Sofa Cleaning Blessington

Sofa Cleaning Blessington

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Sofa Cleaning Blessington

A professional sofa cleaning company is only one call away. If you are looking for a highly regarded company with years of experience in the industry, you came to the right place. Leather sofa cleaning ? Fabric sofa cleaning? Commercial sofa cleaning? Domestic sofa cleaning? We can help you out!

Our sofa cleaning prices are designed in such a way to combine high quality services for affordable rates. Our minimum order is 50€.

1 seat sofa – 20€

2 seat sofa – 40€

3 seat sofa – 60€

4 seat sofa – 75€


Get Your Sofa Cleaned Professionally

Sofas get filthy fast. Dust, pollen, cigarette smoke particles, and even airborne oil particles from cooking activities, all land on the furniture. Skin flakes and food crumbs get embedded in the fibres. They provide nourishment for insects and bugs, which leave behind body fragments and droppings, plus the dust mites forming colonies in the sofa. The decaying organic material hosts numerous bacteria and pathogens. In case someone using the sofa was sick, there can still be traces or the viruses and germs left behind on the material, which can infect other people. Sofas in establishments with pets get dander and fur, mud tracked in under paws, plus the occasional urine stain. The soiling damages the sofa material and reduce its life. Protect your investment by calling in the sofa cleaning experts.


You want your sofa to be comfortable. Whether you’re watching the prime time news, relaxing over the weekend, curling up with a novel, or you’ve invited your date over, odours and grime on the sofa will irk and frustrate you. Waste matter from dust mites will keep you scratching yourself. You’ll feel awkward about having guests over in your home, or hosting customers and investors in your office. Turn to our sofa cleaning personnel to restore the elegance and comfort of the furniture.


Why You Should Hire Professional Sofa Cleaning Services

1. Eliminate stains

Wine spills and ink blots cause unsightly stains. Coffee, tea, juice and soda spills are a common occurrence, and they attract more soiling, making the spots more of an eye sore with each passing day. The sofa cleaning personnel use tough acting sofa cleaning products that get rid of all these stains, including mustard and spaghetti sauce that has soaked into the furniture.


2. Deep sofa cleaning

We have invested in highly effective equipment and solutions that eliminate even the deeply embedded soiling. No one wants to get food smudges stuck to their clothing. Your guests won’t worry about pet hairs clinging to their clothes, and your customers will be more relaxed while resting on your furniture. The image of your business will be boosted by the sofa cleaning, as your clients will notice the level of care you give to every aspect of your establishment, making them more willing to buy your products and services.


3. Enhance your sofa’s hygiene

The arms of your sofa alone contain over 12 times more bacteria compared to your toilet seat. The microbes and pathogens crawling all over the sofa get constant nourishment from the food crumbs being deposited as you watch the weekend game, or catch that late-night snack. You don’t want your family members getting sick, or the customers waiting on the lobby sofas to get allergic reactions. Expert sofa cleaning services will eliminate the pathogens in your furniture, and create a healthier environment in your workplace.


4. Eco-friendly sofa cleaning

You get to protect your sofa and Mother Nature at the same time. The sofa cleaning processes and solutions will revitalise the fabric and leather sofas, making them more durable. They are safe for the ecosystem and persons in the establishment. There are no toxic fumes to concern yourself with, and the indoor air quality is not affected.


5. Experienced personnel

We offer both fabric and leather sofa cleaning. Our team will work on all kinds of fabrics, from velvet and wool to corduroy, and chenille sofas, plus nubuck, pigmented, aniline and even suede leather sofas. They come with the experience and knowledge necessary to handle the different kinds of sofas. The treatments used are tough on the grime but safe for the sofa material.


6. Saves your time and energy

Sofa cleaning is a delicate procedure. It requires efficient machinery to get it done fast and right. Just as there are different kinds of sofas available, there are different kinds of cleaning procedures. Using the wrong product can leave stains, discolour the material, or corrode the sofa. Then there’s the energy spent scrubbing away at the dirt and stains, plus removing the residue. You don’t want to spend hours working on the sofa only to be left with unsatisfying results. Avoid the risks and hassle. Let our sofa cleaning personnel take the pressure off you. You’ll get professional result in a timely fashion. The sofa will dry in 1 hour.


7. Affordable sofa cleaning

We deliver quality cleaning at budget-friendly costs. Our pricing will take into account your particular situation, from the type of sofa, to the size of the entire set you want cleaned.

Give us a call and we’ll take care of your sofa cleaning needs.

Sofa Cleaning Blessington – Professional sofa cleaning services for less!

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