Ensuring That Your Leather Sofa Receives Quality Care

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Ensuring That Your Leather Sofa Receives Quality Care

Ensuring That Your Leather Sofa Receives Quality Care

The elegance the leather units bring to the living space is unmatched. These luxurious sets are increasingly getting high demand, and this is not a surprise, given the style that they add to the décor. Their elegance accentuates the interior space – and they have more to them than just the aesthetics. For instance, when it comes to maintenance, leather is actually easier to clean. The material does not absorb as much dirt and grime as the fabric upholsteries, and it also comes with enhanced durability, allowing it to last for decades if properly taken care of. Note that this maintenance should include conditioning in order to prevent splitting and cracking of the material. 

The breathability of the leather also adds to its demand. It quickly adjusts to the body temperature, making it comfortable to use in the different seasons. It even ages well, becoming more soft and supple as time progresses. These are some of the reasons why high-end hotels and restaurants set up leather furniture their lobbies, and why it is a staple in office environments and the commercial facilities. It blends well with almost any home décor and even when scratched and scuffed, adds character to the space. 

However, despite all this charm, the sofas are bound to eventually get soiled, which takes away their appeal and puts their functionality on the line. The soiling that gets transferred onto the upholstery from the clothes of people or the paws of pets, body waste including sweat and oils secreted from the skin and rubbed onto the sofa, the lotions and other cosmetic products that had been applied which end up on the upholstery, dust particles settling on the furniture from the air above, kids with their milk and yoghurt spills, the occasional wine glass that tips over during parties in your home and winds up on the set – they all affect the elegance of your unit. Huge dirt build ups, stains that stick out like a sore thumb – these are not issues that you want to be permanent on your set. Calling the professional leather sofa cleaners to have your units worked on. 

Why Professional Leather Sofa Cleaners Are The Preferred Option

With the amount of time and money that went into getting the right sofa for your particular needs, you want to ensure that your unit is in safe hands. 

Getting an established sofa cleaning company to undertake the task ensures that the appropriate products and processes will be used. That way you won’t have a case of harsh cleaners corroding the material, or the dyes that the upholstery has been treated with getting bleached out. 

Then there is the speed with which the cleaning is carried out. The industrial-grade systems that are used by the professionals pack a punch, scrubbing out the dirt and grime, and flushing it out of the upholstery in moments. These get the grime that is in the nooks and crannies of the sofa, ensuring that your unit will be left truly clean. 

For the cleaning process, the crew first analyse the condition of the sofa. A specific shampoo that is suited to the particular type of upholstery is used, and a brushing system that will dislodge the grime without causing scratches. Stain removers come in for food and drink spills that messed up the unit, with an emphasis on solutions that are tough on the spots, but gentle on the sofa. 

You also get to free up your time. Sofa cleaning is a tasking chore, and can end up taking an entire day when working with low capacity tools and products. You don’t want your free time spent scrubbing out stubborn gunk or dealing with troublesome stains. Free yourself of the burden by leaving it to the crew that is both qualified and equipped to carry it out, for you to get the desired results in a fraction of the time that it would have taken following the DIY route. 

Specialised Sofa Care

There are different types of leather – but they can boldly be categorised into two: protected and unprotected. For the unprotected leather, the upholstery has not been treated with any pigments – which has the benefit of ensuring that it retains as soft and natural feel, with that luxurious touch. These units usually just have the basic dust-resistance treatments applied. However, without the stain protection and durability treatments, it makes them more susceptible to wear. With the protected units like the semi-aniline sofas, there will be more durability, but less of that natural leather feel. However, most of the units tend to have this type of upholstery, since it will be easier to maintain.

One of the key requirements during the leather sofa cleaning is that the products selected match the material of the furniture being worked on. This is one of the areas where DIY cleaning usually goes off the rails, when one works with products that are incompatible with the upholstery, especially in terms of the pH. Leather is particularly sensitive here, and acidic agents can wreak havoc on your unit. You won’t have to worry about that when you turn to the professionals to take care of the task for you. The choice of cleaning company is vital as well. There are many local sofa cleaners out there, and you should be keen to ensure that you work with a reliable company – one whose personnel have been properly trained and have the experience needed to take on the task. Going through the reviews left by their previous clients will show you their level of service delivery. After comparing prices from the different services providers, ensure that you get a written quotation from the company you finally settle on. 

Protecting your leather

The leather upholstery care process doesn’t just stop at removing the dirt and grime. The material is conditioned, infusing it with new oils to replace those that were gradually lost over the life of the unit. This brings back that soft and supple feel that the leather units are known for. Additional treatments can also be applied to protect against future stains. This restoration process keeps your sofa in optimal condition for longer.

Ensuring That Your Leather Sofa Receives Quality Care

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