Clearing The Air On Sofa Cleaning: Frequently Asked Questions

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Clearing The Air On Sofa Cleaning: Frequently Asked Questions

Clearing The Air On Sofa Cleaning: Frequently Asked Questions


  • How Often should my sofa be cleaned?


How busy is your home? Usually, deep cleaning once every six months would be enough. However, when you have kids and pets in the household, then there’ll definitely be a higher rate of spills and grime build up on the upholstery, thus the need of much more frequency sofa cleaning sessions. 


  • Which sofa cleaning methods are used?


These vary, based particularly on the type of the upholstery being worked on. These range from shampooing and hot water extraction to encapsulation. One of the differences here is the level of moisture that the sofas are treated with. Dry solvent cleaning can also be employed, especially for the products that are sensitive to water. For the wet cleaning methods, the professionals also include drying processes – where systems used remove the bulk of the moisture content, leaving the sofa just slightly damp to the touch. 


  • How soon can I resume using the sofa?


This depends on the cleaning methods used. For instance, with the dry cleaning methods, where the foam is applied to the upholstery, it bonds with the soiling particles, and it’s then vacuumed up, thus normal usage of these sofas can resume almost immediately. However, this method usually doesn’t deliver a deep clean as desired, compared to approaches like hot water extraction, where the heated water is pumped into the upholstery at high pressures, flushing out the soiling. Since there is more moisture with this method, the drying times will be longer. Drying systems then come into play – such as high-powered wet vacuums, which extract most of the moisture from the unit. The sofa then gets to dry in as little as three hours. 


  • Are there stains that are beyond help?


Some stains are simply too old, such that they have set permanently into the material – hence the importance of attending to the stains as soon as possible. There are also those stains that chemically bond with the upholstery material, and cause changes within the fibre structure which cannot be reversed through the cleaning process. The sofa cleaners will inspect the unit before the cleaning is carried out, determining which ones can be sufficiently removed. Here, dealing with the professional is preferred since they have access to products that are not readily available over-the-counter, giving them a higher success rate of dealing with the particularly troublesome stains. 


  • Can urine smell be removed from the upholstery?


Absolutely. Here, enzyme-based cleaners are used, which, in addition to removing the urine stain itself, act on the bacteria and protein elements of the urine. Odour neutralisers also come into play, rendering those foul smells inert by reacting with them at a molecular level. Fragranced formulations can also be used upon request, which has the welcome benefit of leaving the upholstered units with a fresh and invigorating scent. 


  • I’m only available over the weekends, and I’d like to be present when the sofa cleaning is carried out. Can this be arranged?


Professional sofa cleaners understand that client’s needs and timetables vary. It’s not expected that the clients will be available during the normal Mon – Fri working hours. As such, they adopt flexible booking schedules, that way the clients will end up with a session that suits their individual needs. 



In order for the cleaning to be carried out expeditiously, there are some measures that you can handle on your end. For instance, clutter like clothing, toys, and paperwork that is in the sofas should be cleared. This saves the time that would have been spent sorting through the material, determining what should be retained and what should be disposed of. Also, it’s recommended that you make alternative arrangements for pets, especially for the dogs and cats that get agitated when there are strangers walking around in the household. The presence of the technicians, plus the machinery being used, may make some of the pets uncomfortable. For these ones, perhaps you can have them stay over at the neighbours, in the dog house outside, or even take them out for a walk. 


  • Can the cleaning be carried out with pet-friendly products?


Yes. In fact, when discussing with the different sofa cleaners about the cleaning products and processes they use, ensure that you bring out the safety of your kids and pets. Here, you want an approach that will not result in chemical residue being left behind that puts the little ones at risk. 


  • Does the cleaning make the upholstery wear out faster? 


No. Actually the opposite happens. Since the dirt and grime build up on the sofa acts as an abrasive to the upholstery and wears it down, routine cleaning gets rid of the core of the problem, enabling the sofa to retain its elegance for longer. The myth about frequent upholstery cleaning came about due to those who were using the wrong cleaning solutions and tools. Harsh cleaners that work on other hard surfaces around the household, tough-bristled brushes brought out in a bid to deal with the stubborn stains – these can lead to the damage of the material, and are usually mistakes that were seen during the DIY sofa cleaning sessions. These can be avoided by sticking to professionals for the task. 

Reach Out To Have Your Sofa Cleaned By Experts

Are you looking to have your furniture worked on by the pros? We’re here for you. Our team has been trained on the different aspects of the task, and come with a wealth of knowledge accumulated over the years of service delivery. We also invest in their professional development, keeping them abreast with the technological advances in the sofa cleaning industry, to ensure that your units receive the appropriate treatment each time. Our goal is to deliver quality results in moments. The combination of personnel proficiency and high capacity machinery speeds up the cleaning process, and we also employ drying systems that extract the bulk of the moisture from the clean upholstery, reducing the reduced drying time. You get to resume using the sofa within the same afternoon that it has been cleaned. 

Clearing The Air On Sofa Cleaning: Frequently Asked Questions

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