Don’t Sweat Out The Sofa Cleaning- Let Us Take Care Of The Job For You

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Don’t Sweat Out The Sofa Cleaning- Let Us Take Care Of The Job For You

Don’t Sweat Out The Sofa Cleaning- Let Us Take Care Of The Job For You

Ever thought about what is lurking in your sofa? Being one of the largest sets of furniture in the house- and most cosy courtesy of the cushions, it gets used a lot- making sofa cleaning vital. It’s where the family watches TV from, and where one lies back for a nap on those lazy afternoons. The sofa is where the husband spends the night after getting on the wrong side of the lady of the house, and where drunk friends crash after a wild night of partying. It’s the main place where guests are entertained from, and where you binge watch those late-night movies cuddled up with your significant other. The sofa follows you as you move from one house to another, from relationship to relationship, being your loyal companion through the different lifestyle changes. It holds so many memories- both good and bad, and many barely ever want to let that good old sofa go. Yet, deposit all this, a thorough sofa cleaning is rarely carried out. It’s not like you can toss it into the washing machine every week like the soiled sheets. While some have only had their sofa cleaned once or twice in all the years that they have owned the couch, others have never had it done throughout the entire residence. The house is washed on a regular basis, the dishes are done after every meal, and we shower every single day. Everything gets cleaned- except the sofa. It comes then, as no surprise, that it’s harbouring loads of grime. Professional sofa cleaning will get rid of it.

With all those meals enjoyed on the sofa, food crumbs eventually wind up in the cushions. These in turn are a magnet for bugs- the most common being ants and cockroaches. Don’t forget the colonies of bacteria that are busy decomposing the food crumbs, and the body waste left behind by the vermin coming over to snack on them. The average family sofa can contain more bacteria per square inch compared to a toilet seat.  What of sex on the sofa? From couples being adventurous in their home, to those spaces rented out to horny AirBnBers- it happens. As the bodies contort in rhythmic ecstasy, sweat, semen and vaginal juices can wind up on the upholstery. The same place where one takes those refreshing Sunday naps. Grossed out yet? Routine sofa cleaning is necessary to keep in in a healthy condition.

Highly efficient sofa cleaning products and processes

We don’t compromise on the thoroughness that is required with the sofa cleaning. Cutting corners to save on some bucks poses risk to your set and the quality of the results. As such, we have pumped loads of capital in acquiring state-of-the-art systems, and ensure our crew have access to the latest products and units in the sofa cleaning industry to deliver superb results each time. Properly maintained and packing a punch, these units get to the dirt and grime that is buried within the cushions and trapped in the nooks and crevices of the sofa. The upholstery is given a thorough scrub, and the sofa cleaning products used aid in breaking down the stains and dirt spots. From the pre-treatments, all through to the rinsing, the process is carried out to professional standards. What’s more, the extraction equipment that is used at the end of the sofa cleaning removes even the bulk of the moisture content, which cuts down the drying time, allowing you to resume using the sofa just a couple of hour after it has been cleaned. This reduces the disruption to your daily activities, and also prevents the growth of mould and mildew.

Skilled crew

Our sofa cleaning personnel are friendly, ensuring that you have a pleasant experience while they are on your property. Speaking of which, you want to be sure that you can trust the personnel sent over to undertake the job. In this regard, we have vetted our crew, and taken them through background checks. In addition, they have been well trained, and also keep up to date with the developments in the sofa cleaning industry, to apply the most appropriate sofa cleaning products and processes for the task. That way, you can have the peace of mind that your property is in safe hands. We are also fully licenced and insured for your protection, and that of our personnel and the equipment that they use. 

Protect the health of your loved ones with quality sofa cleaning services

The sofa is an ideal habitat for dust mites. There is all the food they need- the skin flakes being produced by individuals using the furniture, and the warmth of the cushions, makes it a comfortable environment to grow and multiply. Skipping the sofa cleaning accelerates this. The mites produce faecal waste, which can get inhaled, triggering a wide range of respiratory issues, from insect coughing to asthma attacks. There are loads of more allergens in dirty sofas, such as everyday dust that settles onto the upholstery, to pet dander left behind by your furry friend. With professional sofa cleaning, these allergens can be removed, making the environment safer and healthier. The products used are also safe for the persons on the property, and the biodiversity around it. 

What of the viruses and bacteria? The germs spread all over the soft furnishings, from the bodies of affected persons, food spills, airborne contaminants, and other agents that ferry them around the premises. Common threats found in upholstered furniture include Pseudomonas, where anyone coming into contact with it can develop fever, eye infection, or skin rashes, with those who have compromised immune systems being at the greatest risk; Staphylococcus aureus which can easily cause an infection once it gets into the body system; all through to the fungus Aspergillus versicolor that is typically found on upholstery that is in located in environments with high levels of moisture, and cause respiratory symptoms plus allergic reactions. There are also those germs left behind by the insects and rodents that come to feast on the food crumbs that are in the furniture. To protect the household members form infection, a thorough sofa cleaning and sanitisation required, and our professional crew is up to the task. 

Don’t Sweat Out The Sofa Cleaning- Let Us Take Care Of The Job For You

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