Sofa Cleaning Terenure

Sofa Cleaning Terenure

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Sofa Cleaning Terenure

Are you looking for professional sofa cleaning services in Terenure? Our company is one of the very few sofa cleaning  companies that only work with natural or eco friendly sofa cleaning shampoos. We will clean your sofa with the power of nature!

1 seat sofa cleaning 20€

2 seat sofa cleaning 40€

3 seat sofa cleaning 60€

4 seat sofa cleaning 75€


Do You Need Sofa Cleaning Services For Your Establishment?

The sofa is the backbone of your living room. Its state is the make or break factor of the ambience in your home. Even in business premises, the look and feel of the sofa in the reception area, employee lounge, or even your own office determines the décor. You want it to be elegant. However, it will build up dirt over time, due to the high number of people who use it. It’s the go-to set for your family at home, whether you’re simply relaxing after a day at work, watching some TV, or entertaining guests. Employees and customers in your workplace head straight to the sofa when they need to relax using those coffee breaks, or as they await your services respectively. They leave behind plenty of gunk on the sofa- from hair particles, dead skin cells, body oils and treatments that get rubbed onto the material, plus those dyes that are on their denim clothes. Persons with pets also have to contend with the pieces of fur left behind, plus mud brought onto the sofa right out of the yard by your furry friend. Getting professional sofa cleaning services will enable you to get things back in order.


How much time do you spend on the sofa? Do you put your face where you’re feet had rested the day before? Do you have a pet that lazes on the sofa arm for hours? There are loads of germs on the furniture. In fact, the average family sofa has more of the microscopic creatures compared to a toilet seat. In addition to the bacteria, there are millions of dust mites feeding on the constant shower of skin flakes. The faecal residue and cast skin they leave behind can cause reactions on the skin. There are also other allergens like dust and pollen that could be hiding in the fibres, which can trigger asthma attacks and worsen conditions such as bronchitis. Taking a nap or resting your head on those cushions now doesn’t look so rosy, does it? You don’t want your sofa to become a health hazard, putting the health of your family members at home and the employees and customers in your workplace at risk. Use professional sofa cleaning services to enhance its hygiene.


What To Expect From Our Sofa Cleaning Team

1. Highly efficient equipment

Our sofa cleaning personnel are fully equipped to deliver quality results. The high powered machinery delivers the cleaning solutions into your sofas fibres, cutting through the grime and breaking down those stubborn stains with ease. From dirt spots to coffee, juice and soda spills, urine stains caused by your pet, all through to those allergens and microbes that are forming colonies in your furniture. The tough sofa cleaning processes employed ensure that your set is both safe and enjoyable to use, enhancing the comfort and the elegance of your establishment.


2. Expertise and professionalism

Do you have a cotton, olefin, linen, polyester or nylon fabric sofa? Perhaps it’s the soft nubuck, suede or even pigmented leather sofa. There is a wide range of material, and each has its specific needs. Some are highly absorbent and will form stains when you use the wrong cleaning solution, others are highly susceptible to pH fluctuations, and you can end up corroding right through the furniture. You want to eliminate the dirt, not damage your investment. With our experienced sofa cleaning team, you can rest assured that it is safe hands. The appropriate treatment processes are employed, eliminating the soiling and enhancing the life of your set.


3. Timely convenient

You want to be able to resume using your sofa as soon as possible. After the cleaning process is complete, high powered suction is employed to remove the bulk of the moisture content, and the remainder will dry in just 1 hour.


4. Green cleaning

The earth doesn’t need us to survive. It’s the other way around. It’s like a vaccination. Your body is fed with a weakened pathogens so that it can learn to fight off the disease, so that when the actual illness comes, you remain healthy. Damaging the environment causes the earth to learn to defend itself. We will destroy ourselves in the process- but the earth will survive and thrive- we just won’t be here to see it. As such, preserving the environment around us today protects the future generations. We all have our role to play, and the sofa cleaning is part of the process. The systems and process that our team use are safe for the environment, enabling you to reduce your ecological footprint.



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