Breathing New Life Into Your Sofa

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Breathing New Life Into Your Sofa

Breathing New Life Into Your Sofa

The sofa is one of the furnishings in the house where we spend most of your time. From common activities like eating while watching some TV, enjoying a drink as you chat with your significant other, lying back with a novel on those cosy cushions, or even settling for an afternoon nap- regular sofa cleaning will be needed for you to be comfortable. The kids enjoy playing on it, and the pets laze around on the sofa arm. It’s common for the furniture to end up with soiling and dirt spots. Scheduling routine sofa cleaning sessions will ensure that it remains in optimal condition. Some of the common problems include:


  • Food residue


Fast foods, crisps that wind up in the cushions, the occasional spaghetti- they all form a mess. What’s more, the gunk is a magnet for insects, which add to the grime due to the husks that they leave behind. In extreme cases, one may even end up with a rodent infestation. An in-depth sofa cleaning is needed to remove the source of the problem- those food particles that are accumulating in the upholstery. Our team will arrive at your residence fully equipped for the task. 


  • Drink spills


These range from coffee and tea stains that form unsightly spots, all through to the wine spill that was caused by a glass getting knocked over during the dinner date. With the absorbent nature of the sofa, these spills get soaked up by the material, becoming more frustrating to remove. Mistakes such as aggressive scrubbing during the DIY sofa cleaning can even make them more ingrained in the upholstery. Call in the sofa cleaning experts to take care of the problem, getting rid of these spots and restoring the elegance to your set.


  • Dust mite waste


The microscopic creatures live and thrive in the warm conditions of the sofa. Their diet consists mainly of skin flakes, which are being shed by the people using the sofa. This enables them to colonise the soft furnishings. The main issue with the mites is their facial residue. It adds to the grime accumulating in the furniture, and is an allergen as well. It causes reactions once inhaled, and also on the skin of sensitive persons. Thorough sofa cleaning will protect your loved ones. If you keep coughing and sneezing whenever you’re using the sofa, it may simply be a case of too much dust mite waste in the material. Bringing in the sofa cleaning professions to remove the grime, and enable you to enjoy your furniture in comfort.


  • Grease and oils


These can be from different sources, including airborne oil splatters that landed on the sofa, to the body oils rubbed against the upholstery from the skin. These are particularly a problem since they form areas that trap dirt particles from the environment- especially dust. These dark spots on the sofa add to the dilapidated look and feel. A comprehensive sofa cleaning will ensure that the spots are dealt with. 


  • Pet stains


Pets are basically members of the family. However, they at times they create really frustrating messes. From the fur on the cushions that keep sticking onto clothes, the dander that adheres to the upholstery and produces odours, all through to the urine spots whenever your furry friend decides to mark its territory on the furniture. There isn’t a one-sit-fits-all approach when dealing with pet stains and odours. You want the appropriate sofa cleaning formulations and systems to be used, which will effectively resolve the issue without posing a risk to your set. In fact, our team has an entire arsenal of sofa cleaning and deodorizing solutions specially formulated for different scenarios. Our crew know the right tools for the job, and come with extensive knowledge garnered over the years of operations in the industry. This enables them to get to the root cause, eradicate it, and leave your sofa fresh and vibrant.

Fabric and Leather Sofa Cleaning Services

The different sofa material come with their unique characteristics. Factors such as the presence of pets, the positioning of the sofa- if it will be in an area where it will be receiving direct sunlight for hours, all through to the levels of comfort desired, plus aspects such as durability and fade resistance go into the selection of the material that will be used. Take cotton for instance. This natural fibre comes with good resistance to fading, but is more prone to wrinkling and soiling. There are also different types of cotton, depending on how tight the weave is. The tighter ones are stronger and more durable, while the canvas and damask variants have a more aesthetic appeal, but can wear down faster- the sofa cleaning process for this kind is more involving too. With linen, it’s best suited to the households where there are no pets, or those rooms where the kids won’t be spending time in. This is as linen is highly delicate, and it can easily soil and wrinkle. Getting professional sofa cleaning for this is recommended, since you don’t want the fabric shrinking. 

Microfibre sofa fabrics are common in the households with pets. The material is soft and durable. The tight nature of the fabric weave prevents the pet fur from sticking to the material, which also happens with lint and everyday dust. This makes the sofa cleaning process less taxing. With polyester, you get a synthetic fabric that is durable and wrinkle-resistant. A wide assortment of colours and patterns gives more flexibility when setting up the decor. Chenille, on the other hand, has a fuzzy texture. While it is a durable material, it is also high-maintenance. However, with proper care, it will last for long even under heavy usage. When it comes to leather, it is popular for its soft and supple feel, plus the grandiose look it exudes. However, the material is highly sensitive to the pH of the cleaning chemicals that are used, the amounts of water involved in the sofa cleaning process, and even requires additional measures such as conditioning. There are also faux leather potions, which are synthetic fabrics that are developed to bring a look of leather, at lower price points compared to the actual leather.  Our sofa cleaning services are available for the diverse sets.

Breathing New Life Into Your Sofa

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