Let The Professionals Take Care Of Your Fabric And Leather Sofas

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Let The Professionals Take Care Of Your Fabric And Leather Sofas

Let The Professionals Take Care Of Your Fabric And Leather Sofas

If you were asked what was the most important piece of furniture in your living room, chances are high that you would pick the sofa. There are lots of reasons why. For starters, it’s one of the most expensive objects in the room, giving the large flat screen a run for its money. That’s a major investment, especially if it was purchased new. Those that are upholstered with materials like leather come with a premium, where the buyer needs to dig deeper into the wallet. You want to protect this investment. Speaking of which, sofas are one of those items in the household that are intended to last for decades, moving with you across the different residences as you shift addresses. You want it to retain its elegance as you go through the different life changes, and for this to happen it needs to be properly maintained. It’s also a heavy-traffic item, becoming the most used set of furniture. It’s where you entertain guests when they come over, your pets are likely to have already picked out a napping spot on the sofa arm or fluffy cushions, and for those with families, the kids are practically raised on it. The sofa occasionally doubles up as a table during those movie nights and when you’re simply hanging out with your friends as you chat about the latest developments in your lives. With all this usage, dirt builds up and cases of stains are bound to occur. Protect your set by investing in regular sofa cleaning services.

With the comfort that a sofa provides, you want your unit to be in top condition. From cuddling up with your significant other- or if your pet that joins in, lying back with a book or perusing through the blogs and social media platforms while resting on the cushy couch, and even those lazy afternoons or sleepovers when the large sofas are used as beds- the ability of the sofa to retain its functionality is tied to how well it is protected. It’s also the anchor piece of the interior space, being the unit around which other items are arranged. Its state will dictate the decor. Keeping it well-groomed will enable you to accentuate the space. That’s right up the alley of our sofa cleaning specialists. Here is what you get when you hire our qualified team for the task:


  • Prolong the life of your sofa


Oh, the memories. If your sofa could talk, it would have tales to tell. The sofa sees you through the highs and lows of life, there have been laughs and tears on it, it sticks with you from one relationship to the next, and the kids grow up playing on it. If we’re being honest, there are who many have been conceived right on the cosy cushions of the sofa. Through this time, the regular wear and tear, body oil, food smudges, spilt tea and milk, grease residue- they all put a strain on the upholstery over time. Colour changing, upholstery wearing down- these are not fates that you want for your unit. When left unattended, the dirt and grime pose a real threat to your furniture. The soiling particles are abrasive, and whenever one sits down, they get ground against the fibres of the upholstery, wearing them down. The spills themselves have different effects on the material based on their chemical composition. For the food particles, these in turn attract a horde of insects, which will be hiding within the sofa, accelerating the rate of damage. In some cases, it can get to levels where your furniture is playing host to arachnids and rodents. You don’t want your set getting ruined- and this can be prevented by having a routine sofa cleaning program in place. Here, with professional services, the gunk will be got rid of, protecting your sofa and enabling it to last for longer. Speaking of which, preventive treatments also factor in. Here, formulations are used on the upholstery material to enhance is resistance to soiling and stains. Units like leather sofas are additionally conditioned after the cleaning, in order to restore the lost oils from the material, basically “nourishing” it. 


  • Clearing up water/smoke damage


These can wreak havoc on your sofa- and are usually unforeseen events that were out of your control. A minor stove fire is enough to choke up the house in smoke, and the upholstery, being highly absorbent, will lock in the particles within its material. Perhaps it was a roof leak that led to water damage on your unit, where the sofa got soaked in water overnight.  Smoke and water damage can be frustrating, but you don’t need to throw out your unit and start all over. A good sofa cleaning will turn things around. From deep cleaning systems to powerful drying units that extract the moisture from the furniture, it restores the elegance to your set, and prevents you from incurring hefty losses. 


  • Trained in upholstery care


Sofas come in different types. For those with fabric upholstery, there are both natural and synthetic types. Cotton, polyester, canvas to microfibre, they each have their strengths and drawbacks. For the leather, there are variations like aniline and semi-aniline units. Each has its required mode of cleaning, and our crew will identify the right method for working on your unit. They have been taken through quality training, and we are constantly investing in their professional development to keep in line with the advancements being made in the sofa leaning industry. This is to ensure that your unit receives advanced care on each visit. 


  • Timely services


No one likes being inconvenienced. You want things to go on schedule, that way other aspects of your day can proceed unabated. We respect that. Our crew will arrive at your home or business premises at the time that will have been agreed upon. The cleaning itself is carried out with state-of-the-art equipment which, coupled with the high skill-level of our personnel, enables the task to be completed in moments, without compromising on the expected quality of results. 

Let The Professionals Take Care Of Your Fabric And Leather Sofas

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