Sofa Cleaning Drimnagh

Sofa Cleaning Drimnagh

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Sofa Cleaning Drimnagh

Are you looking for leather sofa cleaning? Are you looking for fabric sofa cleaning? We are experts in commercial & domestic sofa cleaning services. Here is our sofa cleaning price list:


1 Seat Sofa Cleaning 20€

2 Seat Sofa Cleaning 40€

3 Seat Sofa Cleaning 60€

4 Seat Sofa Cleaning 75€


Professional Domestic And Commercial Sofa Cleaners

Your sofa can land you in hospital. It’s got pathogens that can get into your system and lead to illnesses, and allergens that cause severe reactions. You household member or a person in your business premises who was using the sofa and was ill, may have left viruses and bacteria on the fabric- such as by coughing or sneezing. Then there are the contaminants like smoke from cigarettes that wind up in the fibres of the sofa, and they can cause anything from mild irritation to increasing the risk of developing cancer. Allergens like dust, pollen, and even fur and dander from your pet get raised into the air each time someone uses the sofa, and end up being inhaled. They cause watery eyes, nasal stuffiness and can also trigger asthma attacks. Protect those around your from these substances by hiring professional sofa cleaning services to eliminate them.


You want to be able to enjoy your sofa for long. The dirt and grime degrade it, causing to look old and dull. Stains ruin the beauty and sheen of the furniture, further affecting the rest of the décor. Odours from decaying organic matter make the sofa unbearable. In addition, the food crumbs attract a myriad of insects and pests. They leave behind corrosive faecal residue, and some like rodents chew and claw their way right through the sofa material. The sofa is that set of furniture that is intended to last even up to a lifetime. Our sofa cleaning experts will enable that to become a reality.


What Our Professional Sofa Cleaning Team Delivers

1. The right tools for the job

We have invested in state-of-the-art sofa cleaning equipment to provide thorough and efficient services. The job gets done fast, without affecting the quality of the results. Even the sofa dries fast, in just 1 hour. The deep cleaning removes the soiling that is embedded in the sofa, and particles hidden in the nooks and crannies. Set-in stains from beverage spills, urine, and even ink blots are eliminated, restoring the grandiose look and feel of the sofa. This also extends its life, and you can score a higher price in case you decide to sell it down the road.


2. Our services cover different kinds of sofas

Our fabric sofa cleaning services cater to different kinds of material, such as the natural wool, cotton and vinyl, to the synthetic polyester, olefin and nylon sofas. Our personnel come with products specially designed to clean your particular type of sofa, thus removing the dirt and stains while protecting the underlying fibres.


Leather sofas are highly sensitive. Harsh chemicals will cause permanent staining, and some substances can eat right through the protective coating that protects the furniture. Your sofa reacts like a person’s skin (in fact, the leather is actually reserved animal skin). Without a protective coating, it loses its moisture, becomes brittle and begins to crack. As part of the leather sofa cleaning, our personnel will condition the furniture, and restore that soft feeling that made you fall in love with it in the first place, while it was still in the showroom.


3. Green is all you need

We live in a crucial time. Today, more than ever, the future of our planet is dependent on the actions we take in the present. This is in all aspects of our lives, from our jobs and lifestyle choices, to getting your furniture cleaned. Our sofa cleaning team employs eco-friendly solutions and systems to bring the sparkle to your unit. The dirt and stains will be eliminated, without harming Mother Nature. Reducing your carbon footprint will be a welcome bonus to restoring the beauty and shine of your furniture.


4. Affordable sofa cleaning

We enable you to make savings in your cleaning budget. Our services are conveniently priced according to your specific needs, including the seater number (1, 2, 5 etc.) of your sofa set, plus the material of the furniture.


We make memorable sofa cleaning experiences

Our sofa cleaning team and support staff are friendly, and will treat you with the utmost courtesy. Call us on our phone line and let us take care of your sofa cleaning needs. Make your appointment today through our online booking system and bring back the great look and feel to your sofa.


Are you looking for affordable sofa cleaning services in Drimnagh?   014440146

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