Sofa Cleaning Ballymount

Sofa Cleaning Ballymount

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Sofa Cleaning Ballymount

You can afford us!. Our prices for sofa cleaning start from only 20€ for 1 seat sofa. We are fully insured and highly recommended.

Our main specialities:

Commercial Sofa Cleaning

Domestic Sofa Cleaning

Leather Sofa Cleaning

Fabric Sofa Cleaning


Hiring Professional Sofa Cleaning Services

Your sofa accumulates dirt and grime from numerous sources- the dust floating in the air, sweat from persons relaxing on it, body oils and greasy residue from hair treatments, dyes from clothing, and the frequent food and drink spills. The food residue attracts insects and pests, which leave behind body fragments and faecal material. Then there are the airborne cooking oils and other invisible air pollutants from home activities. Skin flakes being shed by persons using the sofa feed the millions of dust mites crawling in the fabric. The dirt and grime wears down the sofa material, destroying its beauty and structural integrity. Protect your sofa by calling in the expert cleaners.


The loose particles can get airborne and inhaled, putting the health of the persons using the sofa at risk. They exacerbate respiratory problems and trigger allergic reactions. You don’t want your family members to keep coughing each time they use the sofa. The residue from dust mites causes skin irritation, and persons end up scratching themselves. This makes your household members, plus employees and customers at your business premises uncomfortable. Mould and mildew release spores into the atmosphere, and they irritate the people’s airways. Enhance the hygiene of your home or workplace using professional sofa cleaning services.


Advantages Of Sofa Cleaning Services

1. Fast, professional results

Our sofa cleaning personnel use high quality equipment and cleaning solutions to deliver professional and timely results. They get the deeply embedded dirt and grime, reaching into the crevices and hard to reach areas of the sofa. Everything is eliminated, from the dust coats that had formed, grease residue, stains from juice, wine, coffee, and tea spills, ketchup smudges, all through urine stains and to the food particles that have dried into the material of the sofa. Powerful suction extracts the bulk of the moisture form the sofa, and the little that’s left will dry in as short as 1 hour. This has the additional benefit of preventing growth of fungi such as mould and mildew. With proper ventilation in the establishment, it will dry even faster.


2. Fabric and leather sofa cleaning

We do them all. Each material has its unique treatment method. Most of the mistakes made by DIY and rookie sofa cleaning revolve around using the wrong cleaning products. They cause the sofa material to shrink, colour bleed, and sometimes it even corrodes the fibres. Fabric is delicate, while leather reacts to pH variations, just like your skin. Our professional team has experience in deal with the different kinds of sofa, from leather to fabrics like rayon, linen, cotton, wool, polyamide and even polyester. The leather sofas are additionally conditioned, to revitalise and moisturise them, making them more durable and bringing out their deep sheen.

3. Protects the sofa

You don’t want your fabric sofa tearing up, or your leather sofa becoming all sticky and clammy. The soiling is gritty, and each time someone sits back to relax on the sofa, it gets grinded against the fibres. This degrades it and reduces its lifespan. Sofa cleaning gets rid of the source of the problem, enabling you to enjoy your sofa for longer. Additional processes such as conditioning leather sofas increases their durability and the furniture’s resistance to the elements, and also prevents water damage.


4. Enhance the health of the premises

The sofa cleaning services enable you to protect the health of persons in your residential or commercial property. It gets rid of the problem at the source, creating a healthier environment. This will prevent people from coughing, sneezing and having watery eyes as they relax on the sofa at home, or in the reception area, office and employee lounge in business premises.


5. Eco-friendly sofa cleaning

Protecting Mother Nature is a global wave, and we ride it too. Our sofa cleaning solutions and processes are safe for the eco-system, and also preserve the indoor air space. They are also safe to use around children and pets.

6. Affordable services

You are our business. We want to keep you satisfied, and that’s why we endeavour to offer professional sofa cleaning services at budget-friendly prices. The specific cost takes in factors that are unique to your situation, such as the type of sofa and the set size.


Get in touch with us today to handle your sofa cleaning needs.

Sofa Cleaning Ballymount – Professional sofa cleaning services for less!

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