Sofa Cleaning Finglas

Sofa Cleaning Finglas

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Sofa Cleaning Finglas

Deep cleaning your sofa at leastr once per years is very important. It is important for the look of your sofa and for the health benefits. Deep cleaning a sofa costs much less than you think. Here is our price list:

1 seat sofa cleaning 20€

2 seat sofa cleaning 40€

3 seat sofa cleaning 60€

4 seat sofa cleaning 75€


Expert Domestic And Commercial Sofa Cleaning Services

A dirty sofa is a health hazard. There’s everything from dust, cigarette smoke particles, allergens like pollen, bacteria from decaying organic matter, pathogens coughed or sneezed onto the furniture by a person who was ill, and even the faecal residue and cast skin left behind by dust mites that feed on the skin flakes being shed onto the sofa. All these pose health risks, such as skin irritation, and respiratory problems when they get inhaled. It can be anything from coughing and sneezing, to triggering asthma attacks, and worsening conditions such as bronchitis. You don’t want incurring avoidable medical costs at home, or there being widespread infections in your office building. Enhance the health and hygiene of the premises by hiring professional sofa cleaning services.


You don’t want to watch all the money you spent getting a fantastic sofa go down the drain. The dirt and grime in the material breaks it down, and reduces the structural integrity of the sofa. You want to be able to enjoy your furniture for long. Get professional sofa cleaning services to protect your investment.


What Our Sofa Cleaning Team Delivers

1. Superb machinery

We’ve got the tools necessary to deliver quality results. Our sofa cleaning team comes with high quality equipment and superior cleaning solutions, which tackle heavy soiling and the stubborn stains on your furniture- whether it’s set-in coffee and tea spills from breakfast, juice stains on the sofa in your reception area, or urine stains caused by your furry friend at home. The products break down the dirt and attains, and restore the beauty and glam to your sofa. It will dry in just 1 hour after the cleaning is done.


2. Get safe furniture

You don’t want the state of your sofa to affect the health of the persons in the premises. Pollutants like VOCs and lead compounds from the environment, dirt, allergens, contaminants like cigarette smoke particles that get adhered to the fibres, need to be eliminated. Pathogens on the surface of the sofa can spread the infections in your establishment. The sofa cleaning personnel employ solutions and processes that eliminate these substances from your furniture, taking away the risk to your household members at home, or employees and clients in your business establishment.


3. Versatile services

The fabric sofa cleaning team handles both natural (like wool, linen, cotton and silk) and synthetic (such as acetate, acrylic, polyester and rayon) material. They will eliminate the odours and stains that have been absorbed into the fibres of the fabric, applying specialised products that eliminate the soiling while protecting the material of the fabric sofa.


Your leather sofa is unique. There are over 300 different types of tanneries, and using the wrong cleaning or moisturising agent can lead to detrimental results. Avoid the risk and let our experts handle it for you. The leather sofa cleaning processes will restore the health and lustre of your particular type of sofa, from nubuck and aniline, to pigmented and suede. Our sofa cleaning team applies pigmentations that are perfectly suited to the original tan of your furniture, and can even revitalise the colour of the sensitive aniline leather sofas. The personnel employs treatment procedures that are safe to use around children and pets. The conditioning enhances the life of the leather.


4. Going green to set the globe clean

They say that “No single raindrop believes it’s to blame for the flood”. In the same way, many people believing their individual actions don’t have an impact on the environment leads to a catastrophe. Part of our goal is to reverse this trend, and join global efforts in protecting Mother Nature. As such, our sofa cleaning team uses products that are safe for the environment around you. You also don’t have to worry about toxic fumes, as they do not affect your indoor air quality.


5. Quality you can trust at prices you can afford

We want to ensure that you’re satisfied, and part of that includes pricing our services to be convenient to you. The final cost will have taken into account the size of your sofa, and its type of material.


Join our satisfied customers today. Get in touch with our sofa cleaning team via phone, or book your appointment online.

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