Mattress Cleaning Dublin

Mattress Cleaning Dublin

Service Overview

Mattress Cleaning Dublin

Single Mattress Cleaning | 30 euro

Double Mattress Cleaning | 50 euro

King Size Mattress Cleaning | 60 euro

***our minimum order for mattress cleaning is 50 euro***

We use innovative mattress cleaning solutions and heavy duty hot water extraction equipment. We can remove most types of stains from most mattresses but in some cases where the stains are too old or too bad, we can clean the mattress but stains may not be fully removed, the mattress will however be clean and disinfected. Our mattress cleaning products are safe and efficient. We are happy to contract commercial mattress cleaning projects and domestic mattress cleaning projects.

Mattress Cleaning Dublin  – How we do it

We use a blend of 100% eco friendly spot & stain removers from Craftex and Cleanfast. We pre-spray the mattress with special enzyme breakers & strong urine neutralisers to kill all types of odours. We scrub the whole mattress with special brushes to agitate the stains and then we use special wands and mattress cleaning shampoos to shampoo the whole mattress. In over 90% of the cases we can remove the whole stain but in some cases we can only disinfect the mattress.

Mattress Cleaning Dublin  – Drying times

On average, most types of mattresses will be fully dry after about 8 hours. Bear in mind that a mattress has to be deep cleaned on the surface and inside the foam as well. While the top of the mattress will dry within minutes, the foam inside the mattress will take a bit of time to fully dry. You should keep the room well ventilated and put the heating on for a little while to speed up the drying process.

Mattress Cleaning Dublin – Prices

We provides clear pricing. All our pricing applies to average size mattresses in average condition. If your mattress is larger, dirtier and in worse condition than average it might cost you a bit extra. You should consider applying a protector to your mattress to prevent further staining. If you are looking for commercial mattress cleaning and if you have 10+ mattresses, we can provide you with better prices and additional services.

Mattress Cleaning Dublin – Bookings

You can book our professional mattress cleaning services online or over the phone. We are happy to deal with any type of mattress cleaning project in any condition. Our staff are fully trained, polite & happy to deal with any special requirements. All our services are fully insured and fully guaranteed. On average, a mattress cleaning project takes about 1 hour. We are open for business 6 days per week from 7 am till 7 pm

Mattress Cleaning Dublin