Sofa Cleaning Stepaside

Sofa Cleaning Stepaside

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Sofa Cleaning Stepaside

Are you looking for sofa cleaning services in Stepaside? Just give us a call and tell us more about your sofa cleaning project. We are happy to quote you for free!

1 seat sofa cleaning 20€

2 seat sofa cleaning 40€

3 seat sofa cleaning 60€

4 seat sofa cleaning 75€


Hire Sofa Cleaning Professionals You Can Count On

The sofa is the most used furniture set in your living room. You entertain guests on it, in case you have kids, they basically spend hours of each day playing and relaxing on it. For those with pets, the cushions of your sofa will be riddled with fur and dander. As you host your date or celebrate your anniversary with your significant other, in may double up as your table or wine bar. When you’re having a party in your place, the sofa will be the core of all activities. In business premises, the sets in the lounge and reception areas, are a resting place for your employees, and clients coming over to seek your services. You may even have one in your office where you host clients and potential investors, or relax on during your coffee breaks. All this activity makes the sofa a candidate for dirt and stains. Spills from drinks, sweat, hair, dead skin cells and other substances directly from the body, plus dust particles blown into the interior space from the outside, end up on the cushions of the furniture, leaving it with dust spots and causing odours to develop. You can get rid of them using expert sofa cleaning services.


Sofa cleaning can literally save your life. There are substances lurking within the cushions that put you in mortal danger. Take fungi for instance. While there are spores that they release that only cause allergic relations, some of the species produce mycotoxins, which damage the liver and nervous system. Common infections from exposure to indoor mould and mildew include bronchopulmonary aspergillosis, to which persons with asthma and immuno deficiency are more susceptible, and pulmonary haemorrhage. There could also be chemicals in the fibres of your furniture, deposited by aerosols used in the building during house cleaning or spray painting jobs, or even brought onto it on clothes and handbags of people coming onto premises. They could have picked them outside from pesticides and other chemicals being used in areas they passed by before reaching your business premises or home. Add to that common allergens like pet dander and dust, plus the faecal residue left behind by dust mites crawling in the sofa in droves, and it may be the last place you want to spend hours relaxing on. There could even be mouse droppings from the rodents as they scurry over looking for a quick snack. These increase the health risks to your family members at home and the persons in your commercial establishment exponentially. You can protect them by calling in our sofa cleaning professionals.


Reasons To Turn To The Sofa Cleaning Experts

1. High powered machinery

Our sofa cleaning tools are designed to deliver superb results. They reach deep into the material, removing that gunk that has accumulated for months, and breaking down those set-in stains. Pet fur and dander, ink blots, ketchup smudges, oil treatments, dyes, all through to the unseen microbes crawling around the sofa in droves are washed off, breathing new life into your sofa set. Even that dried- in sweat and caked on food particles, crumbs hidden in the crevices of the furniture, and also the occasional spider webs formed in the dark corners are removed. The difference in your newly cleaned sofa will be clear to all to see and feel.


2. Catering to different kinds of material

With the different kinds of nuances available for the fabric sofas, it goes without saying that they respond differently to cleaning and treatment programs. The natural cotton, wool and silk are not washed in the same way as rayon, polyester and other synthetic counterparts. That nubuck, suede or aniline leather is highly sensitive to pH fluctuations, so you’ll want only the right products to be used, otherwise the material could get corroded. Our sofa cleaning team has handled them all, and comes with the expertise required to address your unique needs.


3. Free yourself

You want to spend you weekend’s doing the things you love- from relaxing with friends and family, playing with the kids, catching up on a novel or even going for walks- not spending an entire day scrubbing the sofa. You also don’t want your staff in your business to spend their work hours cleaning furniture- and there’s always the risk of mistakes being made. Leave the sofa cleaning task to our professionals. It’s carried out in a timely manner, with even the drying time being slashed down to 1 hour.

Sofa Cleaning Stepaside


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