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Get Your Leather Sofa Cleaned By The Experts

Leather exudes elegance. It’s loved for the sophistication it brings into any room. It’s durable. It brings a natural feel into your home or office. It’ll stand out in your lounge or reception area. The leather sofa quickly becomes the focal point of any room it is placed in. It’s used everywhere from residential areas, to the lobbies and suites of high-end hotels and restaurants. The leather sofa makes a statement of luxury and grandeur. It’s rich and buttery texture simply can’t be replicated by other fabrics. It even develops an attractive sheen as the years go by. That makes it quite pricy too. You want to protect your investment. Leather sofas need tender love and care throughout their life to ensure that they’ll always look their best. That’s where the leather sofa cleaning services come in.


You want to be able to relax on your sofa at home after a long day at work. You can’t do that if it’s full of crumbs, dirt or even odours. You should be able to lounge comfortably on the sofa over the weekend, or during your date-night. You don’t want to invite guests over when your furniture is all dingy and musky. Customers to your business will walk away if they are forced to wait for services in a reception with dirty sofas. It affects the image of our business, and portrays how your level of service delivery is. That’s why leather sofa cleaning is vital. However, you can’t just go about cleaning with any product from the shelf. Harsh cleaners will destroy your leather sofa. Bleach and ammonia based cleaners will ruin your investment. Leather is just like your skin. It’s affected by pH variations. Hiring a professional leather sofa cleaning company will guarantee you safe cleaning and superior results.


What’s Attacking Your Leather Sofa?

First, there’s the common soiling. This includes the dust and pollen particles that’s floating around in the air, and ends up coating your sofa. Then there’s the dirt that’s brought onto it as kids play, or mud under your pet’s paws, pet hair and dander, shed skin from people using the sofa, to food particles from the meals you munch away at as you watch the late-night news. Perhaps you were binge watching an entire season of your favourite TV show while you were snacking on the sofa, and ended up covering it in food crumbs. This has the additional problem of being a magnet to pests like cockroaches and rodents. They’ll come over under the cover of dark to fill their bellies, and end up leaving droppings and urine stains all over your precious sofa. Speaking of urine stains- in case you have a pet, you may occasionally encounter these spots on the sofa. Not only are they unsightly, but they reek up the entire interior space in an awful stench. Get rid of them by calling in the professional leather sofa cleaning personnel.


There’s also oils and grease that end up on the leather sofa. These mainly entails body oils from people and pets using the furniture. As you comfortably settle in, or run your hands and skin up the leather to get that soft feeling, the oils get transferred to the material, and seep in. Then there’s the airborne cooking oils plus other invisible air pollutants that are a result of home activities. Over time, they build up on the sofa and damage the protective finish. Evidence of wear on leather is highly noticeable. You can avoid all this by seeking leather sofa cleaning services.


Spills happen all the time. Foods, drinks, and ink- occasionally someone makes an accident, and it gets to the leather. The leather then gets stained or discoloured. Despite your best efforts at being careful, spills will eventually happen, making it necessary to have the phone number of your leather sofa cleaning company on speed dial. The occasional coffee spill as you react to shocking revelations on prime time news, soda spills as you and your buddies were enjoying the league game, leaky pens and newspaper ink all stain the sofa, while dyes from denim fabrics easily get transferred to the leather. When you’re hosting an event in your home, having a celebration in your office, or if your club, restaurant, or diner has leather sofas, spills tend to be more common.


Mould and mildew are also an issue that you occasionally have to contend with. They are caused by excess moisture and humidity. First, they cause unsightly stains. Secondly, they ruin the very structure of the leather. The spores they release also float around in the air and can be inhaled by anyone, which poses a health risk. When the spores land on the other surfaces around the home or office the mould and mildew infestation will spread like wildfire. Professional leather sofa cleaning prevents this from happening, and restores the sofa to its original elegance.


Dirt and grime are not the only issues facing your grand leather sofa. It loses its natural oil with time. Leather reacts the same way as your skin- it’s affected by drastic changes in temperature. For instance, exposure to direct sunlight, and heat sources like furnaces will make it to crack, fade or even peel (the same thing that happens to you when you have dry skin). You don’t want your smooth and pliable leather sofa becoming all brittle. Specialist preservatives and conditioners are needed to maintain it.


Benefits Of Professional Leather Sofa Cleaning

1. Thorough cleaning

The leather sofa cleaning experts get the dirt and grime off your furniture. When they come over, they’ll assess the furniture and determine its condition, and the most appropriate procedure to follow. The personnel remove the dirt and grease, restoring the rich colour and elegant feel. They reach between the cushions and clean down the entire sofa set. You get to have your dingy, dull and grimy sofa looking shiny and new again. The leather sofa cleaning professionals handle all kinds of leather, from pigmented and aniline to nubuck and suede. They come equipped with a diverse range of treatments that cater to the numerous types of tanneries. The processes also get rid of the odour, and leave it smelling clean and fresh.


