Let The Professionals Take The Sofa Cleaning Out Of Your Hands

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Let The Professionals Take The Sofa Cleaning Out Of Your Hands

Let The Professionals Take The Sofa Cleaning Out Of Your Hands

You already have much to deal with anyway. In today’s busy world, juggling the day-to-day issues, balancing both social and work life, things can get hectic. There is so much to do, chasing those deadlines at the office, pushing products for customers to buy, then coming home to deal with the everyday chores, prepare meals, help your kids with the homework- you can barely catch a breather. Time to relax, hang out with friends, create memories with your kids, or rekindle your courting days with your partner is precious. Those weekends and free days off from work should be spent on activities that light up your heart. Hobbies, quality time with your loved ones, learning that new recipe or getting through the final chapters of that book that you have been reading. You don’t want to spend hours scrubbing dirty furniture. Getting the stains in your home clean is a tall order, especially without the requisite skills needed to handle the task. There is so much that needs to be taken care of- researching on the fabric types and the products that can be used on them, scouting for cleaning chemicals that will be effective in removing dirt and stains while being safe on the underlying material, digging through the internet for information about machinery that you can use for the task and locating the dealerships near you that rent it out, then waiting in line for your turn- and all this before you get to the sofa cleaning itself. Yet, it’s just a tip of the iceberg.

With DIY sofa cleaning, stories of things going off the rails are common. This is not limited to using the wrong chemicals and corroding the upholstery or permanently staining it. Mistakes can be made in the application process itself. For instance, too much water may be used on the upholstery. Here, perhaps in an effort to wash out the heavy soiling, the DIYer drenches the furniture in the cleaning solution. Issues like shrinkage of the material can result, or even colour bleeding because of the dyes leaching out. The equipment that had been rented may also have a role to play with the moisture problems. This is especially for those instances where the extraction equipment doesn’t have sufficient power to suction out moisture as is required. This leaves behind too much of it in the upholstery, which prolongs the drying time. You have more to worry about than just being inconvenienced by wet furniture for days. The longer that the sofa takes to dry, the higher the chances of fungi developing. Suddenly you have an infestation of mould and mildew, whose spores and mycotoxins make for unhealthy living conditions. Another common oversight witnessed is using too much of the cleaning detergent, or not rinsing it out well, resulting in residue remaining within the upholstery. Firstly, this means that the upholstery will not have been properly cleaned. Secondly, the residue increases the rate of resoiling since it is basically a dirt magnet. Thus, you end up being forced to do the sofa cleaning much sooner than you had anticipated. It is especially frustrating when you take hours of your precious time to work on the furniture, and then end up with low-quality results. In case there will be damage to the sofa, your pocket will take a hit. Ruined upholstery material, structural defects due to operating the machinery wrongly- or the equipment itself being out of tune since there have been cases of the dealerships renting out the machines without properly maintaining them- these are not issues that you want to deal with. Get the task done in a fraction of the time, with top quality results, by hiring the licensed sofa cleaning professionals. 

Protecting Your Sofa

The cleaning process is key to get rid of the threats that are within your unit. Take the soiling for instance. These particles, from the dust that settles on the upholstery to the gunk that is brought onto the furniture under the paws of your pet who have hopped onto it, are abrasive. They get ground against the material whenever someone is using the sofa, which wears down the upholstery. The higher the concentration of dirt, the faster this wearing down occurs. It also degrades the protective treatments that had been applied onto the sofa. These will need to be replenished later on. With the sweat and greasy deposits like body lotions that get rubbed onto the upholstery, these form dirt collection sites, accelerating the deterioration of the unit. The organic residue, on the other hand, is a magnet for different creatures, from the tiny ants to the larger cockroaches. Sometimes the food crumbs that are in the furniture attract rodents into the area. These creatures tear at the upholstery, weakening and permanently ruining it. This is not how you want things playing out. It is common to find large sofas being disposed simply because they look too dilapidated- which could have been avoided by having a routine sofa cleaning program in place. Seeing the amount of funds lost can be painful, especially since the sofa sets are expensive pieces of furniture. Protect your unit by getting the services of a professional sofa cleaning team. This will prolong the life of your set, and even give you a high resale value should you choose to dispose of it later on through a yard sale. Speaking of which, in case you’re in the process of putting your furniture sets out on the market, getting it thoroughly cleaned will be key in attracting interested buyers, who will be more eager to make the purchase since they will see that the unit has been well taken care of. 

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Let The Professionals Take The Sofa Cleaning Out Of Your Hands

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