Get Your Sofa Cleaned The Professional Way

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Get Your Sofa Cleaned The Professional Way

Get Your Sofa Cleaned The Professional Way

Is your sofa making you sick? No doubt it’s a core part of the home’s decor. Whether it’s for watching the game with your friends, taking that comforting nap, binge-watching TV shows with your significant other, curling up with a novel, munching through that saucy takeout that you brought home with you- the sofa is the go-to set. In fact, it’s one of the most used pieces of furniture- ranking up where with the kitchen table. However, unlike the table, it doesn’t get wiped after each use. There are even those who have even had their sofas washed since they were purchased. Don’t fret- we’re not judging. In fact, over half of the population has never got their sofas sanitized or given a professional cleaning, and many of those who do have had it carried out once or twice throughout the entire time the sofa has been in their possession. So when you think about it, there is plenty of grime that gets buried deep within those cosy cushions. It’s not just about feeling “icky” about it. Your health is actually on the line. The food particles are a magnet for bugs. They draw anything from ants to cockroaches, and depending on the intensity this can result in embarrassing scenarios when guests come over to all-out infestations in your household. Then there are the pathogens.  From bacteria like Staphylococcus aureus to viruses like the Norovirus, these can wind up in the soft upholstery, and cause contamination of the persons coming into contact with them. Listeria, the flu virus, strep, plus the common cold- they will literally make you sick. Giving your sofa a thorough wash will enable you to protect your loved ones.

All-round cleaning

We cater to the different kinds of sets- from pallet couches popular among DIY enthusiasts; low-seated sofas  that can be set up in the bedroom, family room and living room- basically wherever people want to lounge; the classy tuxedo sofa, which though it doesn’t have a reclining angle, brings a formal and professional look to any space; recliner sofas that get soiled real fast due to the amount of time spent on them while watching television or reading;  the wide settee sofa that are a common feature in foyers; divans which are backless but where you can set up the pillows comfortably at nearly every spot; loveseat sofas which are generally designed to be used by two people at a time- hence the name; the furniture that converts into a bed providing extra sleeping space for guests who have come over- like the bunk bed sleeper which is a popular for kids, futons where the prices are rearranged to form a flat, large sleeping area, the pull-out sofas which are the more common for this purpose, or even the daybed where you can kick back for a nap, to chaise lounges be it in the master bedroom or out on the poolside; cabriole sofas that have a continuous back and arms which also have an equal height, and it features an exposed wood trim; camelback sofas where, like the animal they are named after, come with arched backs; the comfortable and traditional Bridgewater style furniture; and even the English roll arm sofa with its tight upholstery and low arms. Our crew will ensure to give your sofa a thorough wash.

Restore the elegance to your set

Those stains that are ruining your sofa are got rid of. Coffee and tea spills that formed unsightly spots, wine and soft drinks that winded up on the sofa as you and your friends were enjoying yourselves, the kids who decided to show their artistic skills by drawing on the upholstery, pet urine, food smudges and ketchup on your set- our crew utilise the use tough acting products to dissolve the spots without posing any risk to the underlying material. Those heavy build-ups of grime are broken down and flushed out of the furniture. The high-quality machinery used by our crew does more than remove the surface grime- it gets to the gunk that is buried deep within the sofa, extracting it to ensure a truly deep clean each time. Dander, grease spots, toxins and pollutants, droppings from insects and rodents- they are all washed away. The odours that were making your sofa to reek up the interior space are also neutralised. This, coupled with removing the source of the stenches, accentuates the interior space. The highly effective systems and processes used by our personnel ensure that the results are delivered fast. After all, you want normalcy to resume in your home or business premises as quickly as possible. The drying time of the sofa is also reduced, with the bulk of the moisture being extracted from the material as a part of the process. This also means that you won’t have to worry about mould or mildew growing within your set.

Experienced crew

Our team has been offering the sofa cleaning services for years, to both residential and commercial clients alike. Well-trained and adhering to industry best practices, they will handle the task professionally, applying the most efficient processes for your particular type of sofa. What’s more, they will be quick to notice issues in your establishment that are putting your sofa at risk, and bring this to your attention, that way you can arrange to have them resolved and avoid costly repairs later on. They are also a friendly lot, and will respectfully answer any queries that you have about the processes being undertaken. This ensures that you’re well versed with what is going on, for your peace of mind.

You also want to know that you’re protected in case of any eventuality. We are a licensed and insured company. The coverage caters to your property, our personnel as they carry out the cleaning, to the equipment that is used. This is further proof of the level of professionalism with which we deliver our services. With the testimonials from our clients who rely on us for their routine and emergency sofa cleaning needs, you can rest assured that you’re dealing with professionals.

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