Is Professional Sofa Cleaning Worth It?

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Is Professional Sofa Cleaning Worth It?

Is Professional Sofa Cleaning Worth It?

With the sofa being an expensive furniture set, you want to ensure that it receives proper care. 

Attempting the sofa cleaning as a DIY task comes with its risks. These include:

  • Not properly inspecting the condition of the upholstery, from its type to the kinds of dirt involved

These are core in determining the right cleaning solutions to use. Working with the wrong detergent can irrevocably damage the sofa. Cases of the material getting corroded or bleached out, the protective treatments that had been applied being weakened, exposing the sofas to more staining – these are not issues that you want playing out. 

Here, the effects range from the upholstery getting ruined, such as when hard-bristled brushes are used for the scrubbing, all through to the DIYer spending lots of hours on the task – far much more than the professionals would take. You don’t want to spend hours of your weekend scrubbing out stubborn grime and, in the process, abrading your upholstery, which would reduce its life. Even when it comes to aspects such as the extraction process, low capacity machinery ends up leaving residue within the upholstery. This residue is basically a dirt magnet, causing the upholstery to build up soiling at a much faster rate. From the scrubbing to flushing out the grime and giving your unit a thorough rinse, you want the task handled by a team with high-powered machinery, in order to produce you with the desired results within a fraction the time that it would have taken going the DIY route. 

  • Lack of the requisite skills of dealing with the different types of stains

While the professionals are taken through intensive training on the different kinds of sofas, stains to be handled, their interaction with the different chemical formulations in the market, and selection criteria for the cleaning approaches to be used – all before being on-boarded in the sofa cleaning team, the DIYer is limited to blog posts and video tutorials. This pus the DIYer at a disadvantage, increasing the room for error. When the sofas are being removed, there are two critical factors to consider: the chemical formulation of the stain itself, and the material of the upholstery. A detergent that worked on tea or coffee stains that are on floors and worktops is not an automatic fit for the same type of stain on the couch. While it removes the stains on the hard surfaces, it can end up attacking the fibre structure of the upholstery. The stains – from coffee, wine, milk, yoghurt, all through to pet urine stains, also have different cleaning products that have been specialised for them. Navigating through the numerous options available to settle on the one suited for your particular needs can take a while, and the wrong choice will end up costing you more. Such risks are avoided by leaving the sofa cleaning to a qualified team, duly trained and experienced in providing the service. 

  • Winding up with undesirable results

After jumping all the hoops, getting the cleaning reagents, renting equipment from the dealership stores, and spending hours on the task, it can be frustrating for you to end up with sub-par results. Stains that refuse to come off, dirt that is ingrained into the fabric of the upholstery resisting your efforts to remove it, all through to residue that remains in the upholstery because of relying on low capacity machinery –you end up being forced to repeat the task.


Prolong The Life Of Your Sofa By Hiring Professional Cleaning Services

First, you definitely want the charm and appeal of your sofa to last for longer. The patterns and colours of your set are a huge part of what made you love the set in the first place and decide to bring home with you. It can be exasperating when the beauty gets degraded due to the dirt build-ups. With stains, the unsightly spots clash with the rest of the décor, sticking out like a sore thumb. This reflects negatively on the rest of the space. What’s more, since the sofa is a large furniture item, its state will dictate the mood of the room. You don’t want it to remain stained and soiled, and this negatively impacts your living space. An in-depth cleaning that gets rid of the grime that has accumulated over the months, and dissolves those stains riddling your set, accentuates the interior space, and enhances the comfort of your family members in the process. Odours are also got rid of. Here, the source of the smell – from the decaying organic waste to stains like pet urine accidents that are on the upholstery, are scrubbed out of the set, and then odour neutralisers are used. These formulations react with the odour molecule themselves, instead of simply masking them. This means that you won’t have to worry about the awful smell recurring. You end up enjoying the look, smell and feel of the newly cleaned upholstery. 

The sofa cleaning is not just about the beauty of your set. Those particles of dirt and grime that accumulate on the upholstery cause it to degrade over time. The particles are abrasive, and are grinded against the material whenever people use the sofa. This leads to a gradual loss of the unit’s structural integrity. There are also cases where the deterioration is more rapid – like when then there are food particles left all over the sofa. Here, it attracts insects and rodents, whose presence not only make your skin crawl, but also results in damage to the structure of the furniture as the creatures work to pry out the food particles from the nooks and crannies of your set. Routine sofa cleaning gets rid of the source of the problem, allowing your unit to remain elegant for longer. 

It all boils down to how much care you want to give your furniture. Avoiding the DIY route and skipping the novices, and instead relying on the professionals, gives you more value for your money and time. The peace of mind is a welcome bonus as well.

Is Professional Sofa Cleaning Worth It?

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