Giving Your Business A Professional Look

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Giving Your Business A Professional Look

Giving Your Business A Professional Look

Running and maintaining your business successfully takes plenty of grit and innovation. To stay ahead of the curve and keep reeling in customers- especially in the current economic climate, aspects like product quality, operational efficiency and image are critical. 

First impressions- What image do customers get when they come to your premises?

You want a welcoming interior. One where your customers will be comfortable to engage you. Besides, how will they trust the products that are offered in a soiled and stained environment? From carpets to sofas, it portrays a business that is not keen on its operations. Smudgy windows, a chaotic reception area- they paint the business in negative light. Dirty work desks will tell potential clients that the employees are not properly taken care of- which makes them jittery about putting their time and money on the line purchasing your products and services. 

On the other hand, a clean environment gives an impression of a company that is efficient and pays attention to detail. This is across the industries, from consultancy firms, those in the food and catering industry, counsellors, nursing homes, to entertainment venues. Whether you’re drawing up architectural designs, selling camping gear or doing taxes, you want your customers to be able to trust the products and services that you’re offering. You don’t want a messy environment coming in the way of that, chasing them off even before you’ve had the opportunity to talk with them. Having a routine cleaning program in place is key. This includes the different sections, from the daily care of the workplace, to dealing with furnishings through professional sofa cleaning. 

Indoor air quality – What are you breathing in all day?

Odours are an instant turn off. From the musky smells coming from the sofa in the reception area, to the pungent odours emanating from the washrooms, they cannot be ignored. In fact, with the sense of smell being one of the stronger human senses, it will be difficult to focus on anything else. How believable will a business’ claim to professionalism be when its customers are grimacing in discomfort because of the odours in the room? What of your employees? Their focus will be impacted, preventing them from effectively serving the customers. Odours from decaying organic residue in carpets, sofas and other upholsteries in the building, those that are caused by stains- such as the case of pet urine stains- getting rid of them is necessary to preserve the comfort of the persons in your business premises.

It’s not just about the odours. The health of the workspace is greatly influenced as well. With the airborne pollutants indoors being 100 times greater than the outdoors, investing in an efficient cleaning program should be part of the building maintenance plans. Allergens, pollutants to pathogens getting coughed and sneezed into the environment during flu season- they all factor in. You don’t want your customers getting allergic reactions while they are being served. You wouldn’t want a situation where clients with existing respiratory conditions have them intensifying the moment they walk into the building. Your employees also need a safe space to conduct their activities. Their health is directly linked to their productivity. Scheduling routine cleaning serves with a professional company will enable you to provide a healthier space to conduct your day-to-day operations in. 

Keeping your employees happy

They are the lifeblood of your company. Without them, everything grinds to a halt. How do they feel about the quality of peers, their individual productivity, and the satisfaction with the job and compensation? The cleanliness- or lack thereof, of the workplace environment also plays an integral role in this. For most of your employees, the workplace is basically their second home, since they spend hours of their daily lives in it. No one wants to be in a dirty and stressful environment for 8 hours of each day. Moreover, the employees are a representation of your business and brand. They talk about with their family members and friends, in person and across their social media platforms. In fact, nowadays companies are actively turning to their employees to increase their sales, as they are a direct marketing channel, promoting your products and services to those in their social circles. Unhappy staff will be less inclined to participate in a promotion for their business. Ensuring that your employees are comfortable as they carry out their tasks will positively impact the success of your operations. Engaging them to enable them feel that they are important and that they make a positive contribution to the company, having a proper dispute resolution system in place to handle grievances, all through to investing in  sofa cleaning services for the employee lounge where they spend their breaks as they hang out with their colleagues- it all ties in to getting your employees emotionally connected to the business. Feeling validated and appreciated in turn bolsters their productivity. They will be less likely to leave- thus bringing you savings in recruitment and training processes, and they register improved performance both at individual and team levels. 

Affordable cleaning services

When it comes to managing finances, cutting overheads and keeping a lid on petty expenses and exaggerated perks is usually carried out. However, there is one aspect where cutbacks will be detrimental: the cleaning. Neglecting the cleaning will result is havoc all across your operations, from the employees being uncomfortable to the customers who turn back the moment they see the sorry state of things. Routine cleaning, from the floors, carpeting, to the sofa cleaning, is vital. However, it doesn’t mean that you go broke paying for the services. The focus is getting value for your money. Certainly, if you’re dealing with the contract cleaning company where the services are not cost-effective, rookie contractors that have poor quality results, or one where you’re exposed to liabilities because of the company not being insured, you should shop around for a better and professional service provider. When getting the quotation for the service, ensure that it is detailed, stipulating exactly what you’re paying for. For instance, with a sofa cleaning quotation, the price will vary based on the type of sofas that are being worked on- seeing that fabric and leather furniture have their different modes of cleaning, to the size of the set, and even how frequently you want the sofa cleaning services to be scheduled.

Giving Your Business A Professional Look

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  1. Your business has a great reputation. You want to keep it that way. Have your carpets & your upholstery cleaned or refreshed at least once per year

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