Getting The Sofa Cleaning Handled By A Professional

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Getting The Sofa Cleaning Handled By A Professional

Getting The Sofa Cleaning Handled By A Professional

The sofa is probably one of the most expensive pieces of furniture in your home. You dug deep into your pocket to get the set that matches with your decor needs, and regular sofa cleaning will enable you to enjoy it all through its life. In fact, sofas are some of those units that stick around through life’s changes- form when you’re moving between houses and jobs, settling together with your significant other and starting a family, and even for those situations of divorce, the sofa can be trusted to stick by you as your trusted companion. It’s one of the reasons why people are so reluctant to get rid of them- they hold so many memories. There have been plenty of laughs, cries, and bonding on that sofa. If only it could speak, oh the stories it would tell. In order to keep it in good condition, routine sofa cleaning is needed. This should be thorough, and safely done. Hiring the professional sofa cleaning team to take care of your set has a wide range of benefits, including:


  • Prolonging the life of your unit


The daily usage that the sofa handles can leave it looking drabby. The dirt particles are abrasive, getting ground against the upholstery, weakening its fibres. Issues like fraying and thinning ruin the furniture, and it can get too excessive that replacement becomes unavoidable. With food crumbs stuck to the nooks and crannies of the sofa, an additional problem results- the insects and rodents that they attract. As these creatures feed on the particles, they can damage the upholstery material, further causing your set to get dilapidated. An in-depth sofa cleaning gets rid of the source of the problem.

There are also the risks that come with DIY sofa cleaning, which you want to avoid. Here, mistakes like using the wrong chemicals for the tasks can result in corrosion of the sofa’s material. The different upholstery, from leather to fabric, each have their appropriate sofa cleaning methods. Using products that are incompatible with the unit will cause issues such as discolouration and corrosion of the fibres. Overwetting, another common occurrence with DIY sofa cleaning, leaves the furniture wet for too long. With the increased drying time, mould and mildew get a chance to grow, which brings a different set of problems. For starters, the fungi release spores into the indoor air space, which are allergens, affecting the persons on the premises. In addition, there are species of the fungi which produce mycotoxins, which can affect body organs. The increased drying time is also an inconvenience. After all, you don’t want to be unable to use the sofa in your own house for days. Calling in the professional sofa cleaning team will enable you to prevent such situations from occurring. 


  • Utilising quality products and processes


We have trained our sofa cleaning personnel on working on the different types of upholstery. From the durable polyester to the fragile upholstery, sensitive materials like leather and wool- we handle them all. Our sofa cleaning crew also work on the valuable and antique furniture that other services would be hesitant to touch. What’s more, our crew have been providing the sofa cleaning services for years, which gives them a wide scope of experience. They will attend to your unique with the appropriate products, that have a high efficiency to break down the stains and dirt spots, and employ efficient machinery to speed up the process without compromising on the expected quality of the results. You can rest assured that the sofa cleaning formulations used will be safe to the household members, including kids and pets. In addition, there is no residue left behind on the sofa, so you won’t have to worry about rapid resoiling. After the sofa cleaning process, additional measures such as treating the units with stain retardants and anti-static formulations can be applied, further protecting the unit. With leather runts, conditioning is carried out to replace the lost oils and restoring that soft feel to the material. 


  • Faster drying times


Our sofa cleaning crew use extraction machinery that removes the bulk of the moisture content from the unit, allowing it to dry fast. In fact, you can resume using the set in just a single afternoon after it has been washed. Since the upholstery dries quickly, issues like colour bleeding or fabric shrinkage will not occur. 


  • Getting rid of nasty odours


They ruin the indoor air quality and make the sofa unusable, thus necessitating the sofa cleaning. The food that has been spilled into the sofa encourages bacterial growth, which in turn results in odours developing. With a thorough sofa cleaning, the decaying organic matter, liquid residue and also the urine stains are removed from the upholstery. In addition, highly effective odour neutralisers are employed, which make the molecules of the smells inert, preventing them from recurring. When fragranced products are used in the sofa cleaning, an additional scent is left behind, which further enhances the ambience of the space.


  • Protect your loved ones


The dirty sofa exposes your family members to a wide assortment of risks. Take allergens for instance. These range from everyday dust that accumulates on the upholstery, pet fur and dander to the faecal pellets left behind by dust mites. These trigger reactions once inhaled, and can be got rid of with regular sofa cleaning. There are loads of mites, seeing that they are nourished by the skin flakes that are continuously being shed by the persons using the sofa. The dust mite waste is one of the leading causes of allergic rhinitis. You don’t want a runny or stuffy nose, sneezing, or to get red, itchy, and watery eyes each time you have a seat- prevent this by getting a deep sofa cleaning carried out. Then there are the pathogens, be they from the decaying organic matter, or there was someone with a bout of illness in the household, and the germs ended up being coughed and sneezed onto the furnishings. Infections can spread fast. There are also those pathogens that are transferred onto the sofa from items like remote controllers and handbags, whose surfaces contain loads of the microscopic creates. The routine sofa cleaning enables you to maintain proper health standards, and avoid the discomfort and medical bills that come with the dirty furniture.

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