Sofa Cleaning Dublin

Sofa Cleaning Dublin

Once in a while, your leather sofa or fabric sofa will need a deep clean. A quick wipe will not do the trick. Professional cleaning equipment will be required to remove all the food stains, drink spillages, general dirt etc. Every sofa will gather dirt and stains over time. We spend a lot of time on our sofas, sitting, sleeping sometimes even eating and drinking! It is a place of comfort where we spend quality time chilling out with our families so keeping your sofa clean and germ free should be a number one priority. Most people actually cannot believe how clean and fresh their sofas look after one professional clean. Some dirt embeds itself into the fibres so you do not even realise how dirty your sofa is until you clean it.

Sofa Cleaning Dublin – Prices

You do not have to spend a fortune to have your sofa professionally cleaned but like with anything else, you get what you pay for. Our company is pretty affordable and our sofa cleaning services are outstanding. Here is a price list for your attention:

1 seat sofa (armchair) 20€

2 seat sofa   40€

3 seat sofa   60€

L shape sofa 75€

Chairs 5€

Our minimum order is 50€ per job. For commercial sofa cleaning jobs we can provide item discount. Order 5+ items and get 20% discount.

Hiring Dublin Sofa Cleaning to deep clean your leather or fabric sofa will prove to be a great investment. We understand how sofa cleaning works and we are trained to use the most efficient sofa cleaning shampoos and detergents available. We can remove most types of stains and special stain protectors can be applied for an extra charge.

Sofa Cleaning Dublin – Eco Friendly Products

We guarantee that only the best and most efficient sofa cleaning shampoos will be used to clean your sofa. All our leather cleaners and conditioners are neutral, non acidic and low Ph. Most of our leather sofa cleaning jobs will be cleaned with Craftex Leather Cleaner & Conditioner. This product will break down organic stains and it will help protect and enhance the look of your leather sofa. After one quick wipe, the leather will feel softer and will look shinier.

Your fabric sofa will be cleaned with Craftex Premium Clean. This product is gentle on your sofa but very tough on dirt. Most types of sofas are suitable for wet washing. IKEA sofas and few other types of velvet or silk sofas that cannot be “wet” washed, can be cleaned with Craftex Fabric Dry Cleaner, a product that will dry clean your sofa.

We have special sofa cleaning products for wool sofas, velvet, silk, antique sofas, etc. Regardless of the type of sofa you might have, we have the right cleaning product to restore clean and refresh it.

One of the most popular sofa cleaning products is Craftex Ecotex. This sofa cleaning shampoo is made 100% from natural ingredients. It will deep clean your sofa like any other sofa cleaning shampoo but it costs a bit more. Ask us about our natural products.

Leather Sofa Cleaning – How we do it

A leather sofa should last a lifetime. There is not a lot of maintenance required, but once in a while, the leather needs to be degreased and a wax needs to be applied to soften up the leather. We will pre spray your sofa with our magic leather cleaner & conditioner and we will lightly scrub the leather surface to ensure full removal of all types of food waste, spillages, body fats, etc. After another quick clean with a neutral leather cleaner, we will apply a conditioner. The conditioner is mix of natural oils designed to hydrate the leather. One quick buff with a microfiber pad and your sofa will look like new. Damaged leather surfaces cannot be restored by cleaning it. We can only remove dirt.

Fabric Sofa Cleaning – How we do it

First, we need to assess your sofa and find out what type of sofa is, what type of fabric and what is the best way of cleaning it. If the sofa is badly stained and very dirty, we will use a pre spray, to soften up the dirt. Craftex Powdered Enzyme is the best food stain remover. About 5 minutes later we will start cleaning your sofa. High pressure steam and brushes will be used to wash your sofa. The system works more or less like a domestic clothes washer. Heat, shampoo and brushes are the only ingredients needed to restore the original look of your sofa. Two powerful extraction motors will extract up to 98% of the moisture instantly so you will be able to use your sofa within 1 hour.

Most people love their sofas and spend a lot of time on their sofas. Many people have pets that also relax on the sofa or they have small kids who will most likely spill drinks and food. A sofa can only take so much before it starts looking patchy and filthy. Just because your sofa looks dirty, it doesn’t mean that the sofa is badly damaged or un-cleanable. Good cleaning products and professional sofa cleaning equipment can do wonders. All sofa manufacturers will recommend regular sofa cleaning but how regularly it has to be done depends on usage. If you have a few kids and pets, you will need to deep clean your sofa at least once per year if not more. Food particles and pet hair can create the perfect environment for bacteria to thrive. Sofa cleaning is not that expensive so don’t make your haven a haven for dirt and bacteria, hire us to professionally clean your sofa.

If you are a pub owner or a restaurant manager, you know how fast a sofa can start looking 100 years old. Give us a call and let us offer you a package deal for the whole place. Clean your sofa more often and save. How? We won`t charge as much if the sofa is in a good shape.

There are sofa cleaning companies out there charging mad prices for average jobs. We are a different type of sofa cleaning company. We believe in fair prices and excellent quality service. We deal with a wide range of regular sofa cleaning customers who cannot recommend us enough. Most of our business comes from referrals or repeat customers. So if you need a professional sofa cleaning service, we are here, fully insured, professional and ready to impress you. We can guarantee you that you will call us again.



Sofa Cleaning Dublin – Protector

There is no way that your sofa will stay clean forever but there are ways of making sure that your sofa doesn’t get dirty as fast. We can apply Craftex Fabric Protector to your sofa and extend the period between cleans by over 50%. A fabric protector is not a magic treatment that will last forever but in case of a spillage, your sofa will not stain as fast. If a drink is spilled on your sofa, you have a few minutes to clean it before the stain will remain on the sofa. If the sofa is not treated with a fabric protector, it will stain instantly. There are many brands of fabric protectors available but we love the efficiency and effectiveness of all the products from Craftex brand. If you need us to apply a fabric protector on your sofa, please let us know at the time of booking. It costs a bit more but it is well worth it. Some spillages are un-removable so if you have a very expensive sofa, a treatment should be considered.

Book our services online or over the phone. Call us in good time to avoid disappointment. We are pretty flexible and very reliable.

Sofa Cleaning Dublin – Your sofa deserves us!