6 Reasons Why You Should Turn To The Professionals To Clean Your Office Furniture

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6 Reasons Why You Should Turn To The Professionals To Clean Your Office Furniture

6 Reasons Why You Should Turn To The Professionals To Clean Your Office Furniture

The sofas in the reception areas and offices of your business are part of the decor, and give your customers an image about your brand. Even the seats in the employee lounge need proper care, given that they will directly impact the morale of your staff. As you crunch those numbers and focus on growing your revenue, the sofa cleaning tends to be put on a back-burner, until you start hearing complaints from the staff and customers about the deteriorating state of the furniture. The sofa cleaning should be part and parcel of the routine building maintenance program, and neglecting it can negatively affect your operations. Here is why outsourcing the task to the commercial sofa cleaning professionals is important:


  • Sofas are expensive


The furniture sets are pricy. In fact, the sofa may even be the most expensive thing in the room that it is placed in – especially for the luxurious units like the leather and natural fabric sofas. This is mainly because of their comfort, and luxurious look and feel. No doubt you also took your time selecting the ideal sofas that will work for your office space, which bit off a huge chunk from your budget. As such, it needs to be protected from the dirt and grime that will deteriorate it, in order for the furniture to provide more service.


  • Safe cleaning processes


You can’t just mix any detergent with water, slosh it onto the sofa, and start scrubbing away. There are different types of upholsteries, from the natural and synthetic fabrics, to leather which comes in forms like aniline, semi aniline, and corrected grain varieties. Each of these have their own cleaning requirements, and the wrong product can damage your unit. For instance, there will be chemicals that will cause the stains on the sofa to become more permanent, and other acidic agents will corrode the fibres of the material, reducing its structural integrity. The process used to remove a coffee stain on polyester or nylon sofas will be different from those needed when dealing with the same type of coffee stain on silk upholsteries, which are more delicate. Water, taken to be a universal cleaning agent, will do more harm than good when it comes to working on the aniline leather sofas. As such you want to deal with a team that has the training and experience needed to determine the appropriate cleaning method for your particular time type of sofa, so that the dirt and grime can be got rid of without damaging your unit. 


  • Timely efficient


Turning to the professionals is far more effective than taking away your staff from their decks and telling them to work on the sofa. Firstly, since the latter have not been specially trained on sofa cleaning processes there will be plenty of risk posed to the furniture sets. Secondly, it distracts them from their duties and attending to your customers, which ends up disrupting operations and creating a bottleneck. Without there suitable skills and machinery, the task ends up taking far much longer, slowing things down your business premises. This is not how you want things to go. Leave the task to the personnel who come with industrial-grade machinery to carry out the sofa cleaning, and with a qualified team that will provide the desired results in a fraction of the time that the office staff would have taken. 



While the solutions used for the cleaning process are absorbed by the fabrics and padding of the sofa, you won’t have to worry about it taking too long to dry? This is because, after the rinsing has been carried out, special dryers are used to extract the bulk of the moisture from the furniture. This leaves it just a tad damp to the touch – and the residue moisture will have evaporated within a few hours. In fact, the sofas can be ready to use in as little as 3 hours, reducing the disruption to your office building and allowing normalcy to resume much sooner. In addition to being convenient, it also prevents issues like mould and mildew growth. 


  • Avoid costly repairs 


With how expensive they undoubtedly were when purchasing them in the first place, certainly you want to ensure that your furniture sets get to last for the long haul. Cutting down costs in the short term by skipping the sofa cleaning process ends up costing you more in the long run, due to the extensive damage that will be meted out onto the furniture, where more funds will be required to rectify the damage, or purchase new sofas. These are not expenses that you want eating into your profit margins. With routine sofa cleaning services, on the other hand, the grime that is one of the core causes of dilapidation of the furniture is got rid of, allowing your unit to last for longer, saving your business the expenses that would have been otherwise incurred with repairs and replacements. 



The industrial-grade furniture cleaning equipment that professionals use comes with a hefty price tag. The power and capacity delivered for the job makes it worth it, since it drastically cuts down the amount of time taken for each sofa cleaning session, while ensuring that a deep cleaning has been carried out. Given that the cleaning companies actually use it on a daily basis, it’s a feasible investment, for the satisfaction of their clients. However, when running a business that is in a totally unrelated niche, be it retail, hospitality, industries, or even for those win government institutions, getting the cleaning gear ends up being an unfeasible purchase. What’s more, it requires more space, and its dedicated maintenance routine – all of which are funded from the balance sheet of the company or institution in question. What’s more different types of furniture may require their own cleaning equipment, and renting these missing pieces will set you back further financially. This eats into your profits, yet the experienced sofa cleaning companies have all the required equipment for the task – and all that is needed is to hire them, and they will handle everything else. 

6 Reasons Why You Should Turn To The Professionals To Clean Your Office Furniture

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