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Professional Fabric Sofa Cleaning For You

Fabric sofas are popular because of their diversity and ability to blend with virtually any décor. The sheer number of patterns and styles available means you can find any to suit your taste and spruce up your interior ambience. You’ll find them in both residential and commercial establishments, and they come in different colour schemes, from subtle pastel floral to bright geometric patterns. There are all kinds of textures, from linen and wool to corduroy, velvet, and even chenille. If you want to maintain the beauty and feel of your sofa set, it will need regular fabric sofa cleaning.


Furniture is affected by everything from bread crumbs and wine spills, to acidic sweat, shed skin and hair and dyes from clothes. Fabric sofa cleaning is necessary to keep your investment looking good for long. You should be able to enjoy and get the most out of your investment. After all, you spent loads of funds getting a fabric sofa that blends well with your interior décor. You don’t want it to remain with stains, or get worn down by soiling. The sofa is one of the most used pieces of furniture in the home, and it handles lots of traffic in commercial establishments where it is placed- like show rooms, galleries, reception areas, and even hotels and restaurants. This exposes it to dirt and grime from all kinds of sources, which necessitates regular fabric sofa cleaning.


Factors Affecting Your Fabric Sofa

Dirt and dust eventually builds up. The dust and pollen in the air settle on the sofa. Dirt particles like soiling and cigarette smoke particle get embedded into the fibres of the fabric, and will require thorough fabric sofa cleaning process to effectively remove them. Then there’s the skin flakes that drop off people and pets using the sofa, plus the insects and bugs crawling around the premises, coming out at night to feast on the bread crumbs dropped in the sofa’s crevices. They leave behind faecal material and body fragments, which are held by the fabric’s fibres. The accumulation of dirt in the fabric wears down the fibres and drastically shortens its life. Fabric sofa cleaning gets rid of it, freshening up the furniture.


Fabric sofas made of artificial rayon or natural fibres such as linen cotton, or wool are hydrophilic. They draw and absorb water. This means that they have high affinity for anything containing moisture- including sweat. They are also oleophilic. This basically means that they are magnets for oil and grease, such as the fatty acids in the sweat. Hence, they get soiled up faster. Even synthetic fibres like polyamide and polyester are oleophilic. Fabric sofa cleaning will remove the grease stains that form, restoring the sofa to its clean, fresh look and feel.


Your sofa is crawling with microbes and pathogens. The organic material constantly getting onto the fabric provides nourishment- from skin cells, hair, and the food crumbs that fall off when you’re snacking while watching your favourite TV show. The microbes form vast colonies that put the health of persons using the furniture at risk. This necessitates regular fabric sofa cleaning.


Your clothes can also stain the sofa. This is especially in cases involving new clothes, particularly denim, and other materials with excess dye. It gets transferred to the furniture, and you will need professional fabric sofa cleaning to get the stains off.


If you have pets around, then you’ll need frequent fabric sofa cleaning. This is due to the build-up of pet fur and dander in the fabric’s fibres. Sometimes there can be fleas brought in from the outside, and there’s the occasional mud tracked onto the sofa by the pet. Then there are those pesky times when your furry friend decides to urinate on the fabric. First, it can damage the fibre itself, causing set-in stains. Secondly, there’s the pungent stench that develops, and permeates through the entire house. It makes the place unbearable. Fortunately, fabric sofa cleaning can fix the situation.


Fabric sofa cleaning also enhances your sofa’s resistance to sunlight. The radiation weakens the dyes and fibres in the fabric. By strengthening the fibres, the fabric sofa cleaning makes your piece able to withstand more light, thus protecting it from unnecessary degradation.


Benefits Of Professional Fabric Sofa Cleaning

1. Protects your fabric sofa

Dirt and soiling wear down the sofa, to the point where it can rip or tear. You’ve invested lots of funds getting your favourite sofa, and the last thing you want it to have to repair or replace it due to gritty gunk that got into the fibres. Your sofa is one of those items that sticks with you for a long part of your life, as you move from apartment to apartment, and as you change from one lifestyle to the next. You’ll want it to constantly maintain its texture and appeal. Fabric sofa cleaning protects your investment, allowing you to enjoy your sofa for longer.


2. Eliminate tough stains

Fabric sofa cleaning professionals are experienced when it comes to removing tough stains from each type of sofa material. They will get rid of everything from the common coffee and ketchup stains, to the difficult wine and pet urine stains. When sticky foods and drinks have been spilled, they attract more soiling, making the spots more obvious with each passing day. Spaghetti sauce and tea soaking into the fabric can be an eye sore. Professional fabric sofa cleaning gives you exceptional results, without the hassle and risk.


3. Bring a warm and cosy feel to your interior space

You don’t want your guests getting appalled by the dirt, crumbs and pet hair strewn all over the sofa. With the amount of usage that a sofa sees, it picks up grime that changes its look and feel. It’s where you enjoy your late night snacks, and where you go to after a busy day at the office. You entertain guests on your sofa, and sit back to relax over the weekend. The sofa is also where your drunken buddies crash after downing too many drinks at the bar. Each time you eat on the sofa, you leave behind a few crumbs, which end up drawing bugs like ants and cockroaches. The organic material decays, creating a mucky smell. You also want to keep your sofa free of cigarette and pet odours. The more dirt it accumulates, the more filthy and unsanitary it looks. You won’t want to cuddle with your dashing date on a stale smelling sofa. You want to make a good impression in order to get another date. Since it’s the focal point of the room, it affects the entire décor. Regular fabric sofa cleaning will restore an inviting and relaxing ambience to the room.


