Eco Friendly Products


Eco Friendly Sofa Cleaning Products

Your sofa can be cleaned with standard sofa cleaning products, eco friendly sofa cleaning products or natural sofa cleaning products. Better the quality of the product used, higher the final price for sofa cleaning. Eco friendly and natural sofa cleaning products come at a premium price so you should expect to pay a bit more.

Dublin Sofa Cleaning uses eco friendly sofa cleaning products and natural sofa cleaning products. We will show you on the spot what type of cleaning agent will be used to deep clean your sofa. Our standard quote will included eco friendly sofa cleaning products and you will be offered the option to go for 100% natural products (optional)


Our sofa cleaning products:

Very dirty sofas will require a pre spray to soften up enzymes. We have a wide range of spot removers and enzyme breakers. We know what products work where. Urine neutralisers and odour killers can be used when requires if your sofa has a bad odour or pets have urinated on it.


When you hire Dublin Sofa Cleaning, you are hiring a professional sofa cleaning company with years of experience. We can`t promise you outstanding results without the use of sofa cleaning products (many companies do). Try washing your cloths without washing up detergent and you will be very disappointed with the results.

Not all the sofas are the same and not all the sofas can be cleaned the same way. Let us do our magic and turn your ugly duck in a brand new swan.


Natural Sofa Cleaning Products:

-100% made from natural products

-safe for asthmatics, pets, kids, etc

-will clean fast and leave no residue

-suitable to use on most types of sofa

-very safe for the environment


Sofa Cleaning Price (eco friendly products)

1 seat sofa 23€     2 seat sofa 60€     3 seat sofa 90€   L  shape sofa 120€


Sofa Cleaning Price (natural products)

1 seat sofa 30€    2 seat sofa 60€     3 seat sofa 90€     L shape sofa 120€


***minimum order 50€ per job***