Sofa Cleaning Leopardstown

Sofa Cleaning Leopardstown

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Sofa Cleaning Leopardstown

We all love our sofas and we all love spending a lot of time on our sofas. But once in a while, your sofa has to be disinfected. Dublin Sofa Cleaning is here for you. We specialize in leather sofa cleaning services and fabric sofa cleaning services. We are fully insured and highly recommended. Here is our price list:

1 seat sofa cleaning 20€

2 seat sofa cleaning 40€

3 seat sofa cleaning 60€

4 seat sofa cleaning 75€

We are happy to quote for commercial sofa cleaning jobs and domestic sofa cleaning jobs. All our estimates are free of charge and no obligation.

Looking For Sofa Cleaning Experts?

Looking to restore the beauty and elegance of your sofa? After all, it affects the look and feel of the rest of the interior space. You want it to sparkle and have a lovely sheen, not to be covered in layers of dust and stains from food and beverage spills. The sofa is the core of the living room, and sets the tone for house. That’s why you didn’t shy away from getting one that would enhance the decor of your home. Gunk and grime ruin things, making the house to be dull and appear unkempt. Prevent this from happening by calling in the domestic sofa cleaning professionals. In business environments, it’s no different. The constant usage of the furniture in offices, reception areas and even the employee lounge cause them to acquire plenty of soiling, which makes them lose their lustre. This has a bearing on the ambience on the premises, which directly impacts the image that your customers will have about your service delivery. Fix things by getting commercial sofa cleaning specialists to work on the sets in your establishment.


When you let spills stay on the sofa for too long, mould and mildew can develop. The same thing happens when DIY and rookie sofa cleaning mistakes like over-wetting the furniture are made. The fungi release spores into the atmosphere, which cause allergic reactions. They even cause irritability and fatigue. Then there are those other particles like dust, pollen, loose debris, plus the body fragments and faecal residue of dust mites. These lead to irritation of the airways, coughing, nasal stuffiness and some also cause skin irritation. They worsen respiratory conditions such as obstructive lung disease and bronchitis. On top of all that there’s the colonies of bacteria crawling all over the sofa. They come from numerous sources, some feeding on the decaying organic matter, others spread onto the cushions by items like remotes and handbags. Eliminate all these contaminants by getting sofa cleaning services from the specialists.


Benefits Of Professional Sofa Cleaning Services

1. Fabric and leather professional cleaning

With fabric sofas, you are spoilt for choice. There are plenty nuances available. This has made them popular, since you can get the perfect decoration for your particular interior décor and setting, be it vintage, classic, or modern. You can even set a rustic tone. After all that investment, you don’t want to watch it get ruined. Dirt gets embedded in the fibres, and stains set into the material. They need the right treatment solutions to get rid of them, otherwise the sofa will be ruined. Sit back and relax- our fabric sofa cleaning team has got you covered. They apply the right cleaning solutions for your particular type of furniture, from the natural materials like cotton blende, wool, linen and silk, to synthetic ones like polyester, acrylic and rayon.


Did you know that there are over 300 different kinds of tanneries used to make furnishings? Your leather sofa is no doubt unique. The variation also means that using the wrong chemicals or cleaning agents will damage your investment. Avoid the risks involved, and let out leather sofa cleaning experts handle the job. We cover them all, from aniline and nubuck, to pigmented and suede. The pigmentations applied are suited to that original tan your sofa came with from the showroom, and the conditioning revitalises the soft and supple nature that leather sofas are renowned for. This enables you to continue enjoying your set, enhances its life, and preserves its warranty.


2. Keep your sofa and the earth serene

The future will judge us for our actions today. Our children are looking to us to protect the world that they will inherit, and we should ensure that we pass down a green planet. This is the drive behind our eco-friendly leather and fabric sofa cleaning processes. By saving the earth, you do more than insure the future. You also reduce the costs you incur in your day-to-day life. For instance, you won’t be forced to spend money on avoidable medical expenses, like those caused by toxic fumes generated by harsh chemicals in the cleaning process. The systems we use are safe for the ecosystem around you, and the persons in the establishment. The products that are used have passed EU standards and regulations on biodegradability and environmental sustainability.


3. Timely results and trusted quality at budget friendly prices

The cleaning is done fast and the sofa will dry in just 1 hour, due to the high quality equipment and products used. In addition, our sofa cleaning services have been priced to enable you to enjoy the quality results without straining your wallet. The pricing has been tailored to suit your specific needs, such as the seater number of the set, and the material of the sofa.


Are you looking for professional sofa cleaning services in Leopardstown?


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