Sofa Cleaning Rialto

Sofa Cleaning Rialto

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Sofa Cleaning Rialto

Are you looking for leather sofa cleaning services? Or are you looking for fabric sofa cleaning services? No problem, we do it all. We are experts in commercial sofa cleaning and domestic sofa cleaning services. All our sofa cleaning services are fully insured and highly recommended. Dublin Sofa Cleaning is the only company in Dublin that specialize in sofa cleaning services only! All our staff is fully trained and highly qualified. Book our services online or over the phone. We will only use eco friendly sofa cleaning products. Here is our price list:


1 seat sofa cleaning 20€

2 seat sofa cleaning 40€

3 seat sofa cleaning 60€

4 seat sofa cleaning 75€

Our minimum order is 50€ per job.



Hiring Professional Sofa Cleaning Services

Your favourite sofa is holding loads of grime. Dust, food and drink spills, even pet fur and dander are on its surfaces all through to the crevices. This makes it lose its beauty and appeal, affecting the rest of the decor. Your residential or commercial premises begins to look old and dull. That is not the environment you want to greet you as you come home from work, or to relax in during the weekends or your days-off. It is also certainly not the impression you want to make on your relatives and neighbours who decide to pay you a visit. For businesses, it has direct implications on the profit margins. The cleanliness state affects the enterprise in 2 major ways. First, it determines how conducive the working environment is. You want your employees to be able to concentrate on their duties, not to be constantly distracted by the dirt spots and stains on the sofa. Secondly, it affects your customer’s perception about your business. You don’t want to lose customers because of soiled furniture. That’s where sofa cleaning professionals come in.


Your sofa can also make you sick. It harbours millions of microbes. Some are feeding on the decaying organic matter in the cushions of the sofa, while others are coughed and sneezed onto the surface by a person who was ill. Since the sofa handles a lot of traffic, and is one of the most used furniture sets in the establishment, infections can spread like wild fire. You don’t want that happening in your home or business premises. Protect those around you by enhancing the hygiene condition of the sofa. This includes a thorough clean, that destroys the pathogens themselves and their breeding grounds. That’s right up the alley of the sofa cleaning professionals.


Value Of Turning To Professional Sofa Cleaning Services

1. Powerful sofa cleaning solutions

We have invested in high quality sofa cleaning equipment in order to produce effective results. The systems and solutions used cut through the dirt and strip away the greasy stains, leaving your sofa fresh and clean. The deeply embedded soiling is eliminated, and even the food crumbs that are hidden in the nooks and crannies of the furniture. The products used by the sofa cleaning team get rid of the stubborn stains that may have formed from food smudges, coffee and wine spills, oil from hair and body treatments rubbed onto the cushions, or even urine spots caused by your pet. All this is done in a timely fashion, also reducing the amount of time taken for the sofa to dry to simply 1 hour.


2. Safe leather and fabric sofa cleaning

There is a wide range of material used to make fabric sofas, from wool, cotton blend, linen, vinyl and silk, to nylon, polyester, acetate and acrylic. A common DIY or rookie sofa cleaning mistake is to use the wrong product, which ends up degrading the fibres of the sofa. The result is that the fibres shrink, and your furniture loses its structural integrity. When the damage is permanent, the entire set has to be replaced. Avoid the risks and unnecessary costs. Call in our experts to handle the fabric sofa cleaning for you.


Leather is actually preserved animal skin, hence it is highly sensitive. Using harsh chemicals causes permanent staining. Some cleaning agents are so corrosive that they will eat right through your leather sofa’s protective coating. This exposes your sofa to extensive damage from water, food spills, and even sunlight. The material reacts like a person’s skin. Loss of the protective coating causes it to lose its moisture, become brittle and start to crack. The leather sofa cleaning personnel will apply the appropriate systems and solutions for your set, and also will condition the furniture. This will bring back that soft feeling and elegant look that made the set charm its way into your heart in the first place.


3. Sofa cleaning solutions without pollution

The future generations are depending on us to protect the world that they will inherit. The responsibility of making a greener future rests on all our shoulders. Our sofa cleaning services team acknowledges this, which is why they employ eco-friendly solutions and systems to eliminate the soiling that has built up in the fibres of the furniture. The products are safe for Mother Nature, and also protect the health of the persons in the premises. No toxic fumes are generated, making the sofa safe to relax on, and preserving the indoor air quality of the residential or commercial establishment.


4. Budget friendly sofa cleaning

You want to get clean furniture without denting your wallet. Our affordable sofa cleaning services are good for your finances. In addition to being affordable, they are designed to address your particular needs, such as set size of the sofa you want cleaned, plus the material involved.


Are you looking for professional sofa cleaning services in Rialto? We specialize in commercial sofa cleaning services & domestic sofa cleaning services.

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