2. Stain removal

Whether it’s an accidental coffee spill early in the morning before you headed off to work, fruit and chocolate smudges by your kids, or your client on your business premises knocked over a beverage, the leather sofa cleaning team has got you covered. They come with different remedies for the various stains that can form on the material, and even fix up the notoriously vulnerable white and beige leather sofas. They’ll get rid of the blemishes, ink stains, dark coloured spots and grease stains from your sofa and restore its grand look and appeal.


3. Keeps your leather supple

You want to maintain the look, feel and durability of the sofa. You don’t want sticky or clammy furniture. The leather sofa cleaning experts moisturise the material. They open up the pores of the sofa for the moisturiser to be fully absorbed. This also increases the water resistance ability of the leather, reducing the risk of future water damage. The treatments are safe for use around children and pets. The leather sofa cleaning products used provide long time rejuvenation, to keep the sofa looking and feeling great.


4. Preserve your style

You want the colour of your leather sofa to last. After all, you selected it to strategically match the décor of the room or other furniture in the establishment. The colour and shade of the sofa is affected by factors such as sunlight and coming into contact with body oils, which causes it to get fade or get bleached. Regular leather sofa cleaning will remove the oils that damage the pigmentation of your furniture, and the personnel can also use products that will revitalize the pigment.


5. Prevents mould and mildew growth

The leather sofa cleaning personnel use just the right amount of cleaning solution, to prevent over-wetting, and ensure a fast dry time. This prevents that fungal growths, and also enables you to resume using the sofa as soon as possible.


6. Protects your investment

You don’t want your sofa to end up looking scuffed, forlorn and worn out. Dirt and gunk is gritty. It wears down the leather. Each time you sit on the sofa, or your kids and pets hop around on it, it becomes more abrasive. Professional leather sofa cleaning gets rid of even the deeply ingrained soiling, thus protecting the leather, enabling you to enjoy it for longer.


7. Takes the pressure off

Leather sofa cleaning is a delicate procedure. First, there’s a long list of products that shouldn’t come near the material, from all-purpose cleaners to bleach based products. Ammonia will leave quite a stain. Some solutions will discolour the leather, others will outrightly corrode the material. Using the wrong drying processes like hair dryers will cause it to crack. If you scrub stains you can cause the leather to wrinkle and sag. Then there’s the additional risk of over-wetting the leather. Avoid the hassle. Let the leather sofa cleaning experts handle it for you. You’ll be guaranteed professional results in the shortest time possible.


8. Boosts is resale value

You may want to sell your sofa later on in life. Getting regular leather sofa cleaning will maintain it in an optimal condition, enabling it to fetch higher prices due to its quality.


9. Enhances your comfort

You don’t want a wrinkled or brittle sofa. No one likes sitting on a cracked or sagging leather sofa. You want to sit back and enjoy the supple, warm and relaxing leather texture that it’s famous for. Regular leather sofa cleaning makes it possible. It keeps the leather flexible, enabling it to stretch and retain its shape without sagging. The leather sofa cleaning also keeps it “breathing”. A clean leather sofa easily adjusts to the body temperature. This enables the sofa to quickly gain or dissipate heat depending on the surrounding temperature. This means that the sofa will quickly get cosy to sit on in all weather conditions, whether it’s a hot summer afternoon, or it’s in the heart of the chilly winter. The sofa will also be protected from fraying and it will develop character over time. Thus, the professional leather sofa cleaning makes you get the most out of your investment.


Tips To Maintain Your Clean Leather Sofa

· Get regular leather sofa cleaning services to keep your investment in excellent condition. It’s usually recommended that you have the sofa cleaned every 3 months, or at least 2 times in a year. This is for typical homes. Leather sofas in high traffic establishments like offices, lounges, reception areas, etc., will require more frequent leather sofa cleaning services.

· Clean up any spills as soon as they occur, including water spills. Do not give the fluid time to penetrate into the dye. Do not wipe. Blot it out. Wiping spreads the fluid to the surrounding area.

· In between professional leather sofa cleanings, vacuum it regularly. Pay particular attention to the crevices. This is to remove the crumbs, pet hair and food debris before they build up and wear down the material.

· Avoid exposing your leather sofa to direct sunlight. This is to protect it from aging and drying quickly. You don’t want it do discolour and crack.

· Keep your leather sofa away from heat sources. A distance of at least two feet should suffice. This includes radiators, fireplaces, heating vents and air conditioning sources.

· After the leather sofa cleaning, let it air dry. Don’t try to speed up the drying process using a blow dryer or any other heating source. It will affect the chemical structure of the leather, causing to crack, peel, stretch or lose its original space.

· Avoid using sharp objects on the sofa.

· Regulate the humidity levels in the interior space, by increasing ventilation (opening windows, running the air conditioning system) or consider investing in a dehumidifier. This is to prevent mould and mildew growth.

· Avoid using plastic covers on your leather sofas. Yes, they may help to prevent spills on your new sofa, but they’ll also increase the chances of the growth of mildew. This is because plastic covers prevent adequate ventilation from happening.

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