Sofa Cleaning Dublin

Sofa Cleaning Dublin

Service Overview

Sofa Cleaning Dublin


Don`t take a chance with cheap & inefficient sofa cleaning companies. Book a deep sofa cleaning service with Dublin Sofa Cleaning and have your sofa restored to a clean, fresh, like new condition with top of the range Prochem sofa cleaning machines & Irish manufactured sofa cleaning shampoos.


We are happy to contract any type of sofa cleaning project, in any condition. If we can`t restore your sofa 100%, we will make it much better. Velvet sofa? Fabric sofa? Wool sofa? Silk sofa? Leather sofa? No problem. We have the right technology to deep clean and refresh any type of material


Sofa Cleaning Dublin – Prices


1 seat sofa cleaning 20 euro

2 seat sofa cleaning 40 euro

3 seat sofa cleaning 60 euro

4 seat sofa cleaning 75 euro

5 seat sofa cleaning 90 euro


*** we have a minimum charge of 50 euro per project to cover our expenses***


All prices listed above include deep cleaning & deodorising. If your sofa is in very bad shape or if additional services are required (protectors), the price will increase. Commercial sofa cleaning projects will be priced after a site inspection. Book 5+ items and save 30%


Sofa Cleaning Dublin – Shampooing


Dublin Sofa Cleaning uses extraction sofa cleaning systems to clean all fabric sofas. Special waxes and leather protectors will be used to deep clean and restore leather sofas.


Fabric Sofa Cleaning Рwe will use a combination of fabric softeners & eco sofa cleaning shampoos to deep clean your sofa. Warm water and a diluted shampoo will be sprayed all over your sofa. The surface will be scrubbed with special  brushes and the water will be extracted. Very stained fabric sofas will require a few treatments before noticeable results will be visible.


Leather Sofa Cleaning – we will use special professional leather cleaners from Craftex & Prochem to degrease and soften up the leather. A few deep cleaning operations will take place to remove as much dirt as possible. A wax polishing protector will be applied at the end to restore the gloss and stain proof the sofa. We can guarantee amazing leather sofa cleaning results. We are happy to contract commercial & domestic leather sofa cleaning projects.


Sofa Cleaning Dublin – Drying Times

All our sofa cleaning projects should not take longer than 5 hours to fully dry. It all depends on the type of material and the amount of times the sofa gets washed.


It is recommended that you have your sofa professionally cleaned at least once per year. If you have small kids or pets in the house, you should have it done more often. Alot of dust, skin flakes, food, spillages, hair, etc. can accumulate on your sofa and can create a perfect habitat for mites and other bacteria. Keep your sofa clean and fresh with regular cleaning.


Sofa Cleaning Dublin