Common Sofa Cleaning Mistakes That You Should Avoid

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Common Sofa Cleaning Mistakes That You Should Avoid

Common Sofa Cleaning Mistakes That You Should Avoid

Sofa maintenance is a breeze, if the manufacturer’s guidelines are followed. However, it’s common for the users to forget the recommended measures, and end up causing irreversible damage to their sets. It also ends up voiding the warranties on the product, leaving no room for recourse, and one ends up being forced to undertake costly repairs out of their own pocket, or even purchase a whole new set. There are numerous reasons why the manufacturers insist on the purchaser of the furniture to hire professional sofa cleaning services on a regular basis. Going the DIY route comes its fair share of risks, and these have been all too commonly witnessed. What are the common sofa cleaning blunders that are made?


  • Using the wrong cleaning products


From the DIY cleaning kits and homemade solutions, to the range of chemicals purchased from the store in a bid to tackle particularly stubborn stains- the effects of applying incompatible formulations to the sofa’s upholstery can ruin it. The different types of leather and fabric sofas have the set of sofa cleaning products that can be safely used on them. The dyes, finishes and protective treatments applied, plus the quality of the fibre itself, are all on the line when harsh chemicals are used. Corrosion caused by solutions that are too acidic, worn out upholstery due to unwanted reactions occurring- they reduce the life of the sofa. A product that effectively removed a particular type of stain from the floor, walls or countertops cannot simply be used for the sofa cleaning based on that. The sensitivity of the material that is being worked on is a vital factor, and you want sofa cleaning positions that are tough on the dirt spots and stains, but gentle on the upholstery. In addition, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all product. Care is needed in selecting the sofa cleaning chemicals to use.


  • Applying the wrong technique


Hiring equipment or purchasing sofa cleaning solutions, and knowing how to use them appropriately, are different things altogether. Some processes will actually cause the stains to set deeper into the material, negating your efforts. There are products whose chemical composition will cause the stains to become ingrained into the upholstery, yet they were initially lighter and removing them could have been easier. Overwetting the sofa, on the other hand, comes with its ramifications. Firstly, there is the inconvenience caused when the sofa remains soggy for too long. In addition, the extended drying time creates room for fungi to grow, which can in turn cause health risks due to the spores and mycotoxins that they produce. Scrubbing the sofa using tools that are too abrasive can result in fraying or matting of the fabric. Failing to properly rinse the upholstery at the end of the sofa cleaning, plus insufficient extraction power attributed to the rented machinery causes residue to be left behind, which accelerates the resoiling, which can be frustrating.


  • Hiring rookie sofa cleaning companies


It’s been said that “Cheap is expensive”. Hiring companies with rock-bottom sofa cleaning prices means that there have been compromises made in the process. It can be anything from the company using low-quality machinery, having poorly-trained sofa cleaning staff, or even skipping out on getting insurance coverage. Shortcuts made in the process results in low quality results, and the sofa cleaning ends up needing to be repeated. In addition, it exposes you to lots of liabilities, especially with the increased risk to the sofa’s structural integrity. You don’t want to be forced to go through all this. Avoid the frustrations by turning to professional and reliable sofa cleaning services.

Residential And Commercial Sofa Cleaning Specialists For You

Our qualified team is ready to take care of your sofa cleaning needs. They have been taken through stringent training, and we’ve also made heavy investments in both their personal and professional development, that way they can deliver superb services each time. We have purchased top-of-the-range sofa cleaning machinery, that comes with high power and capacity ratings, to ensure that even the soiling that is buried deep within the sofa is got rid of. The high efficiency of the units cuts down the amount of time spent on the task. In addition, powerful suction is incorporated at the end of the sofa cleaning process to extract the bulk of the moisture content, which slashes down the drying time. You get to resume using the sofa within the same day it has been worked on. Tough stains, heavy build-ups of grime, those odours that are reeking up the interior space- they are all dealt with. Additional treatments measures as also undertaken, to protect the furniture, prolonging its life.

What kind of sofa do you have? There are those with the casual English sofa, which traces its roots to the 19th century, and gives a countryside feel to the space, and features a lightly rolled backrest, plus tight cushions; sectional sofas that are common in modern homes, where the multi-piece set is configured to an L-shape or U-shape; chesterfield sofas that set a decor of noble sophistication, and were traditionally upholstered using hard-wearing leather, and now there are different materials available, though they still retain the deep-buttoned back and high scrolling arms; camelback sofas whose design features the characteristic hump- hence the name, and makes a superb addition to the lounge room or entrance hall- our sofa cleaning team takes care of them all. Mid-century modern designs whose popularity grew exponentially between the 1940s and 1970s due to the minimalistic design, and comes with a retro look and feel; tuxedo sofas where the arms and back have the same height, and is ideal for reading- though the straight back does not make it kick-back-and-rest set, but is rather suited for the formal spaces; cabriole sofas that have a curvy shape and are inspired by Louis XV 18th century designs; plus the Knole sofas that have a straight high-back, and the arms are adjustable, allowing them to be opened out- they all need routine sofa cleaning. Those with Lawson sofas which have been designed purposefully for comfort, and come in numerous colours, shapes and sizes, the Bridgewater sofa with its rolled backrest and heavily padded cushion or even the canapé, which is basically a miniature-sized cabriole sofa with an exposed frame- our sofa cleaning team will be sure to give your set a thorough wash.


Common Sofa Cleaning Mistakes That You Should Avoid

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