Sofa Cleaning Enfield

Sofa Cleaning Enfield

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Sofa Cleaning Enfield

Are you looking for affordable sofa cleaning services? Are you looking for eco friendly sofa cleaning services? No problem. We are happy to quote for domestic sofa cleaning services & commercial sofa cleaning services. Here is our price list:

1 seat sofa cleaning 20€

2 seat sofa cleaning 40€

3 seat sofa cleaning 60€

4 seat sofa cleaning 75€


Turn To Professional Fabric And Leather Sofa Cleaning Services

Your sofa is a major investment. You spent lots of money getting your favourite set, which blends with the décor of your home or office space. You want to keep it looking that way. However, over time, dirt and grime build up on its surface, such as dust from the air, contaminants like cigarette smoke particles, and also the occasional food and drink spills. They ruin the sofa and make it unsightly. They also affect the structural integrity of the sofa. They wear down the material, reducing the life of your furniture. Protect your investment by calling in the sofa cleaning professionals.


The health of the people using the sofa is also on the line. The particles on the sofa get inhaled whenever someone simply sits back to relax on it. They irritate the respiratory system, causing the person to start coughing, sneezing, triggering allergic reactions, and worsening conditions such as bronchitis. You want to protect the health of your household members, and your employees and customer in your office building. Hire the sofa cleaning experts to restore the health and hygiene of your furniture.


Why You Should Get Your Sofa Cleaned By The Experts

1. Cutting-edge sofa cleaning solutions

Our sofa cleaning is carried out using the latest solutions and machinery, which for you means safe products with outstanding results. The dirt and grime is removed from even deep within the sofa, getting rid of the heavy soiling and the set in stains. Tough acting products break down the grease residue, food and drink stains, and eliminate the odours emanating from your furniture. This will enable you to enjoy your sofa, and also enhance its life. You also don’t want to be forced to rely on stools at home, or keep your customers in the waiting room and reception standing for hours. The sofa cleaning systems employed are fast and effective, to provide timely results. In addition, powerful suction is used to remove the moisture content, and your sofa will dry in one hour. You will be able to resume using your sofa as soon as possible.


2. All round sofa cleaning services

Our sofa cleaning team handles all kinds of material, from natural fabrics like linen, wool and vinyl, to the synthetic ones like acetate and acrylic. The fabrics are highly absorbent, and easily get stained. Most come with an additional stain resistant-coating to prevent this from happening. However, it’s degraded by the soiling, exposing your sofa to damage. Our personnel use products that are tough on the soiling, but safe for your fabric sofa.


Leather sofas suffer the same dirt and pollutant problems, but there’s the additional issue of loss of moisture and softness. When they come straight from the store, they have conditioners that provide protection from water damage and the elements. Over time, this protection is worn down by dirt and constant usage, causing your sofa to crack and lose its supple feel. Leather is just like skin, and needs regular maintenance to retain its look and feel. You want to use products that are safe for your set. A common mistake during DIY leather sofa cleaning is using the wrong cleaners that dehydrate and damage the material. The sofa cleaning specialists will get rid of the dirt using the appropriate solutions, open up the pores of your leather sofa, and apply the suitable conditioner. This will restore the furniture’s elegance and beauty, and provide long-lasting rejuvenation for your set. Our sofa cleaning services cover all types of leather, including pigmented, aniline, nubuck, and suede.


3. Environmentally friendly services

To conserve the environment, people and governing bodies are putting more emphasis on living a green lifestyle, conserving resources, and cutting down on pollutants. And so are we. The products and equipment that are used by our sofa cleaning team eco-friendly, and have passed the stringent EU standards and regulations on environmental sustainability and biodegradability.


4. Economical services

You get a clean sofa without breaking the bank. The pricing is structured to be suitable to your specific sofa cleaning needs, including the set size, number of sofa sets, and the type of material involved.

We’re just a click away

You can access our booking and payment systems online. Give us a call on our phone line and let our friendly staff handle your sofa cleaning concerns and queries.


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