Domestic Upholstery Cleaning Company

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Domestic Upholstery Cleaning Company

Domestic Upholstery Cleaning Company

Soiled upholstery can make you ill in different ways. Take grease spots for instance. While they themselves are not inherently a threat- well, only perhaps to your peace of mind, they are dirt magnets. Basically, they enable more grime and germs to collect, which itself is a threat to your health. With you and your family spending a lot on time on the sofa, enjoying those snacks and TV shows together, hanging out with friends and even the occasional nap, the set is bound to build up gunk. Food crumbs, dead skin, the faecal residue of the dust mites who come to feed on them, insect waste and body fragments, and there have even been cases of spiders weaving webs within the furnishings. Do you have a pet? Then fur and dander is a concern. This can easily get transferred to the soft fabrics. The dander itself is an allergen, and you also don’t want those embarrassing situations when guests who you’ve invited over end up with fur stuck to their clothes after they take a seat. There is also particulate matter and chemicals that wind up in the soft furnishings, mattresses and other upholstered items in the household. Aerosols, paint particles, home cleaners that were sprayed onto the surface and some content winds up on your favourite sofa, smoke residue for those residences with persons smoking cigarettes- these come with varying effects, ranging from irritation to the respiratory system and skin, to internal organs being affected.  Regular- and thorough- upholstery cleaning comes in to flush out these agents from your items, and enhance the health standards of the establishment.

Value Of Hiring Expert Upholstery Cleaning Services


  • Protect your investment


With the amount of time spent on the sofa, the dirt and grime in it accumulates fast. The average adult clocks about two hours of each day seated on it, which translates to 14 hours a week and 672 hours a year. That’s just one person. What of those households with kids and pets? The nights spent binge-watching TV shows, those afternoons that you invite your buddies over to watch the game, those book club meetings and brunches with your neighbours- the cosy sofas are the go-to set. Spills, food particles- body oils, dander from your furry friend- they build up in the particles. Greasy spots are actually dirt magnets, trapping the dust floating around and increasing the rate of soiling. The particles are abrasive, and contribute to the wearing down of the fibres. The protective treatments that are applied to the upholstery get deteriorated, exposing them to more damage. With cases of food crumbs, these attract insects and rodents which tear through the upholstery as they try to pry out the tantalizing treats. Consequently, a thorough cleaning is vital. This is to get rid of the gunk that would have ruined your set and forced you to incur hefty costs in making repairs.


  • Safe processes


With us, safety is a top concern. After all, you don’t want your indoor air being polluted with toxic fumes in the course of the cleaning, or your kids and pets being exposed to harmful chemicals. The products used are eco-friendly, and pose no risk to the biodiversity in your establishment. The indoor air quality is preserved too. What’s more, the products themselves have met EU regulations on biodegradability and environmental sustainability, as you won’t have to worry about issues like runoff affecting the surrounding water bodies. The gunk collected from the upholstery is also safely disposed of. Efficient systems that are properly tuned also minimise on wastage of resources.  When it comes to the safety of the furnishings themselves, our crew have the skills and experience needed to determine the most suitable approach for your particular kind of set. They will take into account the material type, level of soiling, and the kind of stain being removed, and use tough acting solutions that will get the task done without posing any risk to your leather or fabric upholstery.

The Chesterfield sofas with their deeply tufted backs; high-back sofas that can blend into casual setting and formal rooms depending on the upholstery selected; round-back sofas that can give you an 80s feeling or a feminine vibe seeing that the piece is usually upholstered to suit dressing rooms and parlours; mid-century modern sofas that bring a retro feeling to any room; camelback sofas that typically feature exposed legs and the distinctive humps; cabriole installations where the back is a single continuous piece that features a curving line; the family-friendly Lawson sofa which, like the English Roll Arm, has loose back cushions; to the barrel back sofa that adds a formal touch to the interior space, or the classic rollback sofas that are more traditional and are typically set up where the back isn’t being placed against a wall- we will clean the upholstery on all the sets, delivering quality results each time.


  • Quick drying time


You don’t want to be inconvenienced for extended periods. Your family shouldn’t be forced to endure days of discomfort due to the furniture being rendered unusable because it is wet. In your business premises, your customers and employees shouldn’t have to suffer as a result of the upholstery remaining wet for too long. As such, our processes incorporate the use of drying equipment that extracts most of the moisture content from the cleaned pieces. This cuts down the drying time from days to mere hours. In fact, you can resume using the set in the same afternoon that it is cleaned. This is beneficial to restore normalcy to your business premises, and you won’t need to cordon off your entertainment areas, sitting room and bedrooms at home. What’s more, it enables you to avoid the issue of mould growth in the material.


  • Cost-effective


All this is carried out at affordable prices. Our services have been tailored to suit your particular needs, from the type of upholstery that you want to be worked on, aspects such as the size and number of sofas being cleaned, the sorts of stains on the material, all through to the frequency of the services- from routine cleaning sessions to the emergency ones.

Domestic Upholstery Cleaning Company

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