Give Your Upholstery A New Lease Of Life With Quality Sofa Cleaning

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Give Your Upholstery A New Lease Of Life With Quality Sofa Cleaning

Give Your Upholstery A New Lease Of Life With Quality Sofa Cleaning

How close does the sofa resemble its original look? That charming elegance that made you fall in love with it and decide to purchase it on that first day? Over time, the build-up of grime causes it to lose its appeal, and it calls for a sofa cleaning. Soiling that has accumulated on the upholstery and in the cushions dulls the material, and then there are the stains which scream out in contrast to the furniture’s style and colour patterns. Having a thorough sofa cleaning carried out will reverse these effects, restoring the charm to your set. 

Get rid of allergens and contaminants

With a dirty sofa, the health of the persons using it at risk. Take dust mites for instance. These little creatures are not constricted to the carpets and area rugs. They can be found in the soft furnishings, from the beanbags, sofa cushions to the curtains and even the bed. With the heavy usage that the sofa witnesses, there are loads of skin flakes shed onto it- which is the primary source of food for the mites. As they gorge themselves, they produce faecal residue- which is the real source of the problem. The dust mite faecal pellets are one of the most common triggers of allergic reactions, from coughs and sneezes, to all-out asthma attaches. The body waste irritates the airways once inhaled, and there are also sensitive persons who get skin irritation, worsening conditions like eczema. Routine sofa cleaning is one of the measures that can be undertaken to protect your loved ones from getting reactions whenever they take a seat.

What of pathogens? With all that organic matter, plus the amount of time the family spends hanging out on the cosy sofa, there will also be loads of germs crawling about. The decaying food particles sustain colonies of the microbes- and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Faecal residue from the insects and rodents that come out under the cover of darkness contains germs, and so does the saliva of the mice. Then there are the pathogens that are directly coughed or sneezed onto the sofa by persons who are ill. That’s one of the reasons why during flu season the disease spread from one family member to the next rapidly. Items like remote controllers, handbags, that loose change that falls of the pocket into the cushions- these also transfer microbes onto it. With the handbag which has been everywhere outdoors, from the parks, trains, offices, to the public restrooms, they carry a considerable about of pathogens in the material, some of which wind up on the sofa when you toss the handbag on it after you get home. E. coli, Salmonella, Micrococcus- there can be numerous strains of the microscopic creatures on your set. Some like the Norwalk virus can live for months in the material, increases the chances of infection. Do you have a pet? The health risks increase. If there has been a bout of illness in the home, or there is lots of traffic by kids and pets, then getting regular sofa cleaning and sanitization is vital to keep the population of the pathogens down. 

Is there a smoker in the household? The upholstery will actively absorb the smoke, affecting anyone who rests on the cushions. It can be removed with a deep sofa cleaning. There are also those issues of pesticides and insecticides that latched onto the clothes of people as they walked about outdoors, being transferred to the sofa when they sit on it and the clothes get rubbed against the upholstery. Aerosols, paint, and even the home cleaners used can end up leaving residue on the soft furnishings. These are loaded with chemicals which can affect sensitive persons.  Consequently, as your family members and guests relax on the sofa, they are constantly exposed to these agents. That is not a scenario you want playing out in your home. A thorough sofa cleaning will get rid of these agents.

Removing grease and oils from the furniture

Grease spots- be they from those fast foods that were being munched down as your family was enjoying that late-night comedy, or the body oils that get rubbed onto the seat from the skin, lotions and cosmetic products- these promote unsanitary conditions, necessitating a thorough sofa cleaning. They are areas that allow dirt and more germs to collect, and also form unsightly spots. No one likes those dark spots on the seat. The routine sofa cleaning will keep the upholstery clean and fresh, and enable you to enjoy it all through.

Sit back and relax

After a busy week at work, you should be able to enjoy the weekends. Those precious days off are meant to be spent relaxing and rejuvenating, not breaking your back with arduous sofa cleaning chores. You should be able to have quality time without your family, not spend an entire day scrubbing stubborn stains on the furniture. What’s more, taking on the task as a DIY sofa cleaning job comes with its risks. Without proper tools, the chore could take ages. The machines that are available for rent from the stores do not have the same capacity as the industrial-grade equipment used by the professional sofa cleaning team, which puts you at a disadvantage. Then there is the aspect of using the equipment wrongly. This ranges from using too much water or sofa cleaning solution that leaves the set too soggy, to applying too much heat that actually causes discolouration of the sofa. Since the overwetting increases the drying time- especially as the rental units also don’t have the suction power needed to extract the bulk of the moisture content from the upholstery, it causes more inconvenience, as the sofa will be rendered out-of-commission for days. What of the quality of the sofa cleaning results? It can be frustrating when, after all that time and energy spent on the task, the sofa is still riddled with stains and dirt spots. This is not how you want things to go down. You don’t have to put yourself through the strain. Calling in our sofa cleaning specialists will take the load off your back. The task is carried out fast without compromising on the expected quality of the results.

Give Your Upholstery A New Lease Of Life With Quality Sofa Cleaning

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