Giving Your Sofa A Quality Clean

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Giving Your Sofa A Quality Clean

Giving Your Sofa A Quality Clean

A lot of time is spent on the sofa. You may not be a couch potato, but the heavy usage it receives- from hosting guests, kids playing on it, those occasional naps on hot afternoons, to the pets that hop onto the cushions- the upholstery ends up absorbing pet fur and dander, food particles, plus everyday dust that forms layers on it. These need to be got rid of with a deep sofa cleaning. The decaying organic matter sustains hordes of microbes, from bacteria to the dust mites feeding on the dead skin cells that were shed onto the seat. In addition to this, there’s the sweat and body oils that get rubbed onto the upholstery, and even clothing like denim wear that leave behind spots. Food and drink spills are common, be it coffee and tea stains, ketchup smudges, those fast foods that were being enjoyed while binge-watching TV shows, wine spills- they form messes that you don’t want to remain on the set. Call in the professional sofa cleaning team to carry out a thorough job.

Hiring professional services for the task enables you to avoid the stresses and frustrations that are involved with a DIY sofa cleaning job, or the liabilities that are associated with rookie companies that take shortcuts in a bid to cut on costs, putting your property on the line at the same time. Mistakes such as overwetting the sofa may look harmless, but it allows fungi to grow in the upholstery, bringing on board health risks from the spores and mycotoxins that are produced, plus additional staining caused by the moulds of different colours. Moreover, working with inefficient sofa cleaning tools means that dirt will be left behind in the material, in fact simply being pushed deeper into the cushions. Improper extraction leaves behind residue, which in turn accelerates the rate of resoiling. You don’t want to spend hours labouring on the sofa cleaning chore, only to wind up with unsatisfactory results that force you to redo the entire work. Hiring our qualified sofa cleaning crew for the task will ensure you get the expected standards of results, and save you from the burden of having to do it yourself. There are more benefits to look forward to, including:

Freshening up your home 

The dirty sofa produces odours that reek up the interior space. No one likes their home smelling stale. These odours are caused by the microbial action on the organic matter that is within the upholstery which is being decomposed. Sweat and dander also cause odours to be produced. Do you have a pet? The occasional urine stains are especially troublesome due to the pungent odours that are produced. These are hard to ignore, assaulting your nostrils even before you have sat on the sofa. For cases where there is a smoker on the processes, the resultant cigarette smell lingers on in the sofa, further lowering the comfort of those using it. Our sofa cleaning crew use specialised products and systems to remove the source of the smell, and also employ odour neutralisers that restore that fresh scent to the interior space.

Green sofa cleaning processes

The responsibility of caring for the environment rests on each of our shoulders. We all have a role to play in protecting Mother Nature, and reversing the effects of pollution that have wreaked havoc over the decades. This is for our sake and that of the generations to come after us. There increased emphasis on green living, from the way we carry out our daily activities, including aspects like packaging choices, the means of transport that we use, all through to how we carry out routine chores. Our sofa cleaning services have been developed with these in mind. The sofa cleaning products that are used are eco-friendly, meeting the required industry standards, and having certification to ascertain it. They are safe to use around kids and pets, and you won’t have to worry about any toxic fumes getting generated in the process. The entire process, from the sofa cleaning to the waste management, is carried out prudently. As such, in addition to getting a fresh and elegant sofa, you also get to reduce your carbon footprint. 

Experienced personnel

Our crew comes with years of sofa cleaning experience under their belt. They have been well trained, and also keep up to date with the latest developments in the industry. This ensures that you get quality services each time, with appropriate products and effective sofa cleaning systems being selected for your particular situation. The formulations used will break down the dirt spots and dissolve the stains without affecting the structural integrity of the furniture. In addition, the sofa cleaning crew will be sure to point out any aspects in your home that are putting the furniture at risk, and bring these to your attention. That way, you will be able to arrange to have the issues resolved early enough, and avoid damages that would have cropped up down the road.

Bring back the beauty and texture of the sofa

Do you recall how the sofa looked and felt those initial months after you brought it home from the store? Years later, the appeal fades, mainly as a result of the soiling and staining. The sofa cleaning crew work to restore the lost elegance. In addition, treatment measures are applied that enhance the aesthetic appeal of the unit, such as happens when conditioners are used on the leather units after the sofa cleaning. With regular sessions, you further get to prolong the life of your furniture, and enjoy it all through. With the newly cleaned sofa, the health standards in your home get a boost. By getting rid of the allergens and pollutants that were accumulating on the upholstery, you will be able to take a seat without erupting into a bout of coughs or sneezes. In case there was a person who was recently ill in the household, scheduling an in-depth sofa cleaning will go a long way in preventing the infection from spreading to the other house members, especially since there could be loads of pathogens residing in the upholstery, waiting to get into the body system and cause ailments.

Giving Your Sofa A Quality Clean

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