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Sofa cleaning? We’ve you covered! We are Dublin’s most trusted upholstery cleaning experts with unmatched expertise in eliminating odours & dust mites, reducing harmful allergens and improving air quality. 

✔️ We use cutting-edge sofa and upholstery cleaning equipment 

✔️ Expertise in cleaning everything from sofas to mattresses 

✔️ Longer lifespan of your furniture and upholstery

✔️ 100% safe and environment-friendly cleaning methods 

✔️ Performed by fully insured and certified upholstery cleaners 

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Why Regular Upholstery and Sofa Cleaning is Important? 

Did you know that your upholstered furniture could be the breeding ground of thousands of bacteria, allergens and germs? Be honest – you regularly tidy up your home but how often do you clean your sofas, carpets and mattresses? Never, in most cases. 

As such, dirt and grime accumulate on your upholstery – causing numerous health concerns. Not to mention how unpleasing those accidental spills on your sofa or carpet look!! Call us today for professional and deep sofa cleaning in Dublin, ensuring you complete peace of mind.     

Here’s why you should get your sofa and upholstery cleaned regularly by a professional like us: 

  • Prevent health hazards like respiratory problems or allergies triggered by dust, pollen and mites that dwell in your upholstery. 
  • Efficient spills, stains and grime removal can help restore the beauty of your upholstery. 
  • Eliminate bad odour and keep your home feeling fresh with our deep cleaning and deodorising services. 
  • We follow the right cleaning practices for different types of upholstery, ensuring increased fabric durability. 
  • Improved indoor air quality that is safe for everyone at your home.

How Do We Clean Your Sofas and Mattresses?

Are you looking for a reliable and pocket-friendly option to clean your sofas, mattresses, and carpets? We provide exceptional upholstery cleaning services in Dublin that suit your needs and budget too. Having years of industry experience, we take a comprehensive approach to cleaning your upholstery with attention to detail. 

  • Pre-treatment: We use high-quality pre-sprays to loosen dirt, grease, and mildew from the upholstery before shampooing and preparing it for a thorough steam cleaning. 
  • Stain and spot removal: Imagine you are enjoying a cup of coffee and you accidentally spill it on your sofa. Do not stress! We use cleaning products and techniques that are tough on stains but mild on the fabric. No matter how old and stubborn the stain is, we will leave no stone unturned to remove it. 
  • Steam cleaning: In most cases of sofa cleaning, we use shampooing and steam cleaning methods to efficiently clean your upholstery. We also use a high-pressure hot-water extraction method to pull out tough stains and dirt from the fabric. However, some fabrics may require a thorough dry cleaning. 
  • Deodorising: To instantly disinfect and deodorise your sofa, we use special products that will keep your upholstery smelling fresh for a long period. 

Why Our Sofa Cleaning Services are the Best in Dublin?

We are the #1 choice for sofa cleaning in Dublin and here’s why: 

  • Trusted cleaners who do what they are best at. 
  • We will bring all the cleaning supplies and equipment. 
  • Non-abrasive, safe and eco-friendly cleaning products 
  • Time-efficient upholstery cleaning at competitive rates. 
  • Flexible scheduling at any time and day convenient for you. 
  • 100% satisfaction is guaranteed every time. 

Ready to make your sofa and upholstery spotless, and looking like new? Call today at 1800-848-700 to schedule an appointment.