Sofa Cleaning Harold`s Cross

Sofa Cleaning Harold`s Cross

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Sofa Cleaning Harold`s Cross

We specialize in eco friendly sofa cleaning services. All our sofa cleaning shampoos are 100% natural and safe to use around kids, pets & pregnant women. We are fully insured and highly recommended. Here is our sofa cleaning price list:

1 seat sofa cleaning 20€

2 seat sofa cleaning 40€

3 seat sofa cleaning 60€

4 seat sofa cleaning 75€


Domestic And Commercial Sofa Cleaning Services

You want to protect your sofa. After all, you forked out lots of money to get the perfect set for your establishment. It affects the décor of the entire premises, and dirt spots or stains will make everything else look dull and unkempt. You want to come home to an inviting ambience. You don’t want customers in your business premises questioning your hygiene standards. It will reflect negatively on your business image. Restore the elegance of your furniture and enhance the ambience of the premises by calling in the sofa cleaning professionals.


DIY sofa cleaning is an arduous task. From the application of the cleaning agents, the scrubbing, to the drying of the furniture. You have to ensure that the right products are used, and applied in the correct amounts. You don’t want to damage the material of the sofa, or over wet it. This leads to additional problems like encouraging mould growth. Avoid the risk and hassle by leaving the job to our sofa cleaning professionals.


Why You Should Turn To Sofa Cleaning Professionals

1. Exceptional equipment

Our sofa cleaning personnel come readily equipped with high quality machinery to provide top-of-the-range results. Tough acting products are used to cut through the grease residue from body sweat, caked on food, and break down the stains in your sofa. Spaghetti, sauce, coffee spills, tea stains, caked on food, crumbs from those midnight snacks, and the droppings from the insects that come out at night to feed on the material are all removed from your furniture. Odours are eliminated, enabling you to comfortably relax in your furniture. The entire processes are done in a timely fashion, from the pre-spray and the scrubbing, all through to the moisture extraction, reducing the amount of time spent working on your furniture, without affecting the quality of the results. The drying time is also reduced to under 1 hour.


2. Get a hygienic sofa

Your sofa can make you sick. The particles it contains, like dust and pollen from the air, insect body fragments, faecal residue from dust mites and even contaminants like cigarette smoke particles, can get into your body systems as you use the sofa. They cause throat irritation, nasal stuffiness, watery eyes, and even exacerbate conditions like asthma. Protect the health of your family members at home, plus the employees and customers in your business premises by getting regular sofa cleaning services.


3. Professional fabric and leather cleaning services

Our fabric sofa cleaning team covers numerous types of material, from the delicate silk, to the resilient nylon. They are cosy and warm, but fibres attract stains, odours, and dust to your furniture, and need specially formulated products to get them out of fabric once they’re there. This is to ensure the soiling is removed without degrading the fibres and destroying your fabric sofa. Our personnel apply the necessary measures to restore the beauty and glam of your furniture.


Leather brings a touch of class and elegance into your residential or commercial establishment. It’s every durable, but requires special care to maintain its condition, and prevent it from drying and cracking. Soiling, from body oils, skin acids, perspiration and regular wear and tear diminish the appearance of the sofa, leaving behind dark spots and stains. Our leather sofa cleaning team will remove the soiling using the appropriate treatment for your particular type of furniture, and additionally condition it to enhance its life and resistance to water damage, plus solar radiation.


4. We care about the earth

After all, we’ll pass it down to future generations. This is why there is great emphasis around the world on using eco-friendly products and processes. That’s exactly what our sofa cleaning team does. Everything from the application, extraction to waste disposal, to the actual products used to break down the dirt and stains, are safe for the environment around you. They pose no risk to the indoor air quality or the biodiversity in your home or office space.


5. Cost effective pricing

The sofa cleaning costs are tailored to suit your specific needs. Factors such as the seater-number of the sofa set, the number of sets you want cleaned, and the type of material, are factored in when coming up with the final cost.


Make your sofa cleaning appointment today. Our system is easily accessible online. You can also contact our friendly staff via our phone line, and they will take care of your sofa cleaning concerns and queries.


Are you looking for professional sofa cleaning services in Harold`s Cross?


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