Hidden Dangers Lurking Within The Dirty Sofa

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Hidden Dangers Lurking Within The Dirty Sofa

Hidden Dangers Lurking Within The Dirty Sofa

Your favourite sofa may putting your health at risk. Other surfaces- from the kitchen countertops, bathroom walls, toilet bowl and sink, to the carpets and living room floor, usually receive routine cleaning. Attention tends to be mainly focused on these obvious areas, skipping out on units like the furniture. The sofa is one of the most used sets of furniture in the household, yet in terms of care it receives the least- or none at all, save for the occasional vacuuming. As such, it ends up building up loads of grime, that threaten the health of those in the household. These include:


  • Dust mites


This tiny creature loves the warm conditions of the sofa. It’s not limited to the beds, pillows and carpets. The soft fibres of the upholstery, plus the availability of loads of skin flakes to feed on, enables the mites to survive and multiply. The body waste of the mites is a common source of allergens- this includes the faecal pellets, shed skin, all through to the dead mites themselves. They are mixed up with the dust that is accumulating in the sofa, and when inhaled trigger reactions. They irritate the respiratory system, causing coughing, nasal congestion, and sneezing whenever one takes a seat on the sofa. Persons who are susceptible to asthma attacks are at a greater risk, given that the dust mite allergens are some of the most prevalent triggers of the attacks.  Carrying out regular sofa cleaning is vital to reduce the amount of allergens that are accumulating in the interior space. 


  • Mould 


The soft fabric upholsteries can absorb moisture right from the surrounding environment, especially for the homes or business premises that are in warm and humid climates. It can also be a case of increased wetness caused by spills that are absorbed deeper into the cushions, or mistakes such as overwetting during the DIY sofa cleaning jobs. The increased moisture within the material encourages mould to grow. This comes with different problems. For starters, the mould forms stains of different colours, making the affected furnishings unsightly. Secondly, mould produces spores, with add to the allergen concentration. They cause symptoms similar to the dust mite allergen, and additional immunologic responses.


  • Pathogens


With dirt, there are germs- lots of them. Since lots of time is spent on the sofa, it doesn’t come as a surprise that there will be hordes of bacteria and viruses on the upholstery. They can be from different sources, from those feeding on the decaying food crumbs that are within the cushions, bacteria from items that are placed on the sofa- including handbags, remote controllers, the kid’s toys and game controllers, all through to those that are coughed or sneezed onto the upholstery by persons who are ill. Has there been a bout of illnesses in the home or commercial establishment? Are there kids or pets in the household, increasing the traffic that the sofa handles? These cases will require more frequent sofa cleaning and sanitization, in order to protect the health of the persons on the premises.


  • Grease residue


Oil-based stains, grease spots that are on the sofa, body oils from the skin that get rubbed onto the cushions- these cause an increase in the level of soiling. While they themselves are not a direct threat to one’s health, they make the unit more unsanitary because they provide areas for dirt and germs to build up. These sections have higher concentrations of the soiling, forming dark patches. Regular sofa cleaning will enable you to keep your unit freshened up. 


  • Contaminants and pollutants


There is also a wide range of chemicals that are trapped within the fibres of the sofa. Particulate matter from aerosols, paint overspray, home cleaners and other agents that were sprayed into the air space gradually settle on the furnishings within the interior space, of which the sofa is part of. These chemicals can result in anything from irritation of sensitive person, to getting into the body system and affecting tissues and organs with prolonged exposure. There is also the issue of toxic solutions being used during the DIY sofa cleaning. Here, the chemicals release fumes that ruin the indoor air quality, and pose risk to the family members in the household. You don’t want things playing out like this. Turn to professional services that use eco-friendly sofa cleaning products and systems, to get rid of the dirt and grime through safe processes.

Schedule A Professional Sofa Cleaning

A deep cleaning is needed to remove this gunk from your unit, and restore its fresh look and feel. That way, you can lounge back in confidence, and host guests without them getting concerned about the grime and stains that are on the sofa getting transferred onto their clothes. Your reputation is also on the line, given that you don’t want your friends, relatives, or that dashing date you’re looking to impress having a negative opinion due to the state of the soiled furniture. Due to the size and placement of the sofa in the room, it sets the tone of the décor. When it is all dull and drabby, it ruins the ambience, and the numerous dirt spots and stains make the environment feel chaotic. These are certainly not the conditions you want to come home to, or how you want the clients coming to your business premises in search of your products and services to find you. With the latter, image is core to your operations. The perception that customers form about your brand will determine whether or not they will proceed to engage you, which also puts your profit margins on the line. Finding the sofa sets in the lounge or reception area, or even those in the offices themselves, covered in dirt and grime will make them develop doubts about your claim to professionalism. Having a routine sofa cleaning program in place will ensure that your furnishings remain in their optimal condition, enabling you to have a positive impression on the persons accessing your business premises.  Call in our trained and experienced crew, and have the task carried out to high quality standards. 

Hidden Dangers Lurking Within The Dirty Sofa

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