Sofa Cleaning Baldoyle

Sofa Cleaning Baldoyle

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Sofa Cleaning Baldoyle

Wellcome to the house of sofa cleaning. Your sofa is in for a treat. We deep clean all types of fabric & leather sofas. We use some of the most eco friendly sofa cleaning shampoos and outstanding results are guaranteed!

If you need:

Leather sofa cleaning

Fabric sofa cleaning

Commercial sofa cleaning

Domestic sofa cleaning

Then we can help you out!


Get Your Sofa Cleaned By The Professionals

You lounge on it every day after work. It’s where you host your guests. You spend quality time with your family relaxing on the sofa, and watch the league games over the weekends with your buddies. There are also those nights when you decide to get through an entire season run of your favourite TV show. Food and beverage spills are common. The sofa sees a lot of use. Consequently, it accumulates plenty of dirt and grime. Each time you sit back to relax, you leave behind skin flakes. Your hair oil gets rubbed onto the sofa as you rest your head on its cushions, and the body oil that people secrete naturally sticks to the surface. In addition, there are the particles from the air, like dust and pollen that get trapped in the fabric of the sofa. This makes it look dirty and dull. Commercial premises handle large amounts of human traffic, and there are always people using the sofa in the reception areas, waiting rooms and employee lounges. The more frequently a sofa is used, the dirtier it gets. You don’t want your customers walking into your enterprise to be greeted by soiled and stained sofas. Restore them to their beauty and shine by calling in the sofa cleaning professionals.

Value Of Professional Sofa Cleaning

1. Thorough cleaning

We have invested in high quality machines to give your sofa a completely clean, removing the stains on the surface to the deeply ingrained soiling. The eco-friendly cleaning solutions used break down even the toughest stains that have set into the sofa, from wine and juice stains, to ink blots, and even urine stains. The machines reach deep into the fibres of the sofa and extract the dirt and grime, from dust and food crumbs, to pet fur and dander, skin flakes, and even cigarette smoke particles. Your sofa is restored to the look and feel you desire.

2. Quick drying

You don’t want to keep your customers standing for ages as you wait for the sofa to dry. Your guests won’t be comfortable if you tell them they can’t relax in our own home with ease because the sofa is wet. You want to resume your normal day-to-day activities as soon as possible. First, the sofa cleaning personnel employ professional processes to ensure that the cleaning task is done rapidly, without compromising on the quality of the results. In addition, the bulk moisture is removed using powerful suction, and the remainder dries of in 1 hour. With proper ventilation fans or air conditioning, the sofa will dry faster.

3. Protects the sofa

The sofa cleaning professionals come with years of experience and a wide resource pool to work on different kinds of sofas, from the fabrics like wool and silk to the durable leather. The cleaning solutions are tough on the dirt and stains, but gentle on the fabrics, thus preserving their colour and texture. Removing the dirt and grime also protects the fibres, since they are abrasive. Each time someone sits on the sofa, they wear its material down. The sofa cleaning processes used remove all the particles and debris from your furniture, enabling you to enjoy it for longer. For materials like leather, the sofa is also conditioned, which moisturises it to keep it soft and supple.

4. Health benefits

The bugs hiding out in your sofa can make you sick. There range from microscopic germs, to insects that come out to feed on the food crumbs left behind. The decaying organic matter provides nourishment for the bacteria, while the skin flakes that persons using the sofa keep shedding grows the number of dust mites exponentially. The dust particles and contaminants like cigarette smoke particles and body fragments of insects can get airborne and inhaled, which will irritate the respiratory tract of the person resting on the sofa, and trigger allergic reactions. Dust mite faecal material gets onto the skin and causes irritation. You don’t want to keep scratching yourself when you’re curled up on the sofa reading your favourite book. Customers in your business premises will walk away if they keep coughing and sneezing while on the sofa in the waiting room. Even your staff won’t feel motivated if the sofa in the employee lounge is dusty and musky. Professional sofa cleaning services eradicates the problem at its source, creating a healthy establishment in your domestic or commercial establishment.

5. Affordable sofa cleaning services

We handle both fabric and leather sofa cleaning at budget friendly prices. The cost is particular to your specific needs, such as sofa type and set size. You get to have a sparkling sofa without denting your wallet.

Get in touch with us today to handle your sofa cleaning needs.

Sofa Cleaning Baldoyle – Professional sofa cleaning results for less!

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