Sofa Cleaning East Wall

Sofa Cleaning East Wall

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Sofa Cleaning East Wall


1 seat sofa cleaning 20€

2 seat sofa cleaning 40€

3 seat sofa cleaning 60€

4 seat sofa cleaning 75€


Let The Experts Clean Your Sofa

You want to impress guests in your home, and to give your customers a positive image about your business. Dirty and stained sofas will turn them away from your office building, as they will take it to be a sign of how you handle the rest of your activities. Guests in your home will start worrying about dirt, pet fur and stains getting transferred to their clothes when you invite them to take a seat. You don’t want your dashing date cancelling on you because of the state of your furniture. You also want to have a relaxing and inviting ambience at home. The dirt spots and stains are visually distracting, and you can’t easily relax because your brain keeps on registering the soiling as work that needs to be urgently catered to. Let us make your domestic or commercial establishment more comfortable. Call in our sofa cleaning experts to restore the ambience and elegance in your premises.


Sofa cleaning can literally save your life. It gets rid of the dirt and contaminants in the material of the sofa that cause anything from mild irritation to full blown asthma attacks. These particles include the everyday dust and pollen, cigarette smoke particles, body waste like cast skin and faecal residue from dust mites and the insects, which come to your sofa to nourish themselves on these food crumbs in the crevices, and even the pathogens left behind by someone who was sick, coughing or sneezing onto the sofa. The sofa cleaning enhances the health of the premises, enabling you to dial down on your medical costs.


Value Of Calling In Our Sofa Cleaning Team

1. Maintain the beauty and value of the sofa

You want a sofa that you can enjoy using it for years. It came from the showroom in great condition, and you want it to remain that way. The everyday dirt and grime that it witnesses gradually wears it down. This is because the soiling is abrasive. After some time, the sofa begins to look dull and old. Prevent this from happening by hiring regular sofa cleaning services.


2. Efficient cleaning processes

You have a busy schedule. You don’t want unnecessary interruptions. You want the cleaning processes to be completed as fast as possible. Our sofa cleaning team come with the necessary equipment and fast-acting solutions to make that possible. The dry time of just 1 hour will enable your sofa to be ready to use in a short while.


3. Wide coverage

We will clean your fabric sofa, whether it’s made from the delicate silk or the very resilient nylon. The fabrics tend to be absorbent to spills, and easily trap dust and dirt particles in their fibres. The fabric sofa cleaning team uses products specially designed for your particular type of furniture, eliminating the dirt spots and stubborn stains, while protecting the underlying fibres.


Our sofa cleaning team handles all kinds of leather material, from the pigmented and aniline, to the suede and nubuck sofas. They are well experienced and knowledgeable in the appropriate cleaning products and procedures to follow, and will bring back the grandiose look and feel of your leather sofa. The leather sofa cleaning personnel will take care of the entire process, from getting rid of the dirt and stains, to opening up the pores to apply moisturiser, thus protecting your leather sofa and enhancing its resistance to water damage. They safely preserve, strengthen, and nourish the fine leather material and replace the natural lubricants that were lost during normal use.


4. Get into the green scene

It’s where the world is headed. Governing bodies, institutions and regulatory agencies have come together to protect the planet and make it a better place for future generations. There are global concerted efforts, and we take up our role with zeal. Our sofa cleaning team uses products and equipment that are eco-friendly, and also pose no harm to the persons in your office building, or the children and pets at home.


5. All this without denting your wallet

The affordable sofa cleaning services we offer will reduce the amount of money you spend in your home and business’ routine maintenance program. The pricing is also designed to account for your individual needs, including the number of seats that your sofa set has.


Let us clean your sofa for you. Our booking system is just a click away- make your appointment today. In addition, you can always reach us through our phone line.

Hire professional sofa cleaners in East Wall. Call 014440146

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