Get Your Sofa Taken Care Of Professionally

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Get Your Sofa Taken Care Of Professionally

Get Your Sofa Taken Care Of Professionally

From the one-room studio apartments, to the mansions sprawled out over acres of land, one piece of furniture is common: the sofa. Its purpose is to enable you to sit back and relax, and it’s also where you entertain guests. A good quality set can last for years, especially if it is properly maintained- which includes the routine sofa cleaning. These pieces of furniture are essential to the decor, and come in various colours, materials and shapes to meet the different style needs. It’s the most used set, from being a TV view-point, to morphing into the play area for kids, and a napping area for pets. You head right to it after coming home from work, and it is the guest centre during those brunches and dinner dates. When you want to binge-watch those late-night movies, the cushy sofa is probably where you will do it from. It also doubles up as a bed whoever you want to kick back on a lazy afternoon, or for those cases where the spouse is sent off in the middle of the night to “consider the error of their ways”. Regardless of the style that you have set up, be it a rustic tone, traditional decor, or modern feel, the sofa tends to be the anchor piece of the living room, and the other pieces are arranged around it. It sets the mood of the space, being the elephant in the room. Keeping in it in proper condition will enable you to have a space that you can be proud of. Our sofa cleaning services are here to make that a reality.

We utilise the latest in sofa cleaning technology to ensure that a thorough job is done in each visit. The combination of state-of-the-art machinery, and a highly skilled team to operate them, enables us to deliver top-notch services for both our residential and commercial sofa cleaning clients. We have been in the business for years, and our wide range of satisfied customers are a testament to the quality we provide. From the timeliness of the services, to the results, we aim to please. Our personnel have also been vetted and taken through background checks, giving you the peace of mind that you can trust them while on your property.

Catering to both leather and fabric sofas

Which kind of upholstery do you have for your set? They vary from one establishment to the next, and the sofa cleaning services are available across the board. Take cotton blends for instance. Pure cotton itself is durable, but it tends to wrinkle. To circumvent this, the cotton is woven together with a different material, such as polyester or linen, forming the blend. Some may choose to have slipcovers for their furniture, which can also be attended to during the sofa cleaning, as well as throw blankets and decorative pillows. Linen itself is soft and feels cool to the touch. The material is hypoallergenic, and the fibres stronger compared to cotton. However, it is more delicate when it comes to the maintenance, since that is will quickly form stains when spills occur. In addition, exposure to sunlight causes it to weaken. The linen sofas are typically used in the formal spaces, be it in the study at home or in offices, where there are less likely to be kids rummaging around and making a mess. Professional sofa cleaning is needed for the delicate upholstery. Microfibre can hold up under these conditions, and can be used in establishments with kids and pets. However, it tends to cling onto lint form clothes’ fibres, and also pet hair. After the microfiber sofa cleaning, the antistatic treatments can also be applied.

Leather is associated with refined living rooms and office spaces. There are different kinds from the full-grain leather which is developed from the outermost layer of the hide, which makes it highly durable and breathable, while simultaneously preserving the natural markings and imperfections of the hide thus giving more character to the upholstery. With the top-grain leather, these natural characteristics are done away with, and rather the outermost layer of the hide gets sanded off, in order to achieve a more uniform look. The full-grain leather sofas blend in with the rustic spaces, while the top grain gives a more urban feel. As part of the leather sofa cleaning, conditioning will also be carried out, in order to keep the furniture supple. 

Do you have outdoor furniture? No doubt you don’t want your picnics or backyard star-gazing being interrupted by odours from the sofa. With the barbeques and cocktails that are held, stains can end up being formed. Our sofa cleaning services also cover the outdoor furniture, enabling you to have a set that you can comfortably relax on as you bond with your loved ones and make fond memories.

Green sofa cleaning

Environmental care is a concern for millions, if not billions, of people all around the world. In a bit to reverse the effects of waste and pollution, governments, NGOs, businesses, and individual citizens are putting more emphasis on sustainable products and practise in our daily lives. From utilising efficient technologies, low-energy solutions, all through to formulations that are safe for the biodiversity, it’s a multi-faceted approach. We believe in this, which is why our sofa cleaning processes are structured with environmental safety in mind. We have committed to being a green sofa cleaning company, instituting it all across our operations, from investing in energy-efficient machinery, practicing water conservation, proper waste management, and even in aspects like recycling in both field and office. In addition, we use eco-friendly sofa cleaning products, which pose no risk to children and pets. These are highly specialized formulations, which are still effective in breaking up the stains on the sofa and making it easy for them to be scrubbed off. They even come with certifications to ascertain their adherence to EU regulations on sustainability and biodegradability.

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Get Your Sofa Taken Care Of Professionally

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