Sofa Cleaning Ballsbridge

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Sofa Cleaning Ballsbridge

How many times per year should you wash your sofa? As many times as is required. Most people would wash their sofas once or twice per year. If you have pets or kids, you might have to do it even more often. Give us a call bow and let us quote for your sofa cleaning job. After all, we are cleaning sofas since 200!

Commercial sofa cleaning?

Domestic sofa cleaning?

Leather sofa cleaning?

Fabric sofa cleaning?

We do it all and even more!


20€ for 1 seat sofa    40€ for 2 seat sofas   60€ for 3 seat sofas    75€ for L shape sofas


Sofa Cleaning Services Near You

Dull or stained sofas are an eyesore. You can’t enjoy relaxing on them over the weekend, and even guests are pensive about taking a sit. You don’t want your visitor worrying about whether some grime on the sofa will stick to their clothes. In lounges, reception areas and waiting rooms of businesses, you’ll want your customers to feel comfortable using the sofas. Dirty and unkempt furniture can turn them away from your enterprise, which is bad for business. Restore the beauty and elegance of your sofa using professional sofa cleaning services.


When looking for a sofa cleaning service, you want a company that will do whatever it takes to ensure that you are satisfied. That’s where we come in, and all our services offered are geared at making you a happy customer. We have been in the business for long enough to understand what it is your sofa needs, and to provide tough cleaning solutions that are safe for the sofa. Our personnel come with high quality equipment, plus experience, to ensure professional results.


Value Of Expert Sofa Cleaning Services

1. Tough stain removal

Stained sofas are not everyone’s cup of tea. Whether you cover it up with a shawl or you turn the cushion covers, you will always know that the stain is there. Our sofa cleaning business exists to help you deal with this problem ensuring that you get the very best cleaning services that technology has to offer. So whether it is a pet pee stain or a stain from a spilled glass of wine, you can rest assured that it will completely disappear after our cleaning session.


2. Leather sofa cleaning

Cleaning leather sofas is delicate business and you will need a competent sofa cleaning crew to ensure that there is no damage done. Our leather sofa cleaning service includes everything removal of dirt and grime from the creases, to conditioning and polishing of the surface to give it the nice glow that leather is appreciated for.


3. Fabric sofa cleaning

There are numerous types of fabric sofas, from wool to chenille and cotton. Their absorbent nature makes them more prone to staining and discoloration with time. You want to be sure that the right cleaning products are used for your particular type of sofa. They should be tough on dirt but gentle on the material. Our personnel uses state-of-the-art sofa cleaning technology and procedures to ensure that yours ends up completely spotless. We also use special cleaning chemicals that help to protect the sofa’s original colour. This way, you lose the dirt but save the fabric’s aesthetics.


4. Protect your health

The contaminants in the sofa can easily get onto your skin, or be inhaled by persons relaxing on the sofa. Loose particles like dust pollen, and even dust mites’ faecal material can trigger allergic reactions, causing anything from sneezing and watery eyes, to exacerbating an asthma attack. You want to be able to enjoy watching your favourite TV show at home without keeping on coughing. You don’t want customers on the sofa in the reception area to start complaining about irritated airways. Our personnel prevents this from happening by reaching deep into the sofa and removing the pollutants.


What To Expect From Our Sofa Cleaning Team


1. High quality services

Our cleaning crew are highly trained in different sofa cleaning methods. This ensures that your sofa set pieces get the great treatment that they deserve. The result is spotless sets with zero dust, dirt, grime or stains.

2. Affordable prices

Our prices are also something to smile about. They vary with sofa size, material and number. You get professional results without breaking the bank.

3. Fast sofa cleaning services

You want to be able to use your sofa as soon as possible. We offer fast and timely services for your convenience. After the cleaning is done, high powered suction is used to remove the moisture from the sofa, and the little that remains will dry in as little as 1 hour.


Talk to us

We want to hear from you. Do you want to book a sofa cleaning session? All you have to do is to visit our online booking platform. Give us a call to address your queries and concerns. Let us take care of your sofa cleaning needs for you.


Sofa Cleaning Ballsbridge – Professional sofa cleaning services for less!

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