Breaking Down The Different Types Of Upholsteries

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Breaking Down The Different Types Of Upholsteries

Breaking Down The Different Types Of Upholsteries

Which kind of sofa do you have in your residence? They come in their different shapes and forms, from the structure of the unit, to the material has been upholstered with. Here is quick look at the different kinds of materials, and how they differ from each other:

 Leather upholsteries 

This is widely used, due to its luxurious and grand feel – plus the stylish touch it adds to the interior space. Since it doesn’t readily absorb spills that wind up on it, you can quickly wipe them off before they become troublesome stains. This has the welcome benefit of reducing cases of odours developing, since the amounts of moisture getting into the upholstery is reduced. Leather is also very durable, withstanding the demand of modern-day busy homes and commercial establishments. Leather upholstered units don’t come cheap either. With their high price tags, you want to ensure that your unit is well protected. Over time, the leather sofa loses its natural oils, hence conditioning is required. While the rate of dirt getting into the unit is low, it doesn’t mean that the sofa cleaning should be neglected. As the gritty particles pile up on the unit, there will be abrasion, wearing down the protective treatments and the upholstery itself. If neglected the leather upholstery loses its charm, which drags down the rest of the décor. 

Fabric upholsteries

These come in two major categories:

Natural fabric


  • Wool


There is a wide range of wool upholsteries, famous for their warm and cosy nature. The insulating properties of the wool make the furniture particularly warm during those chilly winter months. Wool is also blended with synthetic fabrics, to increase resistance to issues like staining. 


  • Cotton


The upholstery can easily be dyed, which is why there is such a wide assortment of cotton sofas. The grade also varies, enabling one to find a cotton sofa that suits their particular budget. This upholstery is breathable and has a high resistance to abrasion. However, this works against it when there are spills, since it will absorb them rapidly. 


  • Silk


It’s luxurious, used in formal decors, adds a high-end feel to the space, and comes with a price tag to match. When taken care of well, it can last for long. However, it is a delicate fabric. It’s usually dry cleaned, and specialised care is also needed when dealing with stains on the sofa. 


  • Linen


While it is usually mixed with other synthetic fibres, pure linen comes with that smooth texture that the material is known for, making the sofas really comfortable. The natural lustre and sheen of the material, its resistance to mildew and fading, and the durability of the fabric make it highly sought after. However, it is prone to soiling, and can wrinkle easily. With these units, it is insisted that the owner gets professional upholstery cleaning services, to prevent issues like shrinkage of the material. 

Synthetic fabric


  • Polyester


This is one of the most common types of upholsteries, and it’s available in a wide range of colours. The strong nature of the material, ease of cleaning, and the attribute of drying quickly in case of spills or washing, also endears more people to the upholstery. However, fluctuating temperatures affect the material. In addition, since it a tensile fabric, there will be stretching over time. 


  • Olefin


Sofas with this petroleum-based synthetic upholstery have enhanced durability can even be placed in the outdoors. They have a higher resistance to water, fading and the elements. However, the units will be susceptible to oil-based stains, which tend to be difficult to remove. Routine upholstery cleaning is vital, plus the occasional reapplication of protective treatments to retain the integrity of the sofa. 


  • Acrylic


This soft fabric has been developed to imitate wool, and comes in different colours to complement the safe, being a sun-safe material, it can be used for outdoor furniture, and it will also dry quickly after the upholstery cleaning. 


This is a broad term, covering a wide range of upholsteries that are known for their soft look and feel. Velvet can be woven from natural materials like linen, or synthetic products like high-quality polyester. Silk velvet is one of the most luxurious upholstery options – so lustrous that it looks like it’s wet. Cotton velvet is often blended with materials like polyester in order to increase its resistance to crushing, and there is also mohair velvet that is sored from the hair of Angora goats. 

Proper Care For Your Furniture

As you can see with these different upholstery materials – and there are more out there, one needs to be keen on the particular cleaning methods that are used on them. Mistakes like using formulations with the wrong pH can lead to irreversible damage to the furniture, setting you further back financially. You don’t want to be in a situation where, in an attempt to remove a particularly troublesome stain from the sofa cushions, you ended up causing stains to set deeper into the material, the dyes applied to bleach out, or the fibres of the upholstery to get corroded. The selection of the choice of cleaning process is determined by the type of material, and the stains or dirt spots that are to be removed. The goal is to find a perfect balance – one that is tough on the grime, but gentle on the underlying material. With the numerous types of cleaning chemicals available to work with, one can feel overwhelmed by the information that they’ll need to sift through before settling on the desired choice. Add this to the time taken to wait at the dealership store to hire the sofa cleaning machinery. You don’t have to put yourself through this. Simply dial up the sofa cleaning experts to take care of the job, and deliver the desired results faster. 

When hiring a sofa cleaning company for the task. Be keen on its track record, especially what the clients have to say about the services they received. Checking out the feedback left on the social media platforms, and even local business directory listings, will give you a good place to start the background checks on the firm, that way you will have an idea of what to expect. 

Breaking Down The Different Types Of Upholsteries

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