An Overview Of Sofa Cleaning Operations

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An Overview Of Sofa Cleaning Operations

An Overview Of Sofa Cleaning Operations

How do professional sofa cleaners work? It’s always recommended that you call in the pros to give your furniture a deep clean, especially with all the risks involved with DIY tasks. This gives you the opportunity of ensuring that the task is done with the right products and processes, in a shorter time than it would have taken with you taking on the task yourself, and you also get quality results at the end of it. In this article, we will look through a general breakdown of the processes that are involved from the moment you make the inquiry, to the end of the cleaning processes. 


  • Collecting information


Every sofa cleaning situation is unique. From residential to commercial establishments where there are varying levels of traffic, the different kinds of upholstery material and the stains that are to be dealt with, the number of sofas that you want to be worked on, the locations and timing that is involved – all this needs to be looked into. When you call up the professional sofa cleaners, a team will be tasked with handling your particular situation. Here, one of the team members will come to your premises to collect the information needed about the sofas that are to be cleaned. This also includes factors like the condition of the sofa, and any particular problems that you want to be addressed. 

The information collected also includes an on-spot survey. Here, aspects about the intensity of the dirt on the sofas, the last time that it was worked on, the particular fabrics of the sofa, all through to the type of stains involved are addressed. This is in order for the cleaning crew to determine the right procedures and equipment that will be needed for the situation. For instance, a routinely cleaned sofa will have less grime than one that has not been worked on for months. Coffee and tea stains have different modes of removing them compared to red wine stains. Some like urine stains are particularly problematic, and have their specialised formulations. All this has to be in line with the particular sofa upholstery, since the natural and synthetic fabrics, all through to the leather units have their cleaning requirements.


  • The cleaning day


The whole team comes over, with cleaning supplies and truck-mounted systems to deliver the power needed for the task. The cleaning itself is broken down into three distinct stages:


  • Pre-cleaning


Here, powerful vacuums are used to remove the debris that is in the upholstery. Lint rollers can also come in, especially for cases where there is pet hair or lint on the upholstery. Pre-spot treatments are also used. These are chemical agents that are applied on the stains and heavy dirt build-ups to begin the process of chemically breaking down the grime. 



The heavy gear then comes in, to scrub and flush out the from the sofa. Different processes can be used, based on the particular situation, from hot water extraction to shampooing and dry cleaning. The effectiveness of the process will be determined by the cleaning action provided by the detergents used, plus the power of the equipment itself. A thorough rinsing follows, to ensure that there isn’t any chemical residue that remaining in the upholstery.


  • Drying


The goal is not to get the sofa completely dry – since there is bound to be some residue moisture remaining. Here, high powered wet vacuum extract the bulk of the moisture from the sofa, and it’s left just slightly damp to the touch. This cuts down the drying time from days to mere hours. In fact, the sofa and dry in as little as 3 hours. This is important in reducing the inconvenience to the persons on the premises, and also preventing mould and mildew from growing. 


  • Aftercare


The final touch-ups are carried out, manually assessing each section of the sofa to ensure that each area has been attended to. 

For units like leather sofas, additional conditioning is recommended. Here, moisturising agents are used to restore the oils that had been lost from the material over the course of the sofa’s life. 

Hire Professionals To Work On Your Sofa

Sofa cleaning is a competitive industry, with lots of service providers. Just how will you ensure that you’re engaging with a qualified company? Here are some options that you should take note of:

  • First, the company should be duly licenced and insured. This ensures that you’re dealing with a legally recognised business, and that you’re protected from liabilities in case of any accidents while the cleaning services are being provided. The last thing you want is to deal with a fly-by-night firm whose offices you aren’t able to track down after they come to your home and mess things up. 
  • Next is the track record. How long has the company been in business, and how are its reviews and ratings? Companies that have been around for longer certainly comes with more credence, and more follow-ups can be conducted on them. This does not mean start-ups are to be written off– after all, everyone needs to start from somewhere. However, dealing with established businesses that have large and well-resourced cleaning teams gives you more assurance that your needs will be adequately met.
  • Get to the nitty-gritty: How exactly will the sofa cleaning be carried out? There are different methods that can be followed, from dry cleaning with foam, shampooing, all through to hot water extraction. Solvents may be used, based on the particular type of upholstery material. A site visit is recommended for the personnel to come and assess the furniture sets, and determine the cleaning measures that will be required. It’s important that you get this clarified early on, and that you get a detailed quotation indicating the particular services that you will be receiving. This is to avoid disputes later on. 
  • For the prices, focus on value. Avoid the shady firms with unbelievably low rates – if it’s too good to be true, that’s because it is. On the other hand, you don’t want to pay exorbitant fees to have your furniture worked on. Compare the rates of the different companies to get an acceptable range for the services, before you zero in on the particular firm that meets your requirements. 

An Overview Of Sofa Cleaning Operations

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