Giving Your Sofa The Quality Care It Deserves

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Giving Your Sofa The Quality Care It Deserves

Giving Your Sofa The Quality Care It Deserves

The sofa is one of those purchases that is intended to last for the long haul. It’s a large set, taking up the bulk of the space in the living room, with a domineering posture. It sets the tone of the space, and you can choose to have a unit with bold colours and patterns, or opt for the calm and relaxing hues, that blend into the environment. Casual looks, a formal tone- there are constructions and upholsteries that enable you to have the set that meets your décor needs- and it comes with a hefty price tag. In fact, the sofa may be the most expensive piece in the room, or perhaps come second to the electronics. As such, you want to protect it. When properly taken care of, it can last for a lifetime. It’s common to find homeowners sticking to one sofa for decades. It starts out as just being part of the décor, but over time holds so many memories that the owners are reluctant to dispose it or replace it. It’s where you have raised the kids, bonded with your significant other, and the sofa even moves with you as you shift from one residence to another. For you to be able to enjoy it throughout its life, routine care is needed. 

The dirt that is accumulating in the unit is abrasive, wearing down the upholstery. The particles are ground against the fibres when one sits on the sofa. Since it is used by everyone in the household at one point or another, then the rate of wear increases. Spills cause stains that seep into the material, damaging the fabric and also forming unsightly spots that ruin its aesthetic appeal. The food crumbs that are in the crevices of the furniture attract insects and pests, which contribute to the abuse meted out onto the unit. Sweat and body oils rubbed against the upholstery by persons using the sofa, hair oil and dyes from clothing such as denim wear- they form spots where dirt collects, increasing the rate of soiling. All these need to be got rid of with a deep sofa cleaning. 

Let The Professionals Handle Your Sofa Cleaning Needs

It’s an arduous chore, and going the DIY route can end up being more trouble than its worth. It’s common to find DIY enthusiasts making mistakes that result in anything form unsatisfactory results, to damage of the future itself. The professionals make it look easy, but the sofa cleaning itself is a sensitive balancing act. 

On one hand, you have delicate upholsteries, where using the wrong chemicals on them will damage the material. Conventional cleaning products, those solutions that are used when removing the dirt and stains on the hard surfaces, popular DIY formulations such as lemon juice solutions, vinegar and ammonia-based products, plus cases of abrasive tools like the hard-bristled brushes that are typically used when scrubbing off the stuck-on dirt on the floor- these can cause permanent damage on the upholstery. What’s more, the warranty of your unit will be voided, especially since the manufacturers of the furniture insist on the buyer enlisting the help of a professional company for the cleaning. 

On the other hand, there is the issue of the dirt that has ingrained into the upholstery, and the stains that have bonded with the material. Here, one needs powerful products that will emulsify the soiling and dissolve the stains. This should be achieved without corroding the underlying fibres of the upholstery, otherwise it risks ruining the set. The right skills are needed to determine which approach to apply, and the training and experience that the professionals have are not comparable to simply watching a couple of videos online then diving right into the sofa cleaning. 

What of the results? It can be frustrating when you spend your entire weekend scrubbing the different sofa sets in the household, and the stubborn dirt refuses to come off. Those stains that stick behind defying your efforts appear to be mocking you. Then there are those cases where residue is left behind within the sofa, which in turn is a dirt magnet, increasing the rate of resoiling. Basically the furniture picks up dirt faster, forcing you to repeat the cleaning much sooner, causing more time and resource consumption. Certainly, that is not how you want things to play out. Avoid the hassle of the process by getting the sofa cleaning experts to take care of the task for you. 

We Clean The Different Types Of Sofas

The different homes and business premises have their different types of furniture. These range from the Chesterfield sofa, mid-century modern designs, contemporary sets and the Bridgewater sofa, camel-back units and cabriole sofas, chaise lounges- both with and without the arms, settees, divans and loveseats, Lawson-style sofas, tuxedo, English roll arm and Knole sofas, the different sectionals- be they U-shaped, L-shaped, traditional, sleeper or Scandinavian designs, plus those that have recliners, sleeper sofas like the daybed, bunk bed, pull-out couch and the futon. Our sofa cleaning crew have the expertise to handle the various units, ensuring that yours receives an -in-depth clean on each visit.

Specialised services

What kind of material has been used to upholster your unit? This too varies, with upholsteries ranging from the natural fabrics like wool and silk, to the synthetic alternatives such as polyester and nylon. Linen, chenille, acrylic, and olefin sofas- they each have their required mode of treatment. Even with the leather units, there are variations, such as the aniline units and the semi-aniline sofas.  Our personnel have the expertise needed to determine the right method that will get rid of the dirt and grime on the sofa without putting the material itself at risk. That way, you won’t have to worry about issues such as discolouration, weakening of the fibres, or fading of the sofa. What’s more, additional protective measures can be made, such as treating the fabric sofas with stain-resistant formulations, and the conditioning of the leather to restore the oils that had been lost over time.

Giving Your Sofa The Quality Care It Deserves

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