Carpet Cleaning Donabate

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Carpet Cleaning Donabate

Carpet Cleaning Donabate

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1 bed house/apartment carpet cleaning 100 euro

2 bed house/apartment carpet cleaning 120 euro

3 bed house/apartment carpet cleaning 140 euro

4 bed house/apartment carpet cleaning 160 euro

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Carpet Cleaning Donabate

100% eco carpet cleaning technology and hot water extraction carpet cleaning services. Book a deep carpet cleaning or a light carpet cleaning service from only 50 euro. Deal with a well established eco carpet cleaning company. Deal with a team of highly skilled professionals that are happy to deal with any special requirement. 


Carpet Cleaning Donabate – Technology

Carpet Cleaning Dublin is using the latest carpet cleaning technology from Prochem. We use a hot water extraction carpet cleaning system and 100% eco carpet cleaning products from Craftex & Cleanfast. We will pre-spray your carpets with heavy duty traffic lane cleaners, we will scrub your carpets with special bonnet pads & we will shampoo your carpets with antibacterial odour neutralising carpet cleaning shampoos.


Carpet Cleaning Donabate – Drying times

Carpet Cleaning is using a “wet” carpet cleaning system so some drying time is to be expected. We estimate that all your carpets will be fully dry within 3 hours. The actual time required for drying can vary from location to location & type of carpet. You can also help with the drying time by opening the windows & putting the heating on for a short period of time.


Carpet Cleaning  Donabate – Odour neutralising

Bad odours coming from a carpet are very usual. All carpeted floors are likely to absorb a lot of dust, food residue, skin flakes, drink spillages, etc. All that mixture can mix up together and it could start releasing unwanted odours. No need to worry. Carpet Cleaning is using highly efficient eco odour neutralisers and bactericidal deodorisers. We will neutralise the bacteria that generates the bad odour.


Carpet Cleaning Donabate – Prices

Our minimum charge for any type of carpet cleaning project is 50 euro. Even if we have listed all our prices above, you need to be aware that all our listed prices are informative only. The final price will depend on condition, size, treatment required & the location. WE provide free no obligation estimates for commercial carpet cleaning services & domestic carpet cleaning services. 


Carpet Cleaning Donabate  – Other services

You can book a single room carpet cleaning project or you can book a full house. You can also create your own carpet cleaning package + sofa cleaning + rug cleaning + mattress cleaning + upholstery cleaning services & you could save up to 30%. You can also book additional services like spot removal, carpet protectors & mites treatment. 


Call Carpet Cleaning Dublin right now or you can book our professional carpet cleaning services online. We are your local carpet cleaning company and we are happy to deal with any type of carpet cleaning project in any condition


Carpet Cleaning Donabate

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