Sofa Cleaning Rush

Sofa Cleaning Rush

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Sofa Cleaning Rush

Are ready for sofa cleaning? We are ready for work! Dublin Sofa Cleaning is your local sofa cleaning company. We are deep cleaning sofas since 2004 and we are fully insured. We can clean pretty much any type of sofa ever invented. We specialize in leather sofa cleaning services and fabric sofa cleaning services. Our company deals with both, commercial sofa cleaning customers and domestic sofa cleaning customers. We are affordable, easy to deal with and very good at what we do. Here is our price list:

1 seat sofa cleaning 20€

2 seat sofa cleaning 40€

3 seat sofa cleaning 60€

4 seat sofa cleaning 75€

Our minimum order is 50€. 10€ fuel charge applies for Rush. Free estimates guaranteed.


Protect Your Investment With Specialised Sofa Cleaning Services

An elegant sofa is every homeowner’s pride and joy. That’s why you forked out a fortune to be able to bring home that elegant set from the showroom. Dirt spots and stains are no doubt exasperating. Layers of dust on the surfaces, food crumbs in the crevices, beverage spills that have set into the cushions, and even those strands of pet fur on the surface can irk you. They prevent you from relaxing on the sofa, and create awkward situations when your guests come over. No one likes having a conversation about the state of cleanliness of their furniture with relatives and neighbour who have popped in for a visit. Regular sofa cleaning will enable you to avoid such stations. In commercial establishments, you’ll want to maintain a high standard. Customers will be impressed by clean furniture in your business environment. It shows them the level of attention you pay to every detail in your establishment. The sofa cleaning specialists will enable this to be a reality for your enterprise.


The last thing you want as you host an event in your home is a mouse scurrying across the sofa as soon as you welcome visitors into the house. Pests like rodents and cockroaches are attracted by the organic content in the cushions, such as food crumbs left over. They leave behind organic matter like faecal residue, plus the body fragments from insects. The site of the mice is not the only problem. They come with sharp claws and teeth, and rip holes through the sofa material. Your furniture loses its structural integrity and will soon need to be replaced. The mice also carry pathogens, which can cause a myriad of diseases, such as Salmonella, Lymphocytic Choreomeningitis, and the Hantavirus, adding to the health risk or dirty furniture. Fix this problem at the source, by getting professional sofa cleaning services to eliminate all the organic matter in your furniture.


Reasons To Call In Our Professional Sofa Cleaning Team

1. Quality equipment for quality results

You get a clean and fresh smelling sofa in moments. The dirt spots, stubborn stains and musky odours are eliminated, together with the microbes crawling all over the furniture. The drying time is also reduced to 1 hour, since the bulk of the moisture is extracted from the furniture.


2. Professional fabric and leather cleaning services

We cater to all types of fabric sofas, including linen, cotton, wool, silk, olefin, nylon and even polyester. The fabric sofas are famous for their warmth and cosy feel, but dirt and grime particles easily get trapped in the fibres. Each material has unique treatment methods, and you want the soiling to be removed safely from your set. You don’t want your elegant sofa to get permanently stained. Wrinkling and colour bleeding are common results of rookie and DIY sofa cleaning mistakes. Our fabric sofa cleaning team employs the correct procedure, which protects the structural integrity of the set and enhances its life.


Leather sofas are prone to the same dirt and pollutant problems. The leather is also sensitive, and you want the right product to be used for your set. Moreover, there’s the additional problem of moisture loss. Leather is like skin. It dries up and loses its soft and supple feel with time. When you got it from the store, it had been conditioned, to protect it from the elements and water damage. The dirt wears down this protection, causing it to start cracking. Applying conditioner will nourish and moisturise it. This will require thorough leather sofa cleaning to be carried out, and the pores to be opened up for them to effectively absorb the treatment. Call in our experts handle your leather sofa cleaning needs. They clean different types of material from pigmented, and aniline, to nubuck, and suede furniture.


3. Protecting the green

People around the world are adopting green lifestyles with each passing day. This is as a result of the realisation that the key to a sustainable planet lies with each one of us. As such, our domestic and commercial sofa cleaning processes have also been structured to be safe for the environment. The products and solutions used are tough on the grime and gunk, but pose no risk to Mother Nature, or the persons who will use the sofa.


4. You get expert sofa cleaning services at affordable prices

Times are lean, and you don’t want to clear out your bank account to get your sofa clean. You won’t have to. Our sofa cleaning services are affordable, which is also part of the reason our customers keep coming back for more. The pricing is also tailored to address your specific needs, such as the type of the material of the sofa, and the seater number of the set.


Are you looking for professional sofa cleaning services in Rush? Leather sofa cleaning or fabric sofa cleaning?

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