4. Safe fabric sofa cleaning

Fabric is delicate. The wrong cleaning solutions can cause permanent damage. You don’t want to ruin your investment as you attempt to clean it. Avoid the risk. That’s one of the major reasons why homeowners and business owners alike seek the services of a professional fabric sofa cleaning company. The experts use cleaning solutions that are tough on the dirt but gentle on the fabric. It also enables you to maintain the warranty of the sofa, since most manufacturers require you to get it clean using certified fabric sofa cleaning services.


5. Enhances the hygiene of the sofa

Your favourite sofa can make you sick. In fact, the sofa arms alone can have over a dozen times more bacteria than the typical toilet seat. Since you spend your evenings and weekends relaxing in on it watching the TV, or cuddling with your significant other, there is a high risk of contracting pathogens. Your kids and pets spend hours playing and resting on the sofa, which exposes them to a more hazardous situation. You don’t want clients sitting on the fabric sofa in the reception area, patiently waiting to be served, but end up picking up microbes that get them sick. You don’t want people using the lobby on your business premises suddenly starting to cough. The health standards are a reflection of the service delivery of your business, and you’ll want to give a positive impression. Professional fabric sofa cleaning will eliminate the microbes forming an infestation in your furniture, thus creating a healthier environment, and enhancing the safety of the people in the establishment.


6. Keeps your clothes clean

You don’t want guests to your home getting up from your sofa only to find pet hair clinging to their clothes. It’s humiliating for your friends to questions whether your sofa is safe to sit down on. Customers on your business premises won’t appreciate picking up grease and dirt from the sofa at the reception area or lounge. It could damage your business reputation. Sitting on a dirty sofa, especially with light-coloured clothes, puts you at risk of picking up soiling. Regular fabric sofa cleaning will prevent this from happening, and save you from the awkward situations.


7. Bring back the comfort of your sofa

Whether you simply want to catch up with the day’s events on the news, watch a new movie, or curl up with a novel, fabric sofa cleaning will ensure that you do it comfortably. It will have got rid of the pesky odours and replaced them with a cool and revitalizing scent. The dust mites that cause itching will have been vanquished, and the dirt and grit eliminated. There’s also the mental peace and tranquillity brought about by having pleasant looking furniture. Fabric sofa cleaning enables you to invite guests over without feeling awkward about the state of the furniture, and host clients and investors in your business enterprise with confidence.


8. Increases the value of the sofa

Are you looking to auction a fabric sofa set? Perhaps you’re simply looking to sell it before moving out, or into, a new premises. You may want to change your décor, and want to replace the sofa. Getting fabric sofa cleaning professionals to give it a deep and thorough wash will increase its appeal and you can sell it for a higher price.


9. Quick results

DIY fabric sofa cleaning takes a lot of time and effort. In addition, you may spend hours working on your furniture, only to be left with unsatisfactory results. You may even over-wet the fabric, which increases the risk of water damage, plus mould and mildew growth. If you use the wrong solution, you’ll end up ruining your favourite sofa. Avoid all the risk and hassle. Fabric sofa cleaning professionals come with years of experience in the industry, and have the skills and equipment to handle all cleaning tasks. They are well trained, and know the most efficient way to clean each type of fabric sofa. They come with the tools necessary to remove the deeply ingrained dirt, to give our sofa a new look. The quick cleaning and dry time enables you to resume using your sofa quickly, and minimises the interruption time in both residential and commercial establishments.


Tips To Maintain Your Clean Fabric Sofa

· Hire fabric sofa cleaning services regularly. The average home will require it done 2 – 4 times in a year. In case you have pets, you’ll need more frequent fabric sofa cleaning. In commercial premises where there is high human traffic hence greater rate of soiling, the sofa should be cleaned a couple of times in a month.

· Protect your sofa from radiation. Plenty of fabric sofas have been ruined by unnecessarily being exposed to sunlight. Position it away from direct sunlight or sharp reflexes. It’s also recommended that you use shades or blinds. In case you’re going away for a while, or won’t be using the sofa for some given reason, cover it to protect it.

· Handle spills as soon as they happen. Fabric sofa cleaning is easier on new spots than old ones. Blot, don’t wipe, to avoid spreading the stain to the surrounding region of the sofa.

· Avoid sitting on your sofa with clothing that has sharp features like rivets, extremely rough seams, or even belts with metal fittings, This is to prevent them from increasing wear, such as by pulling out the threads. Also avoid keeping sharp objects in your pockets while resting on the sofa.

· Vacuum the sofa regularly, in between professional fabric sofa cleanings. This will aid in inhibiting the build-up of dust and loose debris, thus preventing degradation of the fabric.

· Trim the claws of your furry friend, to prevent scratches and tears in your favourite fabric sofa


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