Sofa Cleaning Portobello

Sofa Cleaning Portobello

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Sofa Cleaning Portobello

Dublin Sofa Cleaning is a professional eco friendly sofa cleaning company based in Dublin. We are experts in commercial sofa cleaning and domestic sofa cleaning services. We are happy to quote for leather sofa cleaning services and fabric sofa cleaning.

Here is our prices lust for your attention:

1 seat sofa cleaning 20€

2 seat sofa cleaning 40€

3 seat sofa cleaning 60€

4 seat sofa cleaning 75€


Sofa Cleaning Services For You

When you walk into a home with dirty furniture, what are your first thoughts about the owner? Exactly. The same thing happens when your friends, neighbours and relatives come into your home and find the furniture covered in dirt spots and stains. That’s not an image you want them to have about you. It injures your reputation. For businesses, it results in dents in your financial position. Customers will quickly walk out of an establishment where they find soiled furniture. This is because they take it to be a reflection of the level of service delivery that they should expect from you. You don’t want to miss out on profits simply because of a couple of stains on the sofa in the reception area. Get back the grandiose look and feel of your establishment by bringing in the sofa cleaning professionals.

It’s not all about the beauty. Your health is also affected by the state of the sofa. Do you find yourself coughing after taking a seat, or incessantly scratching yourself after a resting for a couple of minutes on the sofa? The cause lies within the cushions. There is both organic and inorganic content that harms you- from dust and allergens like pollen embedded in the fibres of the sofa, to faecal material and body fragments from insects, plus the gunk that’s left behind by dust mites. There are also those pathogens, such as the flu virus, that get coughed onto the sofa. They can easily get into your system, causing an infection. Bring back the health to your furniture items by getting expert sofa cleaning services.

Why You Should Turn To Sofa Cleaning Experts

1. Power and efficiency

You want fast and exceptional results. You don’t want to keep customers in your building standing for long, or to force your family members to rely on stools. We’ve invested in high quality sofa cleaning systems to prevent that from happening. Our machines get deep into the fibres of the sofa to remove the soiling that is hidden within, also reaching those nooks and crannies that the crumbs fall to. This leaves the sofa clean, free of stains, and with a fresh look and feel. All the grime is removed fast, including the microbes and the insects breeding in the crevices. The sofa also dries quickly, in just 1 hour.

2. Wide service coverage

The type of your sofa determines the cleaning products used. Whether you have a natural fabric sofa- such as linen, cotton, vinyl, wool or silk, or a synthetic one, like polyester, chenille, rayon or nylon, our fabric sofa cleaning team has got you covered. They use the appropriate products for your set, getting rid of the grime and protecting the strength and structure of the fibres of the sofa. You can rest assured that your set is being safely cleaned.

Leather is really preserved animal skin. Hence, it is sensitive to the pH of the products used. The wrong cleaning agents can damage its material, and cause it to colour bleed. Some harsh chemicals can corrode the very structure of the leather sofa. In addition, the sofa loses moisture with time, causing it to dry up, become brittle, and start cracking. It needs to be nourished. You don’t want to stress over the kinds of products required to treat your set. Let our experienced leather sofa cleaning team take care of it for you. They handle the various types of material, like aniline and semi aniline, all through to suede and antique-finished sofas. After the cleaning, the leather is also conditioned, enhancing its durability and resistance to water damage and staining.

3. Environmentally friendly sofa cleaning services

We have only one planet that we can live on, and every measure has to be put in place to protect it. That’s where eco-friendly products come in. Our sofa cleaning team uses products and systems that are safe for your family members at home, plus the customers and personnel in your commercial premises. We are active in our contribution towards global concerted efforts aimed at preserving the planet, so that future generations can have a place to call home. The green sofa cleaning is also beneficial to your wallet. You get to save on unnecessary costs that you could have incurred, like medical bills due to toxic fumes being generated.

4. Quality and prices that will leave you smiling

You want a clean sofa without straining your wallet. That’s what our affordable sofa cleaning prices enables you to achieve. The pricing has been structured to take into account the particular needs of your domestic or commercial establishment, such as the set size of the sofa, and its type of material.

Are you looking for professional sofa cleaning services in Portobello?


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