Upholstery Cleaning Dublin

Upholstery Cleaning Dublin

Service Overview

Upholstery Cleaning Dublin

Have your upholstery deep cleaned with the latest Prochem technology and eco upholstery cleaning shampoos. Have your upholstery deep cleaned by highly skilled upholstery cleaning specialists with years of experience. Have your upholstery cleaned and disinfected with high quality professional products.

1 seat upholstery cleaning 20 euro

2 seat upholstery cleaning 40 euro

3 seat upholstery cleaning 60 euro

4 seat upholstery cleaning 75 euro


***minimum charge 50 euro per project***


Domestic Upholstery Cleaning

Your sofa is likely to get dirty more often than other types of furniture. You spend a lot of time on it, you eat, drink and relax on your sofa, no doubt it will have the stains to prove it. Once in a while, your sofa will require a nice deep cleaning to restore the balance between good and bad bacteria.

Dublin Sofa Cleaning offers reasonable prices and top class quality. You can book our professional upholstery cleaning services over the phone or online. Next day appointments guaranteed.

We will spray an eco friendly upholstery cleaning shampoo all over your sofa. The dirt will soften up and it will break apart. Our powerful extraction systems will extract over 95% of the water in one go. The upholstery will feel clean, deodorised and soft. In some cases where the sofa is badly stained, we will need to apply “pre-treatments” to be able to remove the stains.

Commercial Upholstery Cleaning

Our heavy duty commercial upholstery cleaning equipment is sure to provide unequalled results for very reasonable prices. We are happy to contract any type of commercial upholstery cleaning project, in any condition. Book bulk and save over 30%. We are open for business 24/7

Dubin Sofa Cleaning provides leather upholstery cleaning services & fabric upholstery cleaning services. Free no obligation estimates guaranteed.

Upholstery Cleaning Dublin