Sofa Cleaning Banchardstown

Sofa Cleaning Banchardstown

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Sofa Cleaning Blanchardstown

If your sofa looks dirty and stained, you need us. We are a highly recommended and highly experienced. Dublin Sofa Cleaning is a pretty affordable sofa cleaning company.

1 seat sofa – 20€

2 seat sofa – 40€

3 seat sofa – 60€

L shape sofa – 75€

We can deep clean any type of fabric sofa or leather sofa. We use eco friendly or natural sofa cleaning shampoos only.

-leather sofa cleaning

-fabric sofa cleaning

-commercial sofa cleaning

-domestic sofa cleaning


Sofa Cleaners Near You

A dirty and grimy sofa is unsightly and unsettling. It dampens your mood each time you walk into your home, and ruins the décor of your business premises. The dust, skin flakes, pet hair and dander, grease spots and food crumbs all make it look unkempt. The organic matter further draws microorganisms like bacteria and dust mites, plus insets like ants and cockroaches. They leave behind body fragments and faecal material that add to the already soiled sofa. Get professional sofa cleaning services to bring back the inviting and relaxing ambience you desire.


It’s embarrassing when guests in your home, or customers in your business premises, question the state of your sofa. They’re wary of pet hair getting attached to their clothes, or picking up food smudges from your sofa. This will make you feel uncomfortable and awkward at home, and damage the reputation of your business. Avoid such situations by getting expert sofa cleaning services.


What You Get From Professional Sofa Cleaning Services

1. Fabric sofa cleaning

We handle all kinds of fabric sofas, from cotton, wool, rayon and linen, all through to polyamide and polyester sofas. They are highly absorbent, and easily get stained by anything containing moisture- whether it’s a coffee spill, spaghetti sauce or even the sweat from persons using the sofa. Our fabric sofa cleaning personnel will restore the beauty and appeal of your sofa. The process strengthens the fibres, which makes the fabric more resistant to the elements, including the sun’s radiation. This protects it from degradation.


2. Leather sofa cleaning

Our sofa cleaning personnel will bring back the grandiose to your leather, whether it’s pigmented, aniline, suede or even nubuck. They’ll get rid of the dirt and stains that have been absorbed into the surface, and also condition and moisturise the sofa. They will open up the pores for the treatment to be fully absorbed, which will make the sofa more durable, and increase its water resistance. The leather sofa cleaning personnel will bring back the soft, supple and fresh look and feel of the furniture.


3. Stain removal

The tough cleaning solutions used break down even the most stubborn stains, from wine and tea spills to ink blots and urine stains. This refreshes the sofa, makes it glamorous, and also reduces the rate of resoiling. The furniture will also be protected from fraying, cracking, sagging, or losing its sheen.


4. Professional and timely results

You want to resume using your furniture as soon and possible, with minimal disruption in your residential or commercial establishment. Our personnel come with high quality sofa cleaning equipment and products, which ensure an exceptional outcome. The entire process is carried out quickly, without compromising on the quality of the results. Most of the moisture is removed from the sofa, and the little that’s left will dry in 1 hour.


5. Creates a healthy interior space

Your sofa is choke full of microbes and pathogens. The organisms feed on the food crumbs and skin flakes, which the persons using the sofa keep shedding. They bring health problems and cause allergic reactions. Dust mites’ faecal matter irritate the skin, and particles like body fragments from insects can get inhaled, irritating the airways. Professional sofa cleaning services eliminate the microorganisms together with the dirt, enabling your sofa to be safe to use.


6. Safe sofa cleaning

We use eco-friendly sofa cleaning solutions that are safe for both Mother Nature and the persons using the sofa. The products are tough on the dirt and grime, but gentle on the sofa material. This has the added benefit of enabling you to maintain the warranty of your sofa, as manufacturers tend to require furniture buyers to use certified sofa cleaning services.


7. Enhances the comfort of your sofa

You don’t want a sticky or stinky sofa. You want to be able to relax on your favourite sofa in the evening after work, or on the weekends, without getting exasperated about the stains that are standing out from its surface. You don’t want to keep rescheduling business meeting because of the dirty and grimy state of your office sofa. Let the sofa cleaning experts come in to handle your furniture, and restore your piece of mind. It will brighten up the interior space, and make the sofa more warm and inviting.


8. Affordable services

You get professional sofa cleaning results without straining your budget. In addition, the individual cost is determined by your particular sofa type and set size.


Make your booking today and get your sofa cleaned by the experts.


Sofa Cleaning Blanchardstown – Professional sofa cleaning services for less!

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