Sofa Cleaning Donnybrook

Sofa Cleaning Donnybrook

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Sofa Cleaning Donnybrook


Our professional eco friendly sofa cleaning services are highly regarded. We are fast, reliable and pretty affordable. You can book our sofa cleaning services online or over the phone. Here is our price list:

1 seat sofa cleaning 20€

2 seat sofa cleaning 40€

3 seat sofa cleaning 60€

4 seat sofa cleaning 75€


Let The Experts Take Care Of Your Sofa Cleaning Needs

You spend plenty of time on the sofa. The bacteria and contaminants it holds are detrimental to your health. Some are from the decaying organic matter, while others have been coughed and sneezed onto the sofa. There are also microbes that are brought onto the furniture by insects like cockroaches that come to feed on the food particles. This puts the health of the persons using the sofa at risk. You don’t want to incur unnecessary medical costs at home, or expose customers in your business premises to infections. The furniture needs to be thoroughly washed and disinfected. Call in the sofa cleaning professionals to make it happen.


Every investment you make should be protected. And your sofa ranks high up in that list. You got it for the long term. You expect it to retain its beauty and appeal throughout its life. This is hampered by the dirt and stains that it occasionally gets. The dirt is gritty, and breaks down the fibre of the sofa, reducing their strength and durability. The stains cause it to lose its lustre. This affects the rest of the décor, as the sofa is the focal point of the living space. You don’t want your home to feel all dull and dingy. You don’t want your customers getting the wrong idea about your business because of the sorry state of the furniture in the reception area. Fix this by hiring expert sofa cleaning services.


Reasons To Get Your Sofa Cleaned By The Experts

1. Prolong the life of your sofa

You sofa will stick with you through thick and thin, as you move from one residence to another, shuttling from one part of the country to the next. You want it to maintain its beauty and elegance all through. The soiling that it gradually builds up prevents this from happening. It takes away the splendour of the furniture, and ruins its appeal. It wears down the material of the sofa, which reduces its life. The sofa cleaning team comes in and fixes the problem at its source, restoring the glam to your set and enabling you to enjoy it for longer.


2. Speedy results

The sofa cleaning team relies on highly efficient machinery and fast acting products to get your furniture thoroughly cleaned in the shortest time possible. This reduces the interruption to your daily life, and enables you to go about your duties unabated. The drying time is brought down to 1 hour.


3. Expert fabric and leather sofa cleaning

What is your fabric sofa made of? It can be anything from the natural wool, vinyl, silk or linen, to the synthetic polyester, acrylic, chenille, nylon or even rayon. There are numerous kinds of material, and each of them have their particular methods of treatment. Our fabric sofa cleaning personnel will employ the appropriate products and techniques when handling your particular type of furniture, to get rid of the soiling while protecting the fibres of the material.


Leather sofa cleaning is vital for more than just removing the annoying dirt spots and stubborn stains. It gets rid of the soiling that is wearing down the protective coating of the furniture. In addition, the sofa cleaning team moisturises it to revitalise the sofa, and brings back the soft and grandiose look and feel that you loved when you first brought it home from the store. The products and systems used leave a pleasing and lingering leather aroma, and impart a soft and rich lustre to the surface.


4. Green practices

Nature is our treasure, and it is our duty to help save it. Our sofa cleaning team acknowledge the importance of this, and employ eco-friendly systems and products to restore the beauty and glam of your furniture. The indoor air quality of your establishment is preserved, and the products are also safe to use around your children and furry friend.


5. Expert services at budget friendly prices

The affordable sofa cleaning services are designed to enable you make savings in the maintenance programs in your residential or commercial premises. They are structured to cater to individual situations, such as the set size of the sofa.


Looking for a team that delivers? We’re just a phone call away. Book today through our online platform and we’ll be at your premises on time, to take care of your sofa cleaning needs.


Are you looking for professional sofa cleaning services in Donnybrook?   014440146